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Conservative, Save Yourself

I don’t criticise democracy or the modern world because I want it to fail. It is destined to fail. I want you to be ready for it. We are on the downward slope and gaining momentum. A democratic solution is impossible. The high point of this age is behind us. The decline has so far been disguised by media, entertainment and technological progress but eventually even that will not be enough to hide it. Empires and civilisations rise and fall and there is nothing special about ours that will save it from the fate of every single empire that has come and gone before us. In front of us is only further decline, starvation, violence, war and chaos until the birth of a new age.

This doesn’t mean despair. I want you to embrace it. Even encourage it. The system is unsustainable, corrupt and fatally flawed. It cannot be fixed. It must be destroyed so that we can build something new. Those of us here today will plants the seeds of something new.

I don’t rail against conservatives because I hate them. I want them to follow us in order to save themselves while they still can. It’s not too late to realise that you have been misled into acting against the best interests of your own nation and your own people. There will be a time when it will be too late for excuses. The die will be cast and lines will be drawn.

No-Man’s Land

Conservatives do not understand just how isolated they have become, dithering in a no-man’s land between left and right, Europe, Israel and the third world. The rise of the cuckservative meme shows we are standing on the precipice of a fundamental change in conservative politics and they can either embrace racial tribalism or become obsolete and despised by future generations of Europeans.

Conservatives gravely misunderstand the unbridled fury of the young men growing up in the world today. Because of conservatives’ constant surrender to the left our young men and women are growing up in a physical and moral wasteland while hostile cultures swarm and pick over the bones of our civilisation.

The boomer conservatives inherited thriving, European nations but turned them into a Brazilian prison riot. When the youth complain about it their elders hubristically tell them not to be racist and to just deal with the mess they made. The young European man of today does not recoil in horror at being called a racist by people who will become irrelevant within a generation. The youth will deal with it, but not in a way that conservatives will like.

Conservatives dismiss European self-interest as simplistic racism, the one thing they themselves are most scared of being called. Europeans, under pressure in their own homelands, are simply adopting the same concepts of racial awareness and tribalism that every other ethnic group in the world intuitively follows.

The European youth have been betrayed and they are furious. The conservative ensconced in high society gated communities is so far removed from this generation that he doesn’t realise the resentment and danger he has bred for himself. In their fury the youth will turn on liberal and conservative alike. As society continues on its decline there will only be identitarian politics and loyalty to the tribe will be paramount.

Being moderate will not save the Muslim, and neither will it save the conservative. The modern conservative thinks that he can blame the left for society’s woes. As society implodes they think they can point and say ‘They did all this,’ and thereby absolve themselves of all guilt. Conservatives think that by the title of conservative they will escape the wrath of the new generation. They will not.

Whatever it takes

This generation will do whatever it takes to save themselves, and if that means shovelling conservatives into the same garbage bin as leftists then so be it. We share the same ideals as you. We would have liked to have grown up in the peaceful, White world that you grew up in but carelessly threw away. You either join us and be a part of the future, or we throw you away. You couldn’t beat a bunch of communists and lesbians. You’re not going to stop us.

The greatest achievement of Europeans is not the Industrial Revolution, electricity, the Moon landing, nuclear power or any of these trivial inventions. It is the Conqueror. Nothing we have today would have been possible without those few, great men who forged our nations and empires. Great men, in the mould of Alexander, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne and Napoleon that raised armies and crushed everything before them. Whenever he is needed, the Conqueror rises.

We are not done making conquerors yet. There are a billion Whites on the planet. One among them is the new Caesar. He is coming. He will sweep up all the disaffected modern youth and point them in the same direction. The survival of Europe is becoming a quest of religious proportions. There will be another crusade. Europe is the faith and the faith is Europe. When the next Caesar comes everybody will have to account for their actions.

While our countries were being given away, while we were becoming outnumbered in our homelands, while our young men were being emasculated and our young women were turned into whores, while our children were being abandoned to immigrant gangs, or aborted and chopped up and sold for research, while we were held hostage to the unsustainable welfare bill of feral urban blacks… What did you do to stop it?

