About the Iron Legion

The Iron Legion is a movement that encompasses the men and women who wish to see a return to traditional values and preserve the identity of the European people. We are united by our blood, traditions and values.

Some will be laymen who follow and support us. Others will be militant reactionaries and traditionalists who believe in the reshaping of themselves and our world. Some believe they are too old, too young or too weak to make a difference. If you accept our principles and belief in our vision of a resurgent Europa for the European people then you have a place in the Legion. We will all have our role to play in the coming struggle.

There is something very wrong with the modern world. A lot of people can feel it, a troubling sensation that something isn’t quite right. It might come to them when they are enduring the commute to work, packed into train carriages like cattle, or tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while they’re staring at the rows of glowing red brake lights in front of them. It comes to them while they are sat at their desk doing the same old things they did yesterday, for eight hours straight, desperately trying to pay off their degree or their mortgage or the credit card debt that they were promised would make them happy. It comes to them when they’re dozing in a room lit up by the television screen, when they are falling asleep in bed with their laptop. They know something is wrong but they don’t know what it is, but they know it is getting worse.

If you’re reading this, you probably feel there is something wrong and we will show you why. Maybe you know why and want to do something about it. Join us and we can put things right.

Many people at this stage become trivially angry and frustrated with the modern world. Trivially angry people shout, but get no further. We are the men who have become deeply, profoundly angry. Instead of vainly shouting into the wind, we are plotting. We are organising and preparing. We are getting stronger and growing in number.

We are leading men away from the system they built but which has since turned on them in spite. We are building better men. We are building heroes who will shepherd our people through the current dark age and into the dawn of the new golden age. We seek to preserve our people, our communities and the wider Europa.

The Iron Legion exists for the men who are seeing their communities, traditions and identities being eroded and attacked and want to fight back. We exist for the men who know that something must be done but don’t know where to start. We exist for the men who know that the politicians only serve themselves. The Iron Legion is a brotherhood that gives support and leadership to men.

We are not a movement based on hatred. We are only concerned for the survival of our own people. We reject the modernist miracle of equality but we do not seek racial animosity or conflict. It is however becoming increasingly apparent that the elites, either by neglect or design, are inflicting this upon us against our wishes. The Iron Legion will be ready to defend and lead our people when this happens.

The Iron Legion has some basic tenets.

We do not believe in democracy. At best it is an unwieldy mob rule that runs contrary to natural law. At its worst it is an easily subverted and well disguised form of slavery and with the changing demographics of the West it will only get worse. Instead we believe in separating from a hostile and failing system. We believe in a hierarchy based on natural law. The Iron Legion refuses to be ruled by foreigners, plebeians and weaklings. We protect the weak in our community, but we will not be subjected to the bullying and implicit violence of minority activists and those who wish to drag our society into the gutters.

We believe that communities have a right to defend themselves just as individuals do. This right is based in natural law and supersedes the laws of men. Natural laws and rights belong only to those who have the strength and will to protect and uphold them. We are the strong.

We will root out leftism, cultural Marxism and other pernicious influences wherever we find it. The Iron Legion does not debate with the left. We destroy it.

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25 thoughts on “About the Iron Legion”

  1. What you are writing is really hitting home. I am wondering where organized religion fits into your vision. I am a Roman Catholic (most would call me a Traditional Catholic, though I prefer to call myself a Roman Catholic and those Catholics who call me a Traditionalist I call Modernist Catholics). Catholicism and Protestantism were major forces in the history of Europe, The conflict that resulted in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation would seem to me to have driven European culture towards the secular culture we have today.

    1. Tate, thank you. You’re correct, our Christian history has shaped our world and is a part of who we are and why we are still here today. A belief in Christianity is essential for us to survive the many threats we face in the modern world. With faith, anything is possible. Those societies who forget their ancestors and abandon their traditions, the rituals that made them successful, will eventually be overcome by those societies that do not.

      I’d like to see a reconciliation between the various denominations of Christianity, at least to the extent of a working alliance for the greater good. I’d want more identitarianism in Christianity. I want the universalist and cultural Marxist elements purged from the Church.

      The case of the old, pagan religions is also interesting and deserving of a post all by itself. The old religions of Europe are part of our traditions and identity, and are highly identitarian and ethno-centric. However the link to our ancestors has been broken and a lot of what passes for paganism today is simply an invention of hippies and roleplayers. Paganism has been adopted by modernists who are still looking for something but have been taught to despite Christianity and themselves. Paganism offers some defence against the creep of modernism, but it has its flaws: it has no absolute moral objection to abortion for example. As part of our identity though I believe it has its place and I’d like to see a working tolerance between Christians and pagans against the greater enemy.

