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Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model

I’ve lived and worked in Afghanistan for eights years. I’ve watched the results of ethnic chaos and diversity and the way parallel power structures emerge in the wake of a weakening nation-state. There is much happening in Afghanistan that could show a possible future of Europe if it continues on its current trajectory. Living and surviving here has given me more than a few ideas about how to survive what is coming to Europe.


Afghanistan is not a country as we would recognise it. As a nation it is a fairly modern invention, drawn up as an artificial buffer zone between British India and the Russian Empire during the days of the Great Game. Its history has left it a society made up of competing tribes and ethnicities which distrust and resent one another. There is little sense of a universal national identity. Afghans identify themselves by their tribe, faith, and family and feel little allegiance to a distant and corrupt national government and this becomes more pronounced the further away from the cities you get.

Modern Day

Just within living memory Afghanistan has been a monarchy, a Marxist puppet regime, an Islamic theocracy and now a very poor facsimile of Western style democracy, with every transition being violent and chaotic. Democracy is a strange system of governance to many Afghans. Afghans vote tribally, and they often vote not for the candidate they want to win, but for the candidate they think is going to win. People bet on the strong horse, and in conflict-ravaged Afghanistan that isn’t called democracy.

Until recently the democratic government has been backed up by a huge Western military intervention but that mission is slowly drawing to a close. NATO’s fighting mission has ended and what troops remain are in training and liaison roles. Responsibility for law and security has been handed over to the Afghans. Once there were over a hundred thousand NATO soldiers here in bases all over the country. Now the NATO military presence is a fraction of what it once was based in a few highly fortified camps in and around the major cities.

In the wake of a weak central government parallel power structures emerge. The national government and its army and police, are backed up, for now, by the Western powers. There are also tribal and ethnic allegiances. There are extensive organised criminal networks and tribal warlords and the latent Taliban insurgency who have known all along that the West could not stay forever.

All these power structures are vying for the loyalty of the people in one way or another. The official government offers Western style democracy and governance, rights for women, schools, infrastructure. The insurgency want to remove modern Western influences and re-establish their fundamentalist theocracy. The criminal gangs want to continue their opium growing, kidnapping, extortion and protection rackets. There is often a lot of overlap between these groups and their agendas.

In every province there is the official governor and there is also the insurgent shadow governor with his own support base. The loyalty of the people ebbs and flows according to who appears to be the strongest and who offers them what they want, and what they want is not Western style liberal values and democracy.

The national government has very little influence in the remote rural regions where goods are still moved around on the backs of mules. Government intrusion and overreach is not the chief concern of farmers and shepherds and tribesmen. The Western military have retreated to the cities and fortresses. The Afghan security forces are distant, corrupt, inept and wracked with conflicting loyalties. It’s a violent and dangerous world and modern concepts like democracy play second fiddle to security and the survival of the tribe.

Western style democracy was believed in only when the armoured vehicles were rumbling through the villages to back it up. The MRAPs have gone and with them went any pretence of democracy. Some semblance of order still exists in the cities, but it takes police armed with RPGs and machine guns mounted on pickup trucks to enforce it.

The future of Europe

All this sounds far removed from life in the West, but it is the way that we are heading. It will not happen overnight and it may never get quite as bad as Afghanistan, but the warning signs are already here. Faith in the political ruling classes and even democracy itself is at an all time low and still falling. Identitarian politics is on the rise and racial awareness is not the taboo subject it once was. Despite the huge effort expended on convincing people of the benefits of de-culturalism, people still wilfully segregate themselves as much as possible. Dissent is no longer mumbled quietly but spoken openly.

In Europe we are already at the stage where the police can no longer protect the people. In many cities the police cannot even protect themselves. They have ceded pockets of urban territory to hostile aliens. Muslim immigrants live in de facto autonomous enclaves with their own power structures, laws, courts, and religious police.

Police risk recriminations for trying to arrest violently ungovernable blacks. The simplest altercation between blacks and police can erupt into nationwide riots. The police are understandably going to come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth policing black neighbourhoods. Blacks will be left to kill one another, and anybody else unfortunate enough to live near them.