What needs to happen

Advocate for Europeans

Remember we want many of the same things. A return to traditional values, values developed over centuries in Europe. You can only have those values with European people. So, advocate for European people. Do not disparagingly refer to us as ‘Neo-Nazis’ or extremists because we want nations with borders and a future for our children. If you had had the courage to deal with the race issue when it was easy then we wouldn’t be having to explore more difficult options today. Deal with it now before it gets really ugly.

Let conservative parties die

Stop breathing life into dying conservative parties which only serve the interests of big business. Conservatives, Republicans et al are not your friend. Stop voting for them. Stop giving them money. Stop sharing their fat faces on social media. Let them die so that an effective, reactionary resistance to the rot of cultural Marxism can move in.

Stop supporting policies which harm us

Stop advocating for foreign wars. No more foreign wars and no more foreign immigration is not a radical idea but it would go a long way towards solving a lot of our problems overnight.

Stop making arguments for legal immigration. Immigration, legal or illegal, is a smokescreen hiding the fact that we are not having enough children and we are dying as nations.

Some of these immigrants are doctors and engineers? What is going wrong that a first world nation cannot provide itself with enough doctors and engineers?

So we need immigration to man the hospitals and build the roads which are run down from having to deal with massive immigration? Maybe we should stop pushing women into make-work jobs and encourage a return to traditional marriage. If we had enough children of our own then we wouldn’t need immigration, like we did for, you know, the whole of human history.

Approach our problems with honesty

So Obama is a terrible president. We know, but eventually he’ll leave office and his replacement will be just as bad, if not worse. He’s not the problem. Don’t go after the figurehead when it is the system which is broken and open to abuse. If a constitution, flag or political party can’t stop abortion and gay marriage then it can’t stop anything. It’s dead. Move on.

Don’t bleat about banning burkas when we all know burkas aren’t the problem. Muslims are. Don’t ban burkas, ban Muslims. There is no reason on earth we have to tolerate incompatible religions and cultures, at all. Don’t sidestep problems or be distracted by petty issues like banning items of clothing. Be honest and bold. Get to the root of the problem.

Be prepared

Be ready for a financial collapse, food shortages, natural disaster or martial law. Focus on improving yourself, your household, your community. Become as independent from a failing system as possible.

Too many Europeans don’t currently resist the leftist narrative for fear of losing their livelihood but when money is of no use or comfort to them they will rediscover their love for their own folk. When the welfare payments stop and the lure of debt-money disappears it will be game over for a lot of people. Children will need their parents. Women will need men. Men will need brothers. Be ready. The future won’t be a fun place to be a leftist, but neither will it be fun for conservatives who betrayed their own people.

Promote traditional values

Grow some balls and stand up for yourselves. Promote your faith. Promote traditional values to people around you. Don’t just promote them emptily – live them and be an example to others. Be the man that people want to listen to and follow. It won’t be easy. It’s hard to swim against the current. It takes courage. Organise. Forge a brotherhood. Find strength in numbers. Just do something and for the love of God stop being bullied by the left.

That would be a good start. Conservatives, save yourselves. You can come with us or be bulldozed into oblivion. The billions of blacks streaming out of Africa hate you. The Muslims hate you. The left hate you. The atheists hate you. The homosexuals hate you. You don’t have many friends. Do not make enemies of your own children.

20 thoughts on “Conservative, Save Yourself”

  1. Another powerful piece Simon.

    The truth is a painful thing – but it can’t be hidden… it demands to be heard and seen and read…

    It is very easy to believe in agendas and to formulate theories when logic and common sense are so obviously ignored by our intelligent well educated leaders… when up is down and black is white and 2+2 does equal 5…

    I thought my generation got screwed… but when I think of the things young boys are being robbed of… I feel ashamed of myself for not doing anything to change the course of the future… but what could I have done… what could I have said and who would I have said it too… Our generation will fail the next if we don’t leave them something to be proud of… something for them to preserve… a meaning… a purpose… a reason…

    But what has my generation done… where are our grand cathedrals… our awesome bridges… where was our crusade… our battle hymn… our poets… where was our inspiration… why don’t young boys know the name Felix Baumgartner – the man who jumped from space… I had to watch his jump on Mexican television because I could not find it on an American one… will his face be on a box of cereal? Who do young men look up to today… who inspires them… who do they want to be most like when they grow up?