      I’ll certainly write more on my thoughts about Christianity and religion, but I am no theologian.

    2. Tate,

      As a fellow Catholic, I urge you to look into the simple number sequence AA-1025. Follow the trail where it leads.

      I can sit here and tell you all about it, but what good will that do? You will either take what I say at face value and believe me, or you will dismiss it out of hand. But, if you find out for yourself how the Church has been infiltrated and corrupted from within, it means so much more…

      Back in the 1950’s, the CPUSA admitted – in front of Congress – that they had been infiltrating the Church for decades with the worst sort. Pederasts, communists, sodomites, leftist radicals of the worst sort. AA-1025 only backstops that testimony. To look further into how badly our Church has been corrupted, you need to look into the Verona Transcripts, Directorate V, how Vatican II was hijacked by modernist theologians, etc…

      Like you, I am a traditionalist. When I was young, our Church was Patriarchal – “Walk the line, or you will burn.” YOU adapted and changed your behavior to what the Church said was good behavior.

      Now? Now it is a shadow of its former self, and very Matriarchal – meaning: “You can do whatever you want, so long as you’re really “sorry” about it later.” This is just license for hedonism of the worst sort. It’s the Church adapting it’s doctrine to the individual, tolerating literally anything in an effort to retain members.

      Not only has our Church embraced suicidal altruism, they actively aid and abet those who seek to destroy the West by importing the worst sort of scum and dumping them on unsuspecting communities – actually working hand in hand with our government, which I oppose on Constitutional grounds.

      When I was a soldier, I was cursed by the Muslims. Called “Infidel” and “Crusader”…. I embrace both those terms whole-heartedly.

  2. Simon,

    Let’s not call it a movement – I wont join a movement – they come and go and get hijacked and forgotten… but a brotherhood is something different… a brotherhood is there to help you, it inspires you when you need it, it motivates and teaches… it anchors you and gives you stable reliable support… a brotherhood has your back… you’ve already said this in “a brotherhood for the modern age” and I agree with all of it and that is what we need… what we are looking for…

    I have seen and read other site on this subject and they just don’t click with me – you are saying things that others before you have said – but you are saying it in a way that resonates with many – as I said – your site has it in it to become a force of nature… I believe it was the post “coming home from the war on terror” that struck a nerve with many of us… when the common man begins to see that the men coming home from these wars question the status quo and begin stating their disillusionment with the world they are returning to and calling it for what it is… has an impact – we know what is wrong with our countries…. and we knew before you went off to war… but now that you are coming home and telling the truth – you are not delusional conspiracy theorist that have never been outside of your country… you have seen the world… you know something is happening

    I know that it is the returning veterans that the left wants to silence the most – “thanks for the freedom… but it would be best if we medicate you… remove your weapons so that you don’t harm yourself… and we send you to a nice quiet hospital in the country side were you can get some rest…” Or they are hoping that you will just become a drug addict living under a bridge until you finally off yourself… but they do not want you to come back home and state your observations of the home you left behind out loud. – I think you should first gather other returning soldiers such as your self – trained and disciplined, mentally, physically, and spiritually fit soldiers that feel the way you do… these are men that can help put the common man back on the right path… I think.

    Like Tate Pope – I to was raised a Roman Catholic and can still remember attending Latin Mass in Mexico and in the states… but as I grew older I watched the church change. The last time I was in a Catholic church was for a wedding and there was a very obvious homosexual priest presiding over it… and was not about to take communing from a homosexual where the bible clearly states that it is an insult to God… and the last time before that, many years before that, I sat in mass as the priest preached at the men to be better husbands and listed to their wives… I was out… and never went back – but like Tate, I identify as a Roman Catholic – A Roman Catholic from before Vatican II – I know the church is not perfect and may have to answer for many crimes in the end – but no religion is perfect – but it gave the world Christianity… and Christianity gave us the foundation for the values and the morals that we wish to save.

