Reaction to the Paris Attacks

The reaction to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Paris has been utterly predictable. Politicians calling for unity and the unbreakable spirit of democracy. People castigating religion. Almost everybody missing the point, although some are slowly beginning to get it.

It’s clear now that Europe is now facing a series of converging crises: financial collapse, the struggle to meet energy demands, a corruption of morals, Islamic terrorism, a declining native population and a foreign invasion. These crises are now coming into focus so sharply as to be impossible to ignore. This is the shock of history that Dominique Venner predicted. Continue reading Reaction to the Paris Attacks

The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Arktos have recently published an English translation of Dominique Venner’s The Shock of History. Dominique Venner was a prolific writer and historian but so far little of his work has been translated into English aside from a few tantalising snippets and quotes.

Before he was a writer Venner was a soldier and political activist. He served as a paratrooper, fighting on the French loyalist side in the vicious Algerian war. Then he was a member of the dissident far-right paramilitary Organisation of the Secret Army which tried to overthrow the de Gaulle government. Continue reading The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

Thousands of Africans, mostly Muslims, almost all of them fighting aged males, are swarming in Calais and trying to breach the railhead and gain entry to England. In response the English look to their politicians and demand that they do something.

They’re confused why a Conservative government is not doing anything. For the ruling classes these Africans represent thousands of cheap workers and consumers. They will continue the de-culturing of the European empire and their dysfunctional African behaviour will be an excuse for a militarised police force and more invasive state surveillance. Continue reading Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model

I’ve lived and worked in Afghanistan for eights years. I’ve watched the results of ethnic chaos and diversity and the way parallel power structures emerge in the wake of a weakening nation-state. There is much happening in Afghanistan that could show a possible future of Europe if it continues on its current trajectory. Living and surviving here has given me more than a few ideas about how to survive what is coming to Europe. Continue reading Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model

Conservative, Save Yourself

I don’t criticise democracy or the modern world because I want it to fail. It is destined to fail. I want you to be ready for it. We are on the downward slope and gaining momentum. A democratic solution is impossible. The high point of this age is behind us. The decline has so far been disguised by media, entertainment and technological progress but eventually even that will not be enough to hide it. Empires and civilisations rise and fall and there is nothing special about ours that will save it from the fate of every single empire that has come and gone before us. In front of us is only further decline, starvation, violence, war and chaos until the birth of a new age. Continue reading Conservative, Save Yourself

Moving away from petty Nationalism

I want to steer people away from blind patriotism and trivial and petty nationalism. We talk about immigration, race, crime and wanting to live in peace among our own people but that does not mean that we believe that one is born a superman or in any way superior just by the virtue of being born White, European or from any particular nation. Petty nationalism is short-sighted, dangerous and lazy thinking. Continue reading Moving away from petty Nationalism

The Cries of Moderates

After every murderous atrocity committed by Islamists we have the Newtonian reaction from the ‘moderates’. In addition to watching our European brothers and sisters killed, raped and tortured by aliens, we then have to endure the further suffering of listening to the lectures of the so-called moderates. Continue reading The Cries of Moderates

Liberal Intellectuals Want to Fight Racism With Brainwashing

Previously published here at the European Guardian.

Trendy progressives like to assert that nobody is born with racist attitudes and that it must therefore be something that is learned. But the left is sketchy on the details as to where and how exactly these attitudes are learned.

Continue reading Liberal Intellectuals Want to Fight Racism With Brainwashing

The Leftist Whirlpool

Since 9/11 and the start of the War on Terror, the West has long been mired in arguments about whether captured terrorists should be regarded as criminals or enemy combatants. Their poorly defined and complicated legal status raises further questions about their continued imprisonment, treatment and interrogation. Are they simply criminals who should expect to receive due process, or are they dangerous terrorists who must be deprived of their rights in order to safeguard the security of the state? Continue reading The Leftist Whirlpool

What The Media Won’t Say About The African Invasion

Something that is never explicitly mentioned in the media when they are discussing this tidal wave of refugees coming from Africa is that they are all men.

The figures huddled together on the boats crossing the Mediterranean are all men. Continue reading What The Media Won’t Say About The African Invasion