Instead of tackling organised immigrant crime or violent ghettos police will go after the easy targets – domesticated Europeans who will pay their fines and don’t put up any resistance. Under the guise of community policing, London’s Metropolitan Police are now only accepting applications from people who speak languages other than English, effectively excluding native Londoners from their own police force and leaving them to the mercy of a foreign mercenary police force.

As the economy dwindles more people will turn to crime and the grey economy. Gangs will become more powerful and compete for resources and territory and engage in drugs, prostitution, people trafficking and extortion.

The front lines of the War on Terror and the Islamic insurgency will be brought to Europe through immigration. The same governments that allow uncontrolled immigration to continue will claim credit for stopping occasional terror attacks. There will still be more complex attacks on European soil. They will occur mainly in big cities but insurgents may seek easier high-profile targets elsewhere as a response to a heavier police presence in the cities. In a world where every dark face could be hostile, more Europeans will be forced to embrace ethnic solidarity with one another.

As the West continues on its decline we will see government presence shrink from rural areas as it consolidates itself in the cities and protects its centres of business, finance and politics. The system is doomed to fail but it will first exhaust itself and its citizens trying to sustain itself for as long as possible. Everything will slowly stop working, taxes will go up and spending will be cut in a desperate attempt to keep things afloat. Media and technology will work overtime to keep the people distracted from the gradual ruination of their nations and convince them that everything is fine.

The threat of terrorism and low intensity conflict will see government take measures to protect itself and those who work for it. The police will become more militarised. Politicians and civil servants will hide in fortified green zones, albeit visually softer than the reinforced concrete and Hesco ones that were built in Baghdad and Kabul. Wealthy civilians will build themselves secure communities with walls and razor wire guarded by private security while the rabble will be forced to squabble amongst each other in the slums.

As Europe become less European things will stop working in the ways in which we are accustomed. People will care less about their community and environment. Trash will be collected less frequently and left piled up in the streets. Utilities like power and water will become less reliable. Outages will happen more often and when they do they will take longer to be repaired. Public health services already struggling to cope with Western lifestyle problems such as obesity will buckle under the strain of third world disease outbreaks. London is already the European capital of tuberculosis, a disease we had eradicated but has since re-emerged in the wake of massive third world immigration.

In short, it is what we already know is happening to our countries: the first world will slowly come to resemble the third world. It’s a bleak picture, but in every crisis lies opportunity. Government cannot be everywhere all the time and its authority will slowly recede from the rural areas as it seeks to secure the urban centres. There will be room for alternative power structures to emerge and assert themselves in the small towns. Men who organise now will be best placed to defend and help their community in the absence of law and order. As faith in government shrinks, Europeans will be forced to rely on one another. Early organisation and preparation becomes paramount.

When the world becomes more dangerous, freedom takes second place to security. Voting will mean nothing but you will nevertheless be more invested in your community without it. When money no longer offers use or comfort European people will learn to take care of their own people first. In difficult times people align with those who are most like themselves. Family, kin, blood and soil. As everything else is run into the ground those who can organise and provide their community with security and basic necessities like clean water, food and energy will be better placed than those who never speak to their neighbours or do not even speak the same language.

I see no reason why Europeans cannot turn their small communities into no-go areas for outsiders. If you don’t want your small town to turn into London then organise now to make sure that it doesn’t. Why not a parallel power structure which spotlights the failings of democracy and gently leads people towards reactionary local governance? Why not a European insurgency based on radically traditional values that in an emergency can offer their community not only the basics like food, water and security but also the spiritual and moral guidance that has been lacking in the modern age? Why not a rural police force that protects the community? A militia that defends the community not only from criminals gangs but also from hostile foreign influence, whether it be radical Islam or something like an increasingly authoritarian European Union. Why not a warrior code of honour instilled in every man to make sure that the European tradition survives into the future and meets its destiny?

The Afghans have their faith, tribe and code of honour as their rock during constant violence and hardship. As Europe declines the European man needs to look inside himself and to rediscover his own faith, tribe and code of honour if he wants to survive.