    I have never been part of any solution – in fact, if you were to read my writings on line you way say I am part of the problem – I sleep with sluts… many of them… well, I still am tied to the U. S. and it is a country of sluts and whores…. getting laid is easy… I am by nature a nice man… but when it is time to get laid I am an ass-hole… and treat women like dirt… it is what you have to do here to get a women to have sex with you… when I am done with her… I leave her like a cheap whore and return to being the nice man that I am – going about my business and living only for myself – for I have stopped giving a damn about anyone and anything except myself and my own happiness… I stopped worrying about the world and trying to change things I have no control over – I make my money and go on with my life on my own terms… I am happy not getting involved in the problems of the world… but knowing that I may be part of the problem… bugs me a little… then I come across your site – a link to your post on ROK was sent to me – and… it struck a nerve… this just might be the voice that many are waiting for…

    but lets not call it a movement.

    just offering my thoughts – I do tend to ramble on a bit on things that bring out the passion in me


    1. Victor, movement is a vague term but it describes the shifting zeitgeist of the times, the general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction that a lot of men are experiencing. We’re heading somewhere. We’ll harness this and as men come together and move as one under our banner it will solidify into a brotherhood.

      My vision for the Legion is that of a military order, much like the Knights Templar who were initially created to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. A military order needs knights and militants, but we also need men with other skills: construction, farming, scholars, priests, people who can spread the word and be part of a community.

  3. That is a lofty goal – but you have my attention…

    I’m in – if you have need for hustler poets…

    a few years back a couple of friends and I had plans to buy some land together and build a village – I use the word village in place of commune – which is what it would have started as but we are not commies – we had planned to divide the property so that the three or four founders would get an equal parcel of land to build small farms on and sell off (or lease out more likely) smaller parcels to like minded individuals with enough room to garden and raise chickens and lambs. I had designed a small village several blocks in length that we would collect rent from (like minded individuals) we had in mind at least two hotels a couple of different markets, a theater, restaurants and shops, a private academy (or two) and a medical center… I also wanted to build a trade school to teach mechanics, carpentry, and electrical technology, and a church… and of course small apartments, townhouses, and cottages – we are off doing other things but when we all get together – out come the old plans… and yes, the topic of a military type order always comes up as one of our crew is a former legionnaire. We spoke of buying an island and doing this somewhere in South America – if the Amish in the states can do it – why can’t I? If the Mennonites all over South America can do it – why can’t I? why can’t you?

    there are groups that do isolate themselves from the modern world and are left pretty much alone – and to me they seem to be problem and stress free people – they seem happy – they have their integrity, their dignity, and their pride – and no one is taking it away from them – so what is stopping us from doing it?

    1. Victor, You’re in. I love your writing style, and your stories need to be told. Your plan sounds fascinating and sounds very similar to what I have in mind. If you ever find yourself in the misty mountains of Northern Europe our door will be open for you.

  4. Please accept both the religious and non-religious. During my decades I have witnessed ample civil, social and moral behaviors by the non-religious and religious folks just as I have seen ample self-serving anti-social by folks who proudly proclaim their allegiance to this or that religious sect.

    1. It’s true that there are many nice atheists, however simply being nice will not reverse the decline. It is the spiritual death of the West and the inclusive, indiscriminate society which has caused us so many problems and which we seek to rectify. At our core we are a religious military order, but we have no hate for the quietly agnostic and they are welcome here. It is only the militant atheist with which we have a problem.

      I could, and will eventually write a post about this.

      1. Your ideas all sound great to me and like you say something many of us are looking for.
        Unfortunately i am an atheist, i am honest hard working and believe in good and evil.
        I am very patriotic, not to government but to fellow Brits, i do strongly believe in looking after ones own, sometimes referred to as a gang mentality.
        Sorry i do not fit your profile but please accept my best wishes and good luck in your venture.

        1. English, I’m not Simon, but I’ve made a similar comment here in the past myself, and spoken to Simon at greater length as well. My understanding, and Simon will correct me if I am wrong, is that a traditional Christian ideology is a unifying concept that many of us, even those of us who are not religious, would recognise and be able to live peacefully within without compromising our way of life.

          As you say, you are hard working, honest, patriotic, with a sense of good and evil. Whilst you may not be actively religious, you do perhaps, in these (and your other) qualities, bear the marks of a Christian upbringing, even if it is in a loose sense. Like you, I am not a practising Christian, but I love the churches, and the hymns, and much of my own morality is practically indistinct from a traditional Christian morality.

          As a traditional and thoughtful man, no doubt your brand of Atheism is not the typical hypocritical branch that to all intents and purposes is as much a religious cult (whose God is shakey science) as any of the more traditional religions. Personally, my belief is more along the lines of the Tao of Lao Tzo, that for me if there is a God, it is in the form of a timeless and unknowable entity that runs through nature giving ‘way’ to the world, and animus to the spirit.

