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De-Programming Modernism

We revolt against the modern world but we are still contaminated by it. We were born into, educated by it, and must live and work within it to some degree. We recognise modernity as the problem but we are still surrounded by it and allow it space inside our heads. We are still plagued by modern ways of thinking that go against our European ethos. Our inability to solve modern problems is in part due to our inability to think outside of the modern world and the palatable options it presents to us. We need a return to the ancient, noble and heroic instead of the modern and prosaic.

Thoughts become actions. From actions come habit. From habit comes character and from character comes destiny. We need a return to an older mindset, an older view of the world and reality and a relentlessly aggressive pursuance of our identity.

The modern European man partakes in things like paleo dieting and medieval roleplaying. It’s evidence of a great dissatisfaction with modern life and a yearning for something older but these are nothing more than token gestures, play-acting, a nod towards what we really need. Neither do we need more negative blog articles describing the deprivations of foreign cultures. We don’t need any more white genocide memes. Drink, drugs and chasing girls aren’t filling the void. The European man needs a new mindset. A new worldview. A code of honour. A new faith, to convey him through the death of one world and into the birth of another.

We need to look to our roots. Faith and mission makes man happy in a way that the hedonistic pleasures of a declining civilisation simply do not provide. There is a false duality among the red-pill, that one must either enjoy the decline, or embrace some variety of radical traditionalism. Who says you can’t do both?


Round up a group of men, go out into the wild, do something arduous and then afterwards get drunk and laugh about your adventures. Do things that the soft, weak, modern world regards as madness. We have nothing but disdain for the proles who think we are all equal and that everything is lost.

I talk about visiting the old places not as a history lesson but as a way to reconnect with our warrior past and our noble blood. It’s an attempt to recapture a long-lost mindset, the worldview of our ancestors. They were men who would stand on the beaches to meet their enemies. The European mythos is one of heroes, knights and outlaws, men of bravery and strength, holy quests, princesses, dragons, lost causes, no way out and victories against all odds. Glaring omissions: democracy, politicians and constitutions. Get those ideas out of your head because we are sliding into an era where they will be worthless.

Tear yourselves from the modern world. Get as far away from the awful concrete cities and towns as possible. Immerse yourself in the natural world with all its beauty and danger. Go back in time to a time of kings and armies and the will of God. Go back further yet. Get so far away from the modern world in time and space that you forget what you used to be. Here begins your de-programming.

Hike across the moors and dales. Travel light like a primitive hunting party. Carry a spear. Keep it within arm’s reach at all times, as if danger lurks everywhere. Take the path that others fear to tread. Go to the places that nobody else goes. Find your own sacred groves. Meditate, pray, make it a holy place.

forest outlaws knights dominique venner
Head to the woods. Purify your soul. Purge it of modernity.

Listen to the wind between the trees and hear what it says to us. Run through the woods and streams. Head up into the mountains. Stand barefoot and feel the soil beneath your feet. That soil is yours. Your ancestors ploughed that soil and bled into it and it is yours. Your are not under any obligation to share it with anybody else and you are not even obliged to explain why. Your only obligation is to defend it.

Look down at the lights of the city beneath you. In that fuzzy glow are soft people who run from danger and hardship. Laugh at them from your mountain. But remember some are looking for men like us, and we should rescue those that we can and lead them towards the light. One day they might stand alongside us.

Build shelters with what Nature has provided you. Gather your men around a fire. Paint your faces black and bid the modern world good night, as if it were an old friend that you know must die. Grasp a spear and swear an oath of loyalty and secrecy to one another. Feast, drink, sleep well. Wake before dawn. Watch the morning sun rise on a new era.

Once you internalise this rejection of the modern world everything else will follow. Thoughts ultimately lead to destiny. You will put away these silly ideas of democracy and constitutions. You will not surrender your destiny to venal politicians or the will of the mob.