    Men in America have already abandoned their dignity – just to get on a fucking plane… they have abandoned their pride to keep their jobs – or to get one… honor and integrity are slowly losing any meaning in this modern world… how do we show young men today the value of integrity and the admirable qualities of moral and ethical principles… what can we give them to instill just a little bit of pride in them… a pride rooted in their culture and their faith… how do we show them the way back to the traditions of their European roots… if they have nothing to be proud of… In America they brought down the flag of Dixie… and not single shout of revolution from the proud men of the South… the next revolution in America will be a communist revolution.

    But please – do save Europe… I do not want to go to Paris if it looks like Egypt… I do not want to go to Rome if it looks like Sierra Leone… I do not want to go to London if it looks like Yemen…

      1. I stay well away these days, even adjusting the products my business offers to ensure I don’t have to spend time up there. It gets worse every time I go.

  2. Holy shit. Best written thing I’ve seen on the internet, in both form and substance. Better even than CH by a factor of 1 million.

    Spot on.

    I am anonymous here (supposedly), but I have been doing this in the real world, using my real name, risking my career even though I am a father. I have no choice, at this point.

    I join.

  3. OK, the line about “You couldn’t beat a bunch of communists and lesbians” is one for the ages. We’ve added it to our homage to quiplinks.

    But your logic invites enemies into your own camp. Let’s look at the VERY NEXT paragraph after that epic line: The greatest achievement of Europeans is not the Industrial Revolution, electricity, the Moon landing, nuclear power or any of these trivial inventions. It is the Conqueror. Nothing we have today would have been possible without those few, great men who forged our nations and empires. Great men, in the mould of Alexander, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne and Napoleon that raised armies and crushed everything before them. Whenever he is needed, the Conqueror rises.

    Ignoring the fact that, if we’re going by conquerors, the Mongols have our ass KICKED with Genghis Khan, look at your rogues gallery. Alexander? A fag who destroyed classical Greek civilization while spreading it to Afghanistan (I believe Bagram used to be Alexandria) and around the Mediterranean, leaving the Greeks open to conquest by that tribe that originated in Asia Minor (and were thus Asians, again!), the Romans/Etruscans. Julius Caesar? Didn’t the empire he set in motion with crossing the Rubicon lead to louche, civilization-destroying panem et circenses? Rome was a welfare state from JC onward; he’s a 1st century BC Bismarck. Kinda lefty.

    Charlemagne? Decent guy, spoke German, consolidated a North European Empire, but did nothing to excise the Saracen pestilence in Spain, and unlike his grandfather, never really rode out to defeat them. Perhaps you should have chosen HRE Charles V, but he didn’t do so well against the forces fracturing Christendom. Peace of Augsburg, and all that.

    Napoleon? The man who exterminated the 1100-year-old, locally-controlled and run Venetian empire, and all sort of locally-run republics and kingdoms over Italy? The man whose Continental wars kicked off the European fratricide by getting the Germans to unite under the Prussians and kicking off a new 30-years-war from 1914 to 1945 that ended Europe as a world-bestriding colossus forever? The man whose metric system has spelled the death of local measurements everywhere? Who invented the 4th-generation warfare now tying us down in the middle east when the Spanish discovered guerillas in the Peninsular Wars?

    If you expect me to get inspired to follow a fag, a proto-welfare-state creator, or a monster who is the epitome of “enlightenment” destruction of everything local, self-regulating, and traditionalist, you might have a hard time of it.

    1. Thanks, and valid comments. Those figures were picked for their generalship and without much concern as to their personal politics. They brought, for good or ill, unity and order.

      If we can detach ourselves from their politics we can still regard them as great men purely in their roles as conquerors. The fact that we find their politics monstrous or the consequences of their rule disastrous should serve as a warning not just to the mainstream conservatives to which this article was addressed, but also to us as Reactionaries and Traditionalists that the solution we get may not be the one we want.

      There has been martial rulers and generals of a more Reactionary bent, but not so grand in scope. Julius Caesar and Napoleon especially had a fatalistic boldness in crossing their respective Rubicons. That aspect of these men is something we can aspire to.