          My understanding of the position here is that it is not so much about ‘being a Christian’ in the sense of going to church on Sundays and believing in the Trinity, but more about being united in a tradition and heritage that is recognisably Christian – a reverence for the architecture of our ancestors, the vaulting ambition that caused them to raise extraordinary cathedrals, the humble, family and community based approach to living, the ‘dark satanic mills’ and the fundamental belief in something greater than yourself (for what else is the way of the gang, or being a member of a congregation, other than forebearance for the greater good?).

          I’m sure this is a gross oversimplification or misstatement of Simon’s intentions with this, but it is what I’ve taken from my exposure to him and this blog.

        2. English,

          I’m glad you have found us. For a long time I was the same. I was a young soldier, patriotic and with a traditional morality which stemmed from Christianity but I did not truly believe. I was never the loud, militant atheist type, and I always found those types of people distasteful at best. I was merely quietly agnostic, and I saw no reason to follow what I thought of as a Middle Eastern religion.

          Even when I was an atheist I realised that Christians needed to be defended against things like the gay lobby and their attacks on tradition and the family. I often thought that traditionalist atheists should ‘take one for the team’ and adopt a Christian mentality against the common enemy we face. We’re all on the same side here, traditionalists of all denominations, even the agnostics and atheists.

          But as I went through life it became more apparent to me that we are not just accidents of Nature, not us, not this planet we call home and not the universe. This idea that we are all just walking chemical reactions with no other purpose or plan is a very modern idea. This irreligious cult lends people only one commandment- do whatever you want, and it’s the cause of a lot of the problems we face today. The divine right of kings and the will of God has been replaced with the ‘will of the people’ and it has been a complete disaster.

          Like Henry says, this is not so much about the modern church, which is uninspiring, universalist and pacifist. This is about something more introspective. About our personal relationship with Nature and the universe. This is about a unifying European identity which embraces over a millenia of Christianity but also our pre-Christian pagan roots. There is a truth to the universe that science cannot as yet adequately explain, especially the ‘shakey science’ that is in the hands of propagandists and is used to further an anti-European agenda. Religion is an exploration of this truth of the universe, the origins of mankind and ultimately our destiny as it slowly revealed to us. At it’s simplest level religion is acceptance of the fact that we are not an accident.

          That’s not to discount science totally, and I think that in the future there will be a reconciliation between religion and science as they both close in on the same truth but from different directions, and we can and should follow both paths simultaneously.

          I believe the quest to save England, and Europe, is as much a spiritual quest as it is a physical one.

      2. I hope you will not mind an opinion from one who has left the sects & the organized churches for a clearer way with Christ.
        It simplifies and clarifies. Be a Christian. Stay with Truth and it will guide.

        The churches organized primarily following Paul, not Christ.

        The whole Bible is needed for comprehension.

        But follow Christ. His actions. His Words.

        Unless you are a linguist with access to originals, I suggest KingJames version simply because every newer translation includes more progressive word and meme choices. Get a Red Letter Bible to make finding the words easier.

        But don’t ignore whom he spoke with, whom he healed, whom he chose to help him and to help, whom he used as good examples and as bad ones: who fed him, who housed him, who stood by in his worst and finest hour. If actions speak louder than words, read the actions as well as the words.

        Understand the societal norms of the times and places where he taught:
        He was liberating to the religiously oppressed people then from petty silly and harsh strictures laid down by the elite “preacher-lawmakers” and lawyers. Know the mores and codes they lived by before He spoke.

        Don’t forget to understand with each saying,
        *when (beginning of his time, just before the crucifixion) as well as
        *to whom (man woman boy girl, centurion, tax collector, religious figure/”powerbroker,” general crowd, learned man, close-knit followers, general followers)
        He spoke.
        If you don’t, THE WORD will still have value.
        If you do, THE WORD will have more value.
        TRUTH will guide you if you submit to Truth.

        The same Christ who said to take nothing with you while he was walking here said sell your very coat and buy a sword when he was about to leave here.

        Revelations is difficult and can get one hung up in mysticism. But there are descriptions in some red letters there to encourage one to see Jesus in a warrior image when one comprehends the meanings of the two edged sword (truth.)

        If you hope to lead as a Christian, you must undertake this, for people who follow you will follow your Christ as well.

