Coming Home From The War On Terror

This is my view of society’s decline upon returning home after a military career overseas. It was originally published here at Return of Kings.

I’m a former soldier and veteran of two foreign wars. After my military service I became a private military contractor. I’ve spent more than half of my adult life in third world shitholes having third world shitbags trying to shoot me and blow me up.

I loved being a soldier and I was proud to defend my country and its people. There were some dark, arduous times of course, but the adventures, lifelong friends, and my love for my people made it a pleasure to serve.

A Look Back

The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly showed itself to hate me. I came back to a country that I did not recognize as the one that I had set out to defend all those years ago. It more closely resembles the war zones I fought in than the country in which I grew up.

To the present day. Our sons and daughters are growing up without the guidance and protection of their fathers. In the absence of the traditional nuclear family, the modern progressive leviathan has stepped into the role of father. Boys growing up with only the progressive state as a father figure have no real masculine role model and are clueless as to what it is to be a man. They either become mewling simps or violent thugs, neither of which are good for society.

The public school system wishes to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible. Our children are being bullied and raped by gangs of immigrants on a scale one would normally only see following a catastrophic defeat in war. There is an ethnic component to crime which everybody sees but is not allowed to talk about.

Instead of fixing the problems in our own society our warmongering politicians and journalists are trying to sell us wars with Russia (the last great traditional Christian nation left on Earth), Iran, and an enemy in the Middle East that they themselves created.

If we get dragged into a war with Russia it will be unlike anything we have seen. It won’t be like the money-spinning wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where civilians can sit down in front of the television for their evening briefing, replete with columns of burning enemy tanks and talking heads reporting on how fucking great the war is going. There will be no “mission accomplished” for this war.

Should it escalate sufficiently, the combined nuclear arsenals of the combatants involved would be enough to extinguish all human life on earth. Even if it does not get to that stage, it would still be a war that will touch the people back home. Europe is not at a stage where it can defend itself from a concerted strategic bombing campaign from Russia.

The West greatly underestimates the huge material and logistic arsenal of the Russians. A draft would be very likely. Despite my exemplary previous military service, I regret to inform you all I shall not be turning up for this one.

The government and media are pressing for these wars but they have not given much thought as to who it will be that will actually do the fighting on their behalf. It won’t be me, and it won’t be a lot of other right-thinking soldiers, veterans, and draft-eligible men. The men who represent the manifestation of government foreign policy, the armed forces, are beginning to realize the same things as you and I.

They are committing the crime of noticing. They are noticing that the men who do the hard work of holding civilization together are not afforded the same privileges as those who would destroy it. They are noticing that degenerate morals are being promoted at the expense of a healthy society. They are noticing that a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by an imported ethnic underclass. They are noticing that the social justice emperor has no clothes.

Why I Will Not Fight

I will not fight for a government that wants to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible, forcing upon them the dogma of gay marriage and equality, indoctrinating them into unnatural sexual practices without informing them of the very real and frightening rate of HIV infections in the gay community.

And this government would demand I fight against Russia, which moves to protect its children from this sort of degeneracy and preserve the traditional family structure? No chance. Send the gays and trannies to fight because I’m not fighting for them anymore.

I won’t fight for a government which has commodified the women of this nation and convinced them to give up having children so they can burden themselves with debt and become anonymous, minimum wage cogs in a huge multicultural machine that is obsessed with only a person’s financial value and not their social worth.

I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts. The government sees low maintenance immigrants as the future of this country. Send them to fight for it.

I will not fight for the freedom of speech of people who use it to bully, belittle, and demonize Christians. I will not be lectured on the importance of the right to free speech and then in the next breath criticized for my disapproval of the proliferation of gay marriage and the false idols of equality. If freedom of speech is such a fundamental right to these people then they can take up arms and defend it. But we all know they won’t.

It turned out I was fighting for a government that hated me, and everybody like me. This government liked to show me off as an instrument used to protect free speech, but now that I’m home it doesn’t want to hear my opinion. The government found value in my use as a tool but my opinions are labelled as hatred.

