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Democracy and Demographics In The Future

Democracy is championed as a form of government which, while imperfect, is generally benign. In reality however it is mob rule at best and cleverly disguised slavery at worst. Distilled down to its purest form, democracy is a numbers game, and the rapidly shifting demographics of the West spell doom for those who still cling to ideals of democracy, equality and fairness.

Democracy Is On A Losing Streak

The beginnings of minority animus and mob rule are showing. Blacks murder each other at a phenomenal rate but cry foul when their violent criminality gets them shot by police. Black students demand extended deadlines just by virtue of their race. With that victory they then further petitioned to be exempted from failing at all, again purely on the basis of their race.

In Britain, public schools have taken pork off the menu on the basis that it is not cost-effective to monitor who can eat what. As demographics shift away from us, expect to hear more freedoms being taken from you under the guise of cost-effectiveness, and more fictitious rights demanded by loud mouthed bullies with an axe to grind. The list of perceived grievances and demands is never-ending. Despite constant concessions and wealth redistribution to aid and lift up minorities, nothing is ever good enough for minorities, and it has only served to make them further dependent on government which seeks to use them as a weapon against the rest of the population.

As we have seen time after time, pandering to minorities only emboldens them to demand more and aggressively seek not equality, but dominance over those who try to help them. The victim given power is nothing but vengeance and cruelty.

Take one look at the rioting mobs of urban youths or the protests of militant Islamists in the West. Stare that virulence and spite in the eyes and ask yourself, when these people assume cultural dominance over you, will they extend to you the same benevolence you extended to them? Do you think that the rights, privileges and safe havens from persecution we have granted them will be remembered when we are in the minority? In the places these people come from, is Christianity and European culture respected and protected?

The left can sometimes be halted, momentarily, but they never take a single backward step. The left and its puppets concede nothing. The left will never admit that an expanding underclass reliant on welfare, or uncontrolled immigration, were mistakes or deliberately harmful policies. Instead they aggressively attempt to control public discourse and brainwash everybody into believing that opposing their advance is immoral and illegal.

Political correctness is a prison. If you must swallow your pride instead of speaking out against what you know is wrong then you are a prisoner of the left. If you censure your speech because you fear the consequences of your unpopular opinions then you are a prisoner of the left. If your children are being indoctrinated into accepting homosexuality at school in spite of your beliefs and wishes then you are a prisoner of the left and your children and descendants are being taken from you.

Why Conservatism Needs To Die

Mainstream conservatism is powerless to free you from this prison. Conservatism is a dead duck and has been since its inception. It’s operating within the democratic apparatus which is entirely controlled by the left. Conservatives have failed to conserve a single thing of any real value. They have stood by helplessly while the left has scythed its way through our borders, sovereignty, national identity, religion, morals, traditional marriage and the nuclear family. They have failed to contain the bloated and expanding welfare state let alone reverse it. They have failed to resist the advance of homosexual propaganda into our kindergartens or even preserve an environment in which it is safe for you to disagree with it.

If conservatism has failed to stop the advance of the left on every front and preserve traditional values while Europeans have enjoyed majority status in their homelands, what hope does it have as the demographic shift in the population becomes increasingly alien and hostile?

It is a popular refrain among mainstream conservatives and political moderates that we should all vote and be actively invested in the democratic process. If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain, so they say.

Vote Harder You Plebs

The white Afrikaner farmers in South Africa are hopelessly outnumbered and have no chance of realistic representation in government. As their country descends into chaos around them they are suffering increasingly vicious attacks from empowered and disgruntled blacks. Do mainstream conservatives still simply shrug their shoulders and tell them that they should simply vote their problems away as gun and machete armed mobs invade their farmhouses and murder them? Is it just that they are not voting hard enough? Far from it.

The Afrikaners who are best placed to survive the collapse of South Africa and the rising tide of hostility towards whites are those in the community of Orania. The Oranians rejected their faith in democracy and aggressively separated from and resisted a failing and hostile system in an attempt to reassert their identity and traditions. They are safe, well and flourishing whilst everything else around them is collapsing in on itself.

The West violently brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan where it was largely unwanted and has proved to be an abject failure. Both countries are now more violent and unstable than when we arrived, and the plight of the average person there is much worse than before. I have spoken to Afghan civilians and, away from the military, many of them would tell me they missed the days of the Taliban. They had peace and security in exchange for acquiescing to a religious military order. They prayed five times a day and nobody stole from them. Life was good. Now there is violence everywhere and they have the alien concept of democracy they neither wanted nor asked for.

Back in Europe, the Muslim population’s increasing boldness and total fertility rate of between four and five children per woman means they could soon feasibly field a Europe-wide Islamic party that will continue to grow exponentially with their population. If this were to happen and Islam turns from a minority religion with a chip on its shoulder into an aggressive political force intent on imposing itself on everybody, will moderate conservatives still insist that all we have to do is vote? As militant Islam begins to flex its muscles in our countries, is it enough to persist in the belief that our freedom comes from an increasingly diluted vote?

Conservatives’ faith in their conservatism is well-intentioned but misplaced and can only beget yet more failure. The West as we know it will not survive democracy with simultaneous third world invasion. Mainstream conservatism needs to be abandoned by the roadside and likewise our faith in democracy in general. Unless we stop and reverse the changing demographics of our countries even moderates will discover that far from empowering us, democracy will see us enslaved by those who do not even believe in it.

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  1. I detect much wisdom within this essay. Sadly, warm-fuzzy feel-good rhetoric the fills America’s propaganda trumps the reality and logic conveyed within this essay.

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