There is a higher mission awaiting you than to be held hostage to modernity. Your destiny has been woven for you and is there for you to grasp. The future is not something to be feared or depressed about. Fate has granted us this enemy as a gift, for how else are we to achieve greatness than to defeat a great enemy? Heroes exist to slay dragons. Our destiny is inextricably bound up with those who now seethe within our borders, like Beowulf, who on the eve of battle said ‘Now Grendel and I are called together, and I have come.’ We cannot escape our destiny. The soldier, once committed to combat, must typically defeat the enemy in order to survive. To continue to exist, one must destroy the other.

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  1. Brother,

    You hit the bull’s eye with this one… this is absolutely what the would be legionnaire needs to read… and put into practice… to change his mind set and build his confidence he must return to nature and his instincts… this is very inspiring and this – like many of your writings needs to be spread – I am in agreement with Anonymous when he said “this is the best blog in the world”

    I have taken the drugs and the drink and chased the women… but there is that empty space inside that cannot be filled and that longing for tribal belonging in me that I have had since childhood… I am a soul out of time…. why my creator chose to send my into this particular time I have not figured out… but I am here for a reason… though my dreams and soul cry out for the songs and dances and the rites and rituals of another time… I search for that thing… that moment destiny has hidden away from me that will restore my honor and bestow on me just a little bit of nobility…

  2. Great Post Simon,

    But, this is a very high minded goal which could intimidate many of the NEETs in our far right crowd. Especially Americans. So I think in bland American fashion, I will share my thoughts on this kind of stuff.

    Any physical activity is good, really. If it is dangerous, all the better, part of life is taking risks, though some things are just obviously stupid and shouldn’t be done (like using a chainsaw without having any idea how to use it).

    Really, even today, in a practical sort of way, if you look around, there are chances to exert yourself and learn new things. Go hiking. Get a bicycle. Want to stay in the yard? Pick up some wood, nails, handsaw, and hammer. Your first furniture will be an abomination, but with practice you can improve (Fun fact, RamZPaul’s brother, Steve Ramsey, has a woodworking youtube channel which could be of value). Cars busted? You can do basic repairs at home you know. Break pads for instance are cheap. Join a volunteer fire department/EMS. Know friends with a boat? I know a family friend who offered me to go with him commercial fishing to Alaska next year. Be bold, be willing to be in danger a bit. Better to get hurt trying to improve yourself than dying a fat NEET.

    Even today, there is so much you can do. There is little excuse not to go after something that will require physical effort on your part. Wooden boards are actually pretty cheap, as are nails. Start small, and work your way up would be my advice to anyone who feels intimated by just going out in the world and doing stuff.

    1. Thanks Alfred. When I finished writing this I looked over it and wondered how it would be received. Even what we are talking about here is just a step towards a new faith and worldview, but is still a radical jump from modern life for most people. I think the NEETs are the ones who are most in need of it, and also the ones who we are most able to embrace it. They are the ones wwith nothing to lose. The older, more gainfully employed and more entrenched in the modern world will be harder to prise away from it. But how to do that?

      ‘Lift weights and read Evola’ is great advice, but there are many who will just not get stuck into such high-level philosophy. I really enjoyed Adam Wallace’s latest post: because it deals with this idea of going from philosophical ideas and turning them in thought, action and character. We’re entering unknown territory and feeling our way as we go but we’re at the stage where we need to start making real life Iron Pills.

      I believe that if we build a church then they will come. If we can inculcate a spirit of adventure in the young and then provide them with the physical and spiritual weaponry to achieve it there will be the men who take up the challenge. Radical Islam has managed to do exactly that and has no shortage of fanatical volunteers.

    2. your post was right on. I am retired but have been an EMS volunteer first responder for 6 years, the kit is really good for a disaster like we are going into. I also have become a blacksmith with my own forge,etc. and live in a 60 person village an hour away from any town here in the prairies of North America. NOw if I could just find some like minded people I would be happy.