      1. Yes, the lack of fear, the sense of “If I die, I die” and also the sense to marshal great forces of men are the proper lessons to learn. Those sorts of men are rare today, and the thirst for them by women is what drives the attraction to bad boys.

        A better example for you might be Odoacer, who, with basically no army or political position, assembled a great force of the disaffected men near the borders of a decrepit and floundering empire and, taking up arms and the mantle of leadership, overcame the remnants of that diseased order. There are SO MANY young men today adrift; their Odoacer awaits. As your warning notes, we’d like him to clear away the cruft of decrepit living, not create more of it.

        I have posited over at Patri that evil is not fertile and needs only a withdrawal of support from the good to collapse (the Amish solution), but that means not mouthing support for people who are trying to wipe you out. The Amish might not fight, but at least they don’t tell the people oppressing them that they are GOOD for doing so. Not so the Cuckservatives, and you’ve done an immense rhetorical service in blowing them out of the water.

      2. I hope you’re right mate; as the father of two white protestant Anglo-Saxon children I really hope you’re right. But I am even more afraid we have, and I quote, “amused ourselves to death.” Self-involved narcissistic people will not change. At this point I am just trying to keep my under-10 year olds healthy enough to ensure they live long enough for me to teach them the essential skills needed for survival.
        I really hope you’re right.

      3. To judge the conquerors you mention we need to look at what would have happened without them, and what ills they were responding to, not just whether the result squares with 21st century notions of morality.
        The Republic in Caesar’s time was degenerate and dying, in a very similar situation to ours. He rejuvenated it for at least a few hundred years, with a lot of highlights such as Augustus’ reign and the Antonine line. The Eastern half survived until the mid 15th century, which was far longer than any major nation today has existed.

  4. While our countries were being given away, while we were becoming outnumbered in our homelands, while our young men were being emasculated and our young women were turned into whores, while our children were being abandoned to immigrant gangs, or aborted and chopped up and sold for research, while we were held hostage to the unsustainable welfare bill of feral urban blacks… What did you do to stop it?

    Stop it? Nothing.

    I’m a bit more forward thinking than just “we need to stop this”.

    What I did, was I found traditional Christian European woman, married her, had a son with he, then we bought a farm and have been learning self-sufficiency.

    I’ve been busy teaching my son our history. Teaching him the hard sciences. How to hunt. How to process his own animals (either taken during the hunt or raised from stock). How to raise crops. Animal husbandry. How to make what he needs. Why our situation is perilous. More.

    In short, I’ve been hammering into him the skills he will need in the very near future. Since I’m ex-military, yes his education includes that as well.

    I saw the writing on the wall years ago, and I have busied myself giving the necessary skills to the generation who will need them the most. My generation – the 13ers – we’re not destined to “save” the world. That is the responsibility of my son’s generation. But, we are the blood sacrifice – anything worth doing has always involved blood being shed. And I’m okay with that.

    He knows how important he is and what is at stake. I hope I live long enough to see him reach 30 – he will be a sight to behold…

    1. Bravo, I know that there have been men working behind enemy lines all this time. It sounds like a good, rewarding life. Despite the state of things I still believe that military service and marriage are some of the best things men can do to help.

      I have a similar project running at home with my children. If you have the time and the space it might be worth bringing together a group of likeminded men together. We’re exploring ways to set up self-sufficient rural communities which run on a system of honour and loyalty rather than cash – not communism but more of a futuristic form of feudalism.

      1. Hello Simon,

        Thank you for the complement.

        I won’t lie – it’s been a difficult thing, learning how to do the things our grandfathers took for granted. The most difficult has been growing our own food. You just don’t throw seeds at the ground then go do something else. Pest control – all kinds – is proving to be maddening.

        Potato bugs are a scourge, as are June Bugs, Ambrosia Beetles, etc. We’ve lost 3/4 of our walnut trees to the Ambrosia Beetles – twice. But we keep replanting. Other trees were almost denuded by the June Bugs, but saved in the nick of time. And those are just the bugs – for some reason, black bears will pass up orchards of apple trees to get at one lone plum tree, then destroy it in the process of getting at the plums.

