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Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith

The historic course of all civilisations is cyclic in nature. Over a period of three to four hundred years on average all of them return to a similar common starting point, a point always defined by a darkness of the collective soul and a loss of moral fortitude. It is there and then that an inevitable movement for a return to old ways and meanings begins to form.

Imagine if you will a civilisation’s chronological pendulum completing a vertical ellipse rather than just an arc at the bottom. At the superior apogee, twelve Noon in the cycle, the pendulum almost pauses at a point of stability before beginning its inevitable descent, accelerating slowly at first, even imperceptibly, but ever faster as the gravity of cultural entropy increases its velocity until it approaches the inferior apogee, Midnight, where then it begins its at first rapid but ever slowing climb back into the light.

It is there, at Midnight and immediately before and beyond, that chaos rules, and with it comes a time in human affairs that does indeed try men’s souls; a time where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword and where is found the formative crucible within which men and women, bound by strength and tradition, gather together and stand firm against the depredations of barbarism.

But such spiritual evolutions are never easy to form or prosecute with certitude, for if they were they would be worthless; thus nothing is ordained for such warriors on the winds of time other than that the rectitude of their actions will define both their corporeal and spiritual fates. Hence those who do elect to stand firm, their physical and metaphysical faces streaked with the blood, sweat and dust of the battle that is roiling about them, will need to possess a depth of courage and conviction that comes only to the truly observant, having been built upon an unassailable foundation of Faith and its accompanying determinants.

The Code of The Christian Military and Agrarian Order of the Iron Legion is such a foundation:


All wishing to join the Legion shall make a Solemn Affirmation that they will abide by and endeavour to live their lives according to the following five Articles of the Code.


The Legionnaire must be true to that which he believes in above all else, for with faith comes strength against every adversity. Faith is the lifeblood of courage and nobility, without it, life has no meaning. With faith, no force, not even death can defeat the Legionnaire.


The foundation of virtue, one who seeks out the truth within himself will surely develop other virtues, such as justice, courage, strength, courtesy and humility. Without truth there is no light, but rather the spiritual darkness of self-delusion and deception which must surely lead to other vices.


Honour is the standard against which we measure ourselves and are measured by others. It is a treasure which if taken in hand grows in value and grandeur, but if squandered can but rarely be regained and only at great cost in time and effort. The Legionnaire’s word must be more certain and sure than any written contract. Let every Legionnaire consider carefully before making an affirmation and never do so lightly or without due reflection.


The Legionnaire will seek to aid those in need, giving succour and assistance to such as may need it, giving as his or her means permit and without ostentation or display. True charity encompasses more than the material. A word of encouragement can mean more than jewels. The spirit of charity may also cause the Legionnaire to forgive a wrong done to him if the act is truly repented. Charity will help the Legionnaire to avoid the errors of gluttony and avarice.


Loyalty is the obverse of honour; when once a Legionnaire has made a commitment, let him not waiver or withdraw but make every effort, mental and physical, to ensure that that commitment is met; thus that commitment must not be lightly made.

In addition a Knight of the Order if so appointed must also swear an oath before Almighty God that they will live their lives according to these additional Chivalric Articles.


The Knight’s duty is to protect the innocent from harm and to punish the guilty, as is symbolized by the sword. In past times, fulfilment of this duty often required physical combat. Today the battles are fought differently but are no less important. In all areas of life the knight must strive, so far as is possible, to fight injustice and help the right to prevail.


The Knight is charged with fighting for the right and good, and thus destined to face many opponents. The battles may be of the body, and the dangers faced by the Knight may be physical; but courage is as greatly in demand with the more subtle opponent of the mind or spirit. Whichever circumstances the Knight enters he must always face the enemy with valour.


The Knight who looks upon his life without evasion or self-deception and exercises the virtue of truth will surely be humbled by the vast gulf that lies between the chivalrous ideal and the reality of what is possible. Thus chastened, the Knight will surely avoid the error of hubris.