  3. To the blog host(s), I am the Anonymous who said this is the best blog in the world right now, even better than CH.

    I have been facing an internal dilemma and I seek your thoughts. I am fully on board with your main ideas, and this is in no way meant to trivialize the situation. I am so in tune with you, in fact, that I just left a comment on another red pill blog saying that I feel like “disappearing into the forest” BEFORE reading this new entry by you just now. I chose to describe it with those exact words, saying “when is enough going to be enough?” (talking about the cruelty that has been inflicted on white men, and, by extension, our women and children, the past 60 years) and saying that even though I have two kids and two homes to support, I am “this close” to “disappearing into the woods.”

    That’s background. I would like to know if you think the following is legitimate thinking on my part, or rationalizing.

    I am between 34 and 45 years old. Five years ago, one year after suffering a no-fault divorce perpetrated on my children (the real victims) by the (foreign occupied) state (using my clueless ex-wife as the vehicle—not her fault; she is merely a woman – it is the state of the law that did not allow me my natural rights as a father and husband to control the situation), and having my kids taken away from me 22 days and nights per month, against my will, forever altering their lives, when they were just babies, I discovered the joy of learning to play guitar, and I particularly enjoy electric guitar because of the freedom of tone choices and the sustain the player can get (related to my “classical music excuse” explained below). I started to learn to play guitar (and study “music” generally) as something to do on the five nights a week that I do not have my babies with me. I am proud of the fact that I took up this healthy activity as opposed to other things I could have done: drugs, alcohol, mindless TV watching, suicide, going on a killing spree. Learning to play a musical instrument is good for the mind (and even the body, somewhat—I often play standing up for 4 straight hours – but this is less exercise than the hard lifting I used to do, but of which playing guitar has replaced a lot of that time the last few years). (Until very recently, after developing “guitar player’s elbow”, actually, I could do 25 legit pull-ups in one set, have been able to do 20 pull-ups, totally legit, no momentum, wide grip, ever since I was 23- I was doing cross fit before they started using that term; I used to play basketball down at the Y where I would run circles around or jump over 19 year old marines who would play there, when I was in my late 20s).

    Well, as mentioned, I discovered the joy of learning guitar and music 5 years ago. Three years ago, however, I discovered CH and the red pill. Now I understand everything, the lies I was told my entire life about the post-World War II years, etc., including how “rock n roll” and the electric guitar itself is a post-World War II “baby boomer”/hippie/lefist/communist/Jewish invention. Literally. I feel ambivalent because I hate modernity and am an old soul since long before blogs were invented, yet I love the electric guitar. Prior to the 1950s or so, people played only acoustic guitars, and strummed chords and sang folk songs (and the blues – a nice African contribution to culture), and jazz on acoustic instruments.

    Now here is my dilemma. I long for the things you preach here, but every night I still want to play my electric guitar. And I live in a big city, and my electric guitar depends on the electric grid, and it was manufactured using the modern system, including Rothschild Bank fiat money financing, and both Les Paul and Leo Fender, in fact, were Jews, as are all of the members of the Rolling Stones and every other act that was allowed to get big, including, even (secretly), surf guitar legend Dick Dale. (In the 1960s, there were thousands of a garage bands as talented as the Rolling Stones and the Who; why do you think these particular guys got tapped to be famous? Ditto: Bob Dylan (real name: Robert Allen Zimmerman lzozlzozlo). Dylan and others have outed “the deal with the devil”. Lzozlozlzzl. And of course a new guitar player starts by learning rock music; power chords.

    But, let’s talk about music and get to my rationalization: Germanic Northern European culture invented, of course, classical music. Long before electricity, at the end of the dark ages to the start of the renaissance, we have the famous greats, and not only that, the music was played by musicians on acoustic instruments, including stringed instruments made of wood (the violin family) and woodwinds, horns, the piano or earlier versions of it. An orchestra, using dozens of violins, cellos, bass violins, can create amazing music.

    Well my rationalization: Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, etc. – they all loved MUSIC. All would have loved to have had an electric guitar, which is just a tool, an instrument, that allows a musician to express himself musically. Right?