        We have plum trees as well. So, I’m waiting on that. A bunch of raccoons decided to dispute my ownership of them last year. They have since renounced their ownership claim by default.

        Central Europeans switched from grains to potatoes because food is a weapon. Very likely the first weapon. Literally: “We don’t like those guys over there, so we’re going to take out their food supply and they’ll die off”. And so it has been, even to this day. Do what we tell you, or you will watch your family starve to death.

        Grains can be trampled, burned, etc, and in our history that is exactly what happened. We responded by adapting and growing potatoes. Potatoes remain below ground and are relatively safe from storms, trampling, fire, etc. They store for long periods and are fairly easy to grow; can be made into other things – like ethanol via fermentation and fractional distillation. You get a good return on investment. Our trial balloon was planting a small plot with 3lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes to teach ourselves how to do it. Our return was almost 60lbs at harvest. So many, we had no place to put them all, and so gave much away.

        Controlling pests can be infuriating. As an aside, the Russians – when the potato bug first showed up – swore it was a CIA effort to sabotage their food supply. They had swarms of school children go around and pick them off the plants by hand, then drown them in buckets of ethanol. We learned fast what works and what does not, and setting up a symbiotic relationship between our crops and other plants that keep away pests has been marginally effective.

        In truth, embarking on this has taught me that nobody can be completely self-sufficient. You learn to play to your strengths. My father told me that the secret to life was to pick one thing you love doing, then be better at it than anyone else.

        Probably my greatest strength is the creation of useful items – my mind is clockworks and springs. Not only thinking them up, but modification of existing things, blueprinting, fabrication, metallurgy, woodworking, fluids, pressures, etc.. there will be a great need for such people, I think. Having a stand-alone facility – albeit a small one – that can literally make anything from scratch will pay dividends.

        Tribing up with like-minded folks is absolutely a prerequisite. You will have a need for certain things, but not the space or the skill or the resources to produce them. Find someone who does and create a mutually beneficial trade agreement. 5 gallons of hard cider or ethanol created from your orchard in exchange for wool. Or meat. Or eggs. Or perhaps he has a working piece of equipment you need – you create spare parts for it in exchange for its use on occasion. Or has a team of good mules who are accustomed to being worked. Or better stock than you do and is willing to let his stock breed yours. Or – if you’re really, really fortunate – he’s a genuine MD who did his residency in an inner-city ER and knows all about gunshot wounds, broken bones, stabbings, etc…

        Then there’s mutual support and defense. One lone family – no matter how well prepared – will go down eventually. All the Bad Guys have is time – time to think up ways to circumvent your defenses. Wear you down. Leverage you. Infiltrate. Make it too hard to get in, and you’re not getting out. Which means any defense can be overcome, given enough time and the proper mindset. The “Lone Strong Man vs The World” trope plays well in the movies and makes for a crackin’ good read, but in reality it will get you killed.

        Tribing up mitigates that, to an extent. Messing with one lone farmhouse will pay off, since even if they are initially repulsed, they can still burn it to the ground, then pick over the ashes. But taking on several dozen spread out in support of each other – we’re talking between 50 to 150 people here – in communication with each other, the land criss-crossed with barbed wire, stands of trees, tanglefoot, acacia bushes, etc, and they’re waiting on you, just hoping you’ll do something stupid.. that’s a different story.

        Move on to easier pickings… you’ll live longer.

        Got stuff to do… plus, a storm is moving in and will probably blow me off the air shortly…

        Be well.

  5. Its all about race. The enemies celebrate theirs and supposedly ours ( the Greatest of them ALL) cannot be celebrated. Says who? Tell them to fuck off and die. They are not us. We need them like we need cancer or AIDS.
    Join the Mobile Infantry, get Citizenship. Form a group of Aryans and Whites. get together and plan to fight. War is coming. War undeclared started against us in 1933 by the Goblins, and in the 1960s by the diseased inferior orcs.
    Men of the West UNITE! Join the Mobile Infantry and destroy the BUG Army that wants you dead. If we die, we will dine in Valhalla. They will GO TO HELL. God helps those who help themselves. We are the ones who have his mantle through his SON. The others are pretenders, The Synagogue of Satan. Let them choke on their lies and swim in the blood of their orc armies!

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