8 thoughts on “Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model”

  1. I assume you are an European from your writings. I am an America Freedom Patriot or maybe by the 80’s or 90’s nomenclature, a W.A.S.P. You are preaching to the choir but preach on brother.

  2. The words of this blog are on point. I have a serious question, and I am not a troll. How do we know that this blog is not actually run by Eskimos who want to collect a list of folks to send to Siberia (so to speak)? I’m dead serious. I feel like I can’t comment here unless I’m on a public library computer that is at least 1,000 miles from where I live.

    If the writer(s) of this blog are sincere, I salute you, and keep it up, please.

    Every day I meet white Americans and Europeans, and we all know what is going on. It is not that we need to wake up. We are awake, but enslaved by those who control our government, law, media, and even the printing of the world’s money.

    The government no longer fights with muskets. What are we to do? Hard to pick up and go to a rural are now, for us city dwellers who have children and jobs here.

    In my case, I’m no-fault divorced (another thing done to our nation on purpose by the nation wreckers). No way I will leave my kids, and the Eskimo judge would never let me take them, and it would be considered kidnapping if I were to take my own children wherever I want to go. The Eskimo government, of course, has jurisdiction over my children.

    After the collapse of the Rothschild Federal Reserve dollar, we can do what you suggest — but it will be very painful, too late, perhaps, and I cannot wish for that, as it would increase the danger to my children a millionfold. Sure, I have a glock. But a million Africans who live less than 3 miles from my home have machine guns and experience using them. And I’m 40 and while fit, 80% of these Africans are younger than 30, bigger, stronger, and meaner, as is their nature.

    What has been done to the United States, Canada, and Northern Europe is nothing short of evil.

    Keep up the fight, please.

    1. Anonymous,

      I’m glad you found us. Thank you for the kind words. As to your privacy concerns, I think they are legitimate. One of our biggest problems we face is trying to generate trust between people dispersed across the internet. We’re evolved social creatures conditioned to conduct business face to face. We must eventually go from the internet to real life. If we do allow ourselves to be paralysed for fear of entrapment then we lose we default.

      The attachment to money is a curse that holds us back from seeking a real exit – the constant need to pay the bills, taxes, support our families, all of which ultimately is used against us. It’s a vicious circle. It’s my intention to provide a real world exit for people to use to escape this trap. A beautiful alternative to ugly modernity. A rural community, feudal style. No rent or charges or having to chase after a fiat currency, but instead a duty to the community. And of course, with this, trust becomes easier to find.

      Divorced with children is a tough spot to be in. I hear about it from several of my friends. It’s pointless to antagonize the family courts now. Better to have a plan in place to rescue them in the event of a big collapse and the means to enact it when needed. In the meantime we do what we can.

      1. Thank you. I agree. I’m only one man, but I have been trying to do exactly what you suggest, including talking with white men face to face, finding out how receptive they are to Truth as opposed to the communist brainwashing they received growing up during the past 40 years. One man at a time.

        I wish I could as you where the black-suit meetings occur, to find out if there is already a Lodge in my city. In the meantime I am trying to start my own. One thing I do is educate men on the First Amendment right of freedom of association and what it means. The lost art of men’s clubs, freedom to associate without Africans or women, where we can talk openly.

        It is an uphill battle due to the white guilt and pathological altruism problem. I try to talk to folks like my brother in law, the husband of my blue-eyed blonde sister, and he is so far buried in equalism that he does not want to talk about obvious truths like Africans’ average IQ of 80, even in his private home surrounded only by me and my father. It’s pitiful. I asked him whether he feared his house was bugged like in North Korea or the old USSR. He did not understand that question.