Our Future

I desire to see people succeed, to love, to grow up in a family, to be valued for more than just their income tax payments and to have their homeland and traditions preserved. And I’m telling you, I am not alone. The government is asking more and more of a military from which they are becoming increasingly ideologically and spiritually divorced.

For some men the red pill truth makes them eject and go their own way. For others it makes them want to recover what we have lost. I am of the latter. As men our votes are meaningless. However, our influence over a nation which relies on us to serve it is much stronger.

We work the oil rigs and power plants which keep our nation running. We work the farm that keep everybody fed. We drive the trucks and build the roads. We police the streets and protect our borders. The real power of a nation resides within us.

I will not be beholden to people who rely on the rights and privileges that my service provides but who detest me. As a man who took an oath to defend his nation with his life sacrifice I can bear, cuckoldry I cannot.

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  1. This is powerful – I don’t usually comment on sites but I wanted to thank you for this and all your writings – I agree with all that you say – this site of yours might become a force of nature as more men find it and walk away from the disaster that is modern America – I really don’t think it can be saved – I really, really don’t… but we can build something new – something better… somewhere else… led by a legion of men of integrity… of honor and dignity… of high values and tradition… and the vision of those great men that came before us of that once great place they called America

    1. Victor,

      Thank you for kind words. That is exactly what we are doing here. We are leading men away from a system that they built but which has turned on them in spite. We are men of honour and integrity that merely want to see our people survive. I’m an Englishman, not an American, but we are acting in the spirit of the great revolutionaries that resisted tyranny all those years ago and made a new nation for themselves. Sadly it has been corrupted since then, but we did it once before and we shall do it again.

      Revolt against the modern world.


  2. For God & Country, fight on…..We are the III Percent. We WILL NOT GIVE UP. I’ve posted most of your writings on Facebook and Google Plus going to the maximum amount of “sheeple”. However, they will have to decide to read them, then digest them and then to act upon them. TO GOD, BE THE GLORY………

  3. Good article. If we fought wars like we ought to fight them, and like we used to (largely), I would fight.
    But we no longer fight the enemy. We “fight” them with kid gloves, while importing the enmy by the millions into our countries, so they can fight us from the inside.
    This is treason by our politicians, just like Paul Weston said:

  4. Salient and universal. Over here in America, there is a story of a young southern man denied enlistment into the Marine Corp for the simple fact that he had a Confederate flag (the Army of Northern Virginia flag to be exact). The young man had the words “Southern Pride” across the flag because he wanted to make sure that nobody confused the flag as a racist symbol, rather as a sign of pride in his region of birth. Not good enough. Enlistment denied.

    For those of you in Europe, the South and Midwest states have provided a disproportionately large number of young men to our military for generations. They are where the bulk of our fighting men come from.

    As of this January, America is opening all combat positions to women. We have already opened the ranks to homosexials and they are currently working out the symantics and particulars of allowing trans-gendered individuals into the ranks. Females are being mollycoddled through our toughest combat training and then held up as examples of female equality to male fighters. The central government in Washington D.C. is hell bent on promoting based on the latest social justice outrage and necessity or reality be damned.

    Meanwhile, the fighting men from traditional military families are being sorted out by knee-jerk political types because of social transgressions like a tattoo (deemed to be too offensive). We are tearing down our monuments to honored warriors because SJWs find them “icky.”.

    You are not alone over in Europe. We here, in what is left of the United States are quickly descending into the feminized, perverted, amoral social quagmire as well. As far as the military goes, they will continue to kowtow to the degenerates in the Capital and their little social experiments… And they will give us glowing reports about the success of their little military tampering… Right up to the point where these little darlings of freakdom run into a blood-thirsty committed foe, and are decimated.

    I’m sure at that point, when bloody reality reaps its toll through the feminized ranks, they will call for aid from the stalwart young men of America to bail them out. When they do, I hope our strong young men will tell them to go pound sand.

    Go ask Caitlyn Jenner to help you, I hear he/she is a hero.

  5. This is a good website. I just found it. And although i am not christian (i was born in a orthodox christian country and family) i understand you position. Christianity is a part of our European heritage. Keep on the good work.

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