    I’m a man under the broad sense of your general thought processes here, so I don’t even care what your answer is, but I’m curious: do you agree that I can play my electric guitar “guilt free” while understanding the things about which you write here?

    And indeed lately I have moved away from Baby Boomer and Gen X “rock n roll” and into trying to play classical music, or my version of it. Thinking of my instrument, an electric guitar, as simply giving me the power to sound like 30 violins without needing a conductor to lead 30 separate musicians to keep them in time.

    Trying to play songs like the great “Brothers in Arms” by Mark Knopfler, which could be a theme song for this blog. He’s Scottish. It’s really about things addressed in the “Braveheart” movie: the fight against communism, essentially. The stupidity of white men killing our white brothers to fight Jews’ wars or save Jews, which is what happened in the World Wars of the 20th century.

    I will go into the woods with my kids and a weapon when I am forced to. But tonight I want to try to make music with my electric guitar, using it to express my thoughts and create magic to the best of my ability, as cheesy as that might sound.

    What say the blog hosts and readers on this comment?

    1. Just as a matter of interest, anon, there is one form of music and one instrument that have their roots neither in Northern Europe nor the Middle East but firmly in America. I refer of course to the banjo and the music it generates which developed during and out of the American Civil War. Furthermore, it does not require electricity – nor do bagpipes for that matter, although they do have a much longer history stretching back at least as far as early Mesopotamia 🙂 

      1. And interestingly the comedian Steve Martin has become a banjo player (a good one) and champion of it and Appalachian music. I’m not sure what to think of that.

    2. Anon, I don’t see any problem with the electric guitar at all. It’s merely an invention, the latest in a long line of musical instruments. Technology is not in itself part of the problem of modernity. Only when it is worshipped or used to obscure moral decline does it become a part of the problem. We shouldn’t want to live in a world without technological progress. It’s nice to have things like electricity, clean water, antibiotics etc… How would we pick an arbitrary date by which we would decide what technology is okay or not okay? Evidently, we should be proud of technological achievements, but not at the expense of morality.

      I agree that those composers would have loved to have heard the electric guitar. And there are also some people out there playing classical and folk music on electric guitars. Some of them are very good:

      As to the running off to the woods – don’t. Not as a permanent plan anyway. I know the feeling but you’re no good to us or your children if you go completely off grid. In many ways, ‘they’ would love for you to do just that, and check out of the fight. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, head out for a weekend camp by all means. Recharge the batteries, purify the soul and remind yourself that there is still a lot of beauty in the world and men were happy long before we lived in cities.

      Striking out for the woods with a pack and a gun and the kids in tow would have to be a measure of last resort. Bugging out without a plan or a place to get to makes one a refugee. The work to do now is to put together that plan or place to get to away from the city if need be, and rouse up a brotherhood around us.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    First, as an artist (in my own mind) I say play your electric guitar… but make beautiful music with it… music that will inspire and motivate and uplift ones soul… we are using the internet for such purposes… to help each other, to find each other, to learn, to teach, to spread our truths… but… who is collecting the money for the electricity and the internet fees? you get what I am saying? You can take a weapon of war and use it for something good… play your guitar.

    Second, don’t go live in the woods and abandon your obligations… when I tell people to go into the woods I mostly say to go to center yourself… I go for a night or two or three… just to get away from the chaos… from the idiots… I go to be alone with my books and my thoughts and what ever mystical creature lingers around the fire… I am not the best bushcrafter in the world – I can’t make fire by striking two stones together or rubbing sticks… I don’t know how to do that, but I always carry a fire kit… I don’t always catch my food, but I always have about four or five days worth of food with me… if there is no water source… I’ll make my way back home when the water runs low… don’t go in there alone like that dude in the book into the wild… who didn’t know what he was doing, but do go in there once in a while just to center yourself… just a simple basic camping week-end… don’t complicate it… but while you are out there – look around…but don’t just go up there and get lost if you don’t know what you are doing and eat poison berries… that would suck…