        Paul is not Christ, but many follow Paul where his actions and words seem in conflict with those of Christ. Paulinists will quote Paul before Christ, so you need to prepare.
        Paul had his purpose and his place, but it never should supercede the purpose and place of Christ.
        Follow only Christ. It will become clearer.

        I sincerely hope this helps you.

  5. I’m here today by way of this article: http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/2015/07/movements.html. I’m so happy to see the question of the non-religious raised. While passionately Liberty-minded, I do like the term “quietly agnostic.” I lean towards the existence of God, seeing evidence all around in the Order of Nature, no longer leaning on what is revealed in books (call me a doubting Thomasina, I suppose). Reliance on holy books is a sword that cuts too many ways. Bravo, Mr. Wolfe, on your fine site and to the Iron Legion.

    May many “‘old’ soldiers” – understandably disheartened at their planned obsolescence, if not downright disposability! – find their way here and be refreshed.

    1. Thank you Patrice. I’ve arrived at the ideals I have by way of mainstream conservatism and then libertarianism, each time despairing at the constant surrender to the left – even by some libertarians. I am what you might call post-libertarian and I have a lot of time for libertarians. They are essentially good people. However I think one of the flaws is that many don’t realise that not everybody is quite as good as them. Liberty cannot thrive in chaos. I’ve spent about eight years in Afghanistan and I’ve seen the effect of a weak and ineffective central government first hand. It’s particularly terrible in the case of Afghanistan where there is a virulent ideology already in place there. There is such a thing as too much liberty, and unrestrained capitalism is no defence against it.

      Take for example, I read recently that a second German high school has requested its girls to dress modestly for fear of upsetting Muslims. Now of course conservatives and libertarians gnash their teeth at the idea of imposed dress code but the really sad part is that it took the presence of radical Islam to stop our schoolgirls dressing in such a trashy sexual manner. Why could we not have stopped that ourselves? We should be doing that anyway, because modesty is a virtue, not to appease a foreign cult. If we do not provide some sort of order then somebody else will, and currently the only people able and willing to do that is radical Islam. Maybe libertarianism could work in Europe, one day, maybe on a small, localised scale, but it has no defence mechanism against things like Islam and the rampant leftist decay of the modern world as it exists now.

      And yes, we preserve the ancestor myths of the European people also. I’m a big fan of both Gates of Vienna and the old Northern myths. They’re a part of our identity and have been longer than we were Christians. Religion is not just about the holy books, it’s much more. It’s about the rituals and stories and traditions which bind society together and keep it healthy. It’s a social immune system, and it has worked for millenia. It’s no coincidence that Europe is crumbling apart at just the same time that it is abandoning religion and tradition. When Europe was Catholic, it didn’t need saving. Now that it isn’t Catholic, it does. It’s for this reason that I have no real issue with the quietly agnostic, the ones who go along to get along, if you like, the ones who partake in the tradition -I can’t tell if you truly believe or not- but we’re a part of the same community and we’re taking care of one another.

      Coincidentally, I read an article recently which seems relevant: https://ethikapolitika.org/2015/07/09/five-books-a-smart-atheist-should-read

      I must admit, I haven’t read any of these books, but they’re on the to-do list. It may be of some interest to you.

      1. And now that contemporary American society is celebrating Bruce’s transformation into Caitlyn, am I supposed to be angered the next time America is referred to as “The Great Satan”?

  6. Married couple enjoys reading your posts once littles are off to bed…

    The unification of Christianity is noteworthy. A small bit of recent history indeed. Let us remember the ancient ways and write and speak as if they too are relevant. Thousands of years with our ancient gods and goddesses. Surely they aren’t dead. How can the Iron Legion be fulfilled without the acknowledgment of Earth as Goddess and sentient being?

    Let us not shy away from this great truth, let it not be forever tainted by the “new- agers” or “hippies”

    1. SD, I’m pleased to here you enjoy this blog as a married couple. Whatever we do here, we do it for the family after all, and the family is the greatest way to revolt against the modern world.

      I agree, the gods and goddesses of our ancestors never went away and are a part of who we are. We must reclaim them from the hippies and play-actors.

  7. I think what you’re doing is laudable and commendable and like you I want to see Europa and its great people’s saved from the destruction that is currently happening, and want them to thrive and continue to lead mankind’s evolution and progress in so many different areas as they’ve been doing thus far, unfortunately I’m also a non believer, as such I don’t think there would be a place for me but I still want express my wishes of big success to your movement.

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