        I explained to him that white men are allowed to say anything they want, especially in their own home, especially when it’s obvious truths like the fact that “racism” is realism. So many white men between the age of 18 and 40 are cowed from the life they have been given. I explained to him how every other race is racist, takes care of its own, and HATES white men, but we white men, three hardworking men who did everything right and provide for our women and children in this modern fiat money system, me, him, and my dad, we cannot talk about the African violent crime problem in his home???!? He was shocked and confused. This conversation occurred last December, at the height of the latest Gentle Giant media creation where that 350 pound felonious Gentle Giant (I forget his name) was killed in self defense by a 150 pound white police officer merely doing his job protecting himself. Then upon the media’s command, there were several instances where feral Africans shot cops in cold blood as they sat in their patrol cars having lunch, including Hispanic men who were fathers and husbands. The Eskimo media incited this African violence on purpose, of course. And then the Africans and white brainwashed SJWs were laying down blocking our streets, which could keep white mothers in labor from getting to hospitals.

        In the midst of this, I had this conversation with my clueless brother in law, and his natural (unnatural, but taught) instinct was to think that I am “racist” to say anything to the effect that African crime is a problem and white men need to take back our nation.

        Fight on.

        It appears you will let me comment here as anonymous without picking a handle to stick to? If so, thank you. I will add good commentary here and help educate any white man who reads here. I get it, if I do say so myself.

        I don’t mind being on mod either; this is your blog. I might leave comments and you can decide to publish if you feel it helps sharpen the message you are trying to offer. Peace.

    2. We will keep up the fight, anon, and perhaps one day when your children no longer have anything left to lose but their chains you or they will join us or some similar organisation. I just hope it will not be too late for you by then.
      Go in peace, brother, our best wishes for you and your family ride with you into a very uncertain future.

  3. In the middle stages of a rural withdrawal from city governance we will have less difficulty with foreigners and more trouble with left wing activists.

    Foreigners have little to no reason to go mess with country folk. They’re closer to their primal instincts than the average left wing activist. They know that country folk are familiar with Rule 303 and 3S. They’ll stick to the low hanging fruit in the cities.

    Left wing activists will pose the greater nuisance in my opinion. Locally we already have them sneaking on to farms to gather evidence of obscure regulations being broken, only for an inspector to arrive hours later with a fine pre-written for tens of thousands of dollars.

    It will take for some of those types to disappear or return home in very bad shape before the rest start to get the message.

    Or in other words, until there are multiple job vacancies for “farm inspectors” that go unfilled for months at a time, things aren’t going to change much.

    1. Wombat,

      I hadn’t heard of leftie activists doing things like that before. I’d imagine government bean counters and the like would be fairly easy to discourage. Once they are gone, gangs attacking farms and starving people will be an even more persistent threat in the long term.

      I think rural communities will face a mixture of government interference, immigrants gangs/overflow from cities and poaching. I remember a few years ago in NZ speaking to a farmer/hunter who said that he was seeing more and more poaching, often ending in armed stand-offs out in the bush. The country will be a better option than the cities, but you will have your hands full keeping hold of what you have. A close-knit rural community will be better off than a totally isolated one-family homestead.

  4. Here’s my legitimate Question. Why don’t you all start organizing now and drie the invaders out of your continent? I mean there has to be at least a sizable percentage of people who see this coming? You’re not all emasculated and infected with extreme cultural Marxist poison are you? Why not try to stop your nations from being destroyed and FUGHT!!!!!!??? It’s going to happen either now or later. Now you whites VASTLY outnumber the invaders. Later you may not.

    I know we are armed to the teeth here in the US but even if we weren’t, if I start to see this level of invasion happening in my AO with the ratings, killings, and non-assimilation to American society I WILL act. You better believe it and I will NOT be alone. We ARE watching in horror at the destruction of Europe yet again, for the 3rd time in 100 years. So sad to see and this time you are in your own. My advice:

    Forget about the govt or their bullshit laws. What are they going to do to you???? Your prisons are a JOKE by my standards. Start arming up. Get the same military grade hardware the Islamics get. Start organizing and start hunting. Go on the offensive…Christ boys, it’s only your continent, your women being raped, your culture and way of life being threatened!!! If THAT isn’t something to go to war over than you deserve to be wiped out. It’s Basic animal instinct for survival. Darwinism. If your men have had that bred out of them than you’re doomed. Your move mate.

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