    half of my believes that society is going to collapse – that the greed and the anger and the hatred of the left is going to reach a point where it just caves in on itself – why are they angry and why do they hate so much… because they fell for the bullshit and they realize they have(but wont admit it)… and they want you to be as miserable as they are… I have no problem circling the sheep and waiting to pillage what is left for myself… the other half believes that there will be another Bolshevik revolution and we better come up with a plan quick… it seems to me that men never really learn from the past… and as long as the same lies keep working on the sheep… then we are going to get the same shit… but… when it all goes down… I hope at least some inspiring music is playing in the background…

  5. Red pill participant Matt King once described leftism brilliantly. If I may re-print:

    Spengler’s suggestion to consult “The Misandry Bubble”
    ( )
    is a fine one, there you will get a complete survey.

    But in a capsule, the connection is this.

    Leftism (Rousseauianism, Hegelianism, poststructuralism, postmodernism, materialism, analytical philosophy, Frankfurt school strategy, “YKW” sabotage) or “Cultural Marxism” is purposely destructive of the family, of tradition, of institutions, of individuals, of liberty, of wisdom — all to clear a path to political power. It divides populations into classes and pits them against each other so that they will destroy themselves, affording the ideologues — the world re-makers — the opportunity to rise from ruin and establish a comprehensive tyranny.
    They achieve the chaos necessary to their takeover by stoking the embers of difference among the bourgeois into a bonfire of resentment. The mark of the saboteur is his attempt to drive wedges everywhere he goes, classifying noble men by their differences rather than their similarities, dividing them against their brothers (and even against their own consciences). Nietzsche is excellent in delineating this process of sabotage in The Genealogy of Morals.
    The monster, this unconspiratorial collective unconscious, takes many shapes. It is an octopus with tentacles in every aspect of life.
    • Multiculturalism (anti-racism): instituted to promote hatred between all cultures and the west (whites)
    • Socialism: instituted to promote hatred between producers and consumers
    • Atheism: instituted to promote hatred of ultimate questioning
    • Scientism: instituted to promote hatred of the uncredentialed
    • Media-Entertainment dominance: instituted to promote hatred of truth
    • Glorification of vice (drugs, porn, sport, gaming, sluttery): instituted to promote hatred of virtue
    • Pedagogy: instituted to promote hatred of family
    • Political correctness: instituted to promote hatred of the rights of the minority and loyal opposition
    • Normalizing deviancy: instituted to promote hatred of nature
    • Fiat governance: instituted to promote hatred of regionalism, federalism, the balance of powers, and of the possibility of the republic itself

    And first among all instruments of sabotage is Feminism, the specific tool that was created to divide the sexes and pit them against each other. Our sex is the most basic intraspecies difference (La Différence) possible, the very first diverging factor of person to person, resident in every nucleus of every living cell in our bodies, constituent of our biological identity and therefore our cultural identity. The left, of course, has made war on this bedrock reality too.
    But for all of feminism’s triumphs — abortion, contraception, divorce, female labour, “transgender”-ism, slut rights, sexual revolution — it is in this area we have begun spontaneously making our stand.
    Why here? Because it is hardest of all to lie in the bedroom, the cave of nakedness.
    In this arena, the truth is physical. Tab A goes into Slot B. Falsehoods are exposed like skin, there is nowhere to scurry and hide. No echo chamber that makes repeated fictions seem factual. Just the muffled sounds of resistance, which makes the eventual cry of submission all the more potent. Man acts upon woman. And she remembers that she loves it, primally, undeniably, instinctively.
    To deny this irreducible truth and stay consistent with their ideology, the left has been forced to scale the heights of absurdity and claim all sex is rape! There can be no more patent lie than that, no more easily debunked myth.
    Now comes the PUA, who tugs that tiny little string and begins unraveling the fabric of lies under which the whole culture is suffocating. Acolytes of game pulling many strings at once, all very intimate and personal, reintroducing women to their nature, girl by girl by girl. And it is a visceral reintroduction, one that can destroy fifteen years of Womyns Theory in the space of a single orgasm.
    Now, you can pick your level of involvement in this renaissance of manliness. That’s the beauty of this site, and this site alone. Most casual readers skim from the surface, which is fine. But there is opportunity to drill all the way down, to get deep inside the ornery cunt which is the left and impregnate her with the truth, perforce.