The Knight strives always to do and be their best, no matter what the area of endeavour. They do so not for pride’s sake, but rather to infuse even the most mundane task with nobility and thus uplift themselves.


A man or a woman may be ennobled by a Prince but a soul can thus be elevated only by living in accordance with higher standards than those of the common man. To achieve this chivalrous ideal is not possible; but the very striving uplifts the spirit and purifies the soul. This marks the true Knight.


Brother Antony
Chief of Staff

30 thoughts on “Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith”

  1. Indeed, these delineated principles are but core values to many, including myself. My loyalty and devotion to God, family and country is complete and non negotiable. The whores and tyrants pushing we of the ‘Faith’ toward certain conflict will reap their just rewards which will be administered without hesitation or regret.

  2. I will follow your “Codex Legio”. I am a servant and warrior for Jesus Christ,His Father, and the Holy Spirit. The fact they love me makes life a beautiful thing.

  3. The Holy Trinity is worthy of building a value system around – but let’s drop the Jewish centered version of the bible that has dominated the world narrative for so long and write something more relevant to Europeans. The historicity of the bible is not in dispute here, just that the Jews’ issues are not our issues but they have been made our issues. Their history is not our history. Europe has its own history and if ignored because of white guilt and the omission of information then these oaths are meaningless. What is this faith that drives us? Hopefully for the most devoted it is faith irrespective of the Jewish narrative. If we swear an oath to the bible as it is written then we are only fooling ourselves and setting ourselves up for infiltration, subversion, and eventually – again – subjugation.

    If we swear an allegiance to anything it should be to a European Christianity built on the actions of God on the European continent for the last five thousand years culminating in the birth of Christ and his relationship to Europe by way of the Roman colony of Judea – read: the Roman perspective of the New Testament. There are lots of lessons to be learned there. Rome did not want to execute Jesus but the colonists wanted it. This is an issue worthy of examination.

    Also, don’t believe that the only place in the world God was acting was in the middle east. If this doesn’t matter then why don’t we just put the Chinese and African histories in with the Jewish history? It does matter and this has subconsciously controlled and disenfranchised Europeans for ages.

    All of this would be part of the European Bible, starting with the creation of ancient civilizations, pantheons, tribal wars, natural disasters, Muslim invasions, right up through today with World War 2, the current Muslim invasion, the revealing of the Jewish narrative and the globalist influence on current affairs. Our faith must be built on a foundation of ancestry and relevant history. Our race is our religion.

  4. The Conduct Of The Modern Knight

    The Knight shall adore and revere and love God – you shall honor him by practicing virtues.

    The Knight’s religion shall be to do good because it gives him pleasure, not as a duty. – the soul is immortal do not do anything to degrade it.

    The Knight shall unceasingly war against vice.
    You will not do unto others that which you would not wish others to do unto thee.
    Be submissive to thy fortunes and keep burning the light of wisdom.

    The Knight shall honor his parents and shall pay respect and homage to the aged.
    The Knight shall instruct the young and shall protect infancy and innocence.

    The Knight shall cherish his wife and children.
    He shall love his country and obey its laws.

    The Friend of the Knight is a second self, misfortune shall not estrange him from thee – The Knight shall do for his memory whatever thou would do for him if he were living.

    The Knight shall avoid and flee from insincere friendships.
    He shall in everything refrain from excess and shall not allow his passions to become his master.

    The Knight is humble and modest and shall strive for the elegance of simplicity.
    The Knight shall never stop learning and constantly works to better himself and his world.

    The Knight shall be forever vigilant and preserve his culture and traditions.
    He shall be true to his faith and stand firm for his beliefs.
    He shall defend the truth and justice.

    The Knight shall seek wisdom and communion with the spirit of God.
    He shall seek harmony with the natural world.

    The Knight shall conquer his fears and live his life with honor.
    He shall be reliable and true to his friends and his tribe.
    He shall be trustworthy, loyal and kind – courteous, obedient and clever.
    He shall be thrifty, clean and reverent.

    The Knight shall be prepared.