  6. Friends, I agree wholeheartedly with this website. There is one issue which I feel is blocking many men from moving into their personal strength: women. Especially their wives who don’t like guns in the house, have no problem with illegals because they are “nice and work hard”, have no problem with blacks since she met some nice ones at the supermarket, no problem with Muslims next door as they seem like nice people. When trying to discuss these issues with women they usually just nod and agree about how bad it is but don’t really want to become upset with any violence, guns, etc, in other words they won’t do anything about it and subtly subvert a man. Men realize they are not getting the support they need at home, women are not willing to upset the apple cart. Remember most women voted for Obama because they wanted their health care paid for, let blacks run riot just don’t bother women to be seriously bothered by it all. Women voting has screwed up the country and fostered all manner of complex rules and regs. Women generally cannot see the big picture, they need to have things explained to them. Even then the chances that they will really join their men in the fight are small, leading to men being frustrated in their most intimate lives. Alex

    1. Alex, I agree with you, but we mustn’t let this make us come to view women as the enemy. Men and women are complementary parts of the whole, not competing forces. Democracy has been a disaster and feminism is an incredibly divisive force but it is up to us as men to lead people away from this. But above all, take heart. There are new girls turning 18 every day and many of them dream about the traditional life, marriage, children and grandchildren and they are looking for a man like you.

    2. More like she has no problem with blacks because she has not encountered any in real life, but sees carefully edited ones on TV. While Ice T made a living saying words in rap, and saying a single line on TV from time to time, the people that hired him to narrate a short story aimed at teen scheduled him to come for an afternoon but had to add 2 extra full days.

  7. Its kind of funny my 15 year old daughter has told me she is worried she will not be able to find a real man to marry.

    1. Miles it sounds like you’ve done a fine job of raising your daughter. Many young men are growing up in despair at the idea of finding a wife, and yet I know there are girls being brought up with traditional values who dream of marriage and children. I can imagine a future where, as society continues to decline, parents take a more active role in matchmaking for their children in a reactionary attempt to secure their family and lineage.

  8. Interesting thought. I also have contempt for the modern world. I like the technology, but I find the socialism, multiculturalism, homosexuality, et al, extremely wearisome. The modern entertainment industry and education are almost entirely subversive, and my willingness to participate in this broken society is extremely low.

    1. Aye, we are not Luddites and it would be foolish to turn our backs on antibiotics and electricity because we despise modernity. Technology and modernity are quite separate issues and it is possible to be simultaneously pro-Tradition and pro-science. Some of the greatest minds were also Christians and saw no conflict between science and faith. Sir Isaac Newton wrote more on religion than he did on physics. Even darlings of the IFLS crowd like Tesla, Heisenberg and Sagan were not without faith.

  9. Its a shame though that the wildernesses which we venture out to is increasing being invaded by urbanization and hence the horrid concrete cities and towns with their stripmalls and whatnot.

    There is escape but it seems to be shrinking. The only remedy of which is population decline as it is happening now.

  10. Great article. I find the words echoing inside me as if I am saying them too.

    Then I look up and around me and I’m choking in modernity even though I have turned away from much of it.

    Still I’m too reliant on it. I know I must do something but a concrete plan I have not. Most times I feel like a total lone wolf in my day to day world. My feelings of disassociation are leading me towards reckless behaviors and thoughts. I work around much debauchery and scores of beautiful but unsuitable women to be the mother of my children.

    At 35 I try my utmost to have hope but I’m not getting any younger and this world no less wicked. Came across the redpill about 7 yrs ago and decided to live the hedonistic lifestyle using game. At the time it was a great and new experience which challenged me but I ended up in a 3yr relationship with an insecure girl 10yrs my younger.

    Should have kicked her out after the first year but kept allowing her to stay and I mentally checked out, became lazy and stopped improving myself. The relationship ended about 6 months ago but now for some reason I feel utterly lost at sea in a toxic wasteland.

    I don’t have the desire to game new young girls and go through the same shit I’ve already been through. I desire children, family, faith, tradition.

    In the city I live no one seems to value these things and it’s wearing me down to the point of depression. Regardless I pick myself up and keep moving forward. Though to which ends I’m not completely sure. I just know I want out.

    My soul needs nourishment like my body needs food and water yet I find none here. I have a decent family and some solid friends yet I cannot shake this emptiness like I’m staring into the void at all times calling out To nothing.

    I’m at a point of desperation which I feel could be very powerful like a cornered animal.

    I decided to abstain from all sexual activity months ago. While my focus and intensity of thought have increased, I feel at times I am going to lose my mind because who the fuck does this shit in today’s world?

    I can relate to absolutely zero people in this. While it has taken great strength, sometimes I wonder why the hell im doing this to myself. I have to basically lie through my teeth to have amiable social interactions with people because in my heart I dont respect most people, know that I am stronger and “better” even also because I feel like Tyler Durden in Fight Club ” You don’t know where I’ve been!!”

    Apologies for the long rant but had to get this out and I feel that at least here I can relate.

    1. @Walter: Just read your poignant plea. Please do not give up. Life in the USA is literally hell, but I have found some ways to escape, at least temporarily. Blogs like this, the few that there are are good to read.
      But the best escape I have found is nature, and going to the remote rural area that my great-grandfather from Sweden homesteaded. It is still in the family, thanks to my monetarily successful, but family-relationship unsuccessful brother. We get along, though he doesn’t yet understand how evil our system is. He’s done well by it, in terms of $. But he cannot find a woman or start a family.
      Anyway, my plan is to buy some land up there near his, on a river. Start working remotely while I build cabins, barn, etc. Raise goats, chickens. The people up there are not bad: Mennonites, Lutherans of faith, etc. At least these people are more honest, and live for something other than just money. They have issues, of course, but who doesn’t? The modern world has partly passed them by, and they are lucky there.
      Anyway, I would, of course, join a community of people founded by the brother who runs this blog, or contribute, if that is ever possible.
      Let’s communicate off-channel sometime. My hellish nightmares, and partial recovery, may be interesting sometime.

  11. “I desire children, family, faith, tradition.”

    “My soul needs nourishment like my body needs food and water yet I find none here. I have a decent family and some solid friends yet I cannot shake this emptiness like I’m staring into the void at all times calling out To nothing.”

    Welcome, Walter E. Kurtz – These words are the words of the men who come to realize they have been sold a load of horse shit by the modern world… it is what many of us go through – these feelings you express here… we want something better because we were born for something better… we are meant to be something better, we are meant to create something better. the world does not owe us anything, nobody owes us anything… we will create what we need we will build the world we want, gather with our own and live fulfilling lives… of culture and tradition, of spirituality and ritual… have faith brother and move forward

  12. Thank you Victor. I hope to meet men like you and Simon and have the brotherhood and the society that we all want to create.

    There is a warm fire in me and the blaze grows when I dream to live in a society or even a small community whose foundational core is based not on materialism but those intangible treasures like Honor, Duty, Strength, Sacrifice.

    Hard to imagine since being born and living comfortably in the U.S. all my life I have known only materialism, debauchery, degeneracy and superficial relationships for the most part of my life.

    This must change and I will do anything to achieve that. This blog has been extremely impactful and powerful. Nearly immediately the words ring out exactly how I feel in my heart but unable to articulate this concisely.

    As you said, we build the world we want….because we were meant for something better. In truth we ARE something better.

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