    The Knight shall listen more and speak little and act well always.
    He shall forget injuries and render good for evil
    He shall not misuse his strength and superiority.

    The Knight shall study to know men; that thereby he may learn to know himself.
    He shall ever seek after virtue and shall avoid idleness.

    But the great commandment of This Legion is this: “A new commandment give I unto you: that ye love one another! He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, remaineth still in the darkness.”

    1. “Let us be the wall on which the darkness breaks.” You struck a chord there with me brother. I have three children and four grandchildren with another on the way. Let it break on me so as not to break on them.

  5. My name is Makris Nikolaos I am from Greece …. I am an army Officer for the past 16 years …. I am obligate to my Nation ….. i accept the code ….. this code is my every day live spam ….. I can do better than this ….. respect and honor …..

    can I manage a song of my tradition ???????? do have fan …….

  6. I’d gladly join, but I’m concerned that modern states would not allow a community of traditionalists to exist. The minute we had to enforce our law within our territory, the media would slander us to hell and back and give the State an excuse to use violence to disband us. Just because modern states do not brutally crush the protected criminal underclass does not mean that they would not crush us:

    A community of happy, safe, productive traditionalists is a propaganda threat to a status quo of anarcho-tyranny. The USG allows Detroit to be Detroit. It could un-Detroit it (with a spectacular amount of violence) if it so wished. It does not allow the Oregon militia to occupy a wildlife refuge.

    It also must not be forgotten that the Code owes almost as much to Odin as it does to Christ. Medieval Christianity was a syncretic religion that absorbed Roman, Germanic, and Celtic hero cults and their warrior codes of honor. The Anglo-Saxons emphasized Christ as a heroic figure whose sacrifice on the cross was akin to a warrior sacrificing himself in battle; a voluntary act of courage and agency rather than a passive martyrdom.

    1. Absolutely agree with the second part. Christianity developed entirely in the Classical European world and was built on a foundation of pre-Christian pagan beliefs – . I’ve written before about this syncretic relationship and view of Christ as a returning and vengeful king. Those things which were true persisted into medieval Christianity and it’s only recently that Christianity has been subverted into a progressive force. The True Church however, remains eternal.

      As to traditionalist communities, there are differing ways to go about it which are more and less smart. Going full Waco or Westboro is the wrong way clearly. The easiest is to do it quietly and carefully, and build something anti-modern, anti-fragile which is best placed to survive the inevitable crash. At this point it is impossible to stop – we can’t vote away the welfare state while so many people are hooked on it, so it must be left to run to its inevitable and destructive demise, and where possible, helped on its way. All the while the reactionaries are forming networks, warbands, building communities everywhere.

      I have more posts about this in very early draft phases but I’m happy to talk more privately by email if I can reach you at this address?

      1. No need, I’ve been thinking a lot about realistic actions that a reactionary can take in this day and age without resorting to the monastic “endure the collapse” line of thought; by the time you finish your posts I might have something more constructive to contribute.

    2. The Code of the Warrior has naught to do with communities, neighborhoods or publicity. It is the inner life and the outward behavior that marks the true Knight. While we are few and scattered, any mark of valor that you can leave upon the world, however small, like a stone in a pond ripples outward, all such acts will touch us everyone of us.

      Death and destruction come at us now. The ancient kings and warriors died and bled so the we may now stand upon that precious ground. If we live and die as true Knights and Warriors, our spirits will call out to those who came before us,and we will rise again, even in the face of utter ruin.

  7. I’m not a Christian and thus cannot commit to these vows as that would be dishonest of me.

    I have no problem acknowledging the unifying effect of Christianity and it’s place in our history. I have no problem with those who wish to retain this faith – indeed I see it as a bulwark against the tide of Islam. I also believe in honour, humility and loyalty.

    I hope when the Reconquista begins both Secular and Christian westerners will work together. We can resolve our differences by debate and discussion.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Michael. However my mother felt that the ‘h’ in Anthony rather feminised it and thus insisted otherwise – she was and is of the Old Guard 🙂

      Regards, Antony.

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