iron legion disobey resistance honour loyalty destiny


They watch television. We spend time in Nature.

They watch movies. We read books.

They play video games. We learn to fight.

They live on the internet. We talk to our neighbours.

They eat toxic junk. We hunt, fish and grow our own food.

They look for equality. We look for nobility.

They vote. We have large families.

They call the police. We shoot back.

They live in debt. Our family is our wealth.

They go to the mall. We go to the old places of our ancestors.

They worship progress. We observe tradition.

They find themselves. We know where we come from.

They try to divide us. We bring others to the fight.

They support the system. We build one of our own.

They have a cause. We are on a spiritual quest.

They hate us. We make them fear us.

They invite chaos. We impose order.

They do wrong. We punish.

They talk. We fight.

They lose. We win.

Fear nothing.



Victory at all costs.

Honour. Loyalty. Destiny.

5 thoughts on “Disobey”

  1. They want to redistribute the wealth. We work hard to create something useful and of value – a product or service to exchange for currency.

    They accept obesity and want us to believe it is attractive. We exercise and build our bodies and we attract everyone.

    They have the latest i-phone. We have old Swiss Army Knives.

    They need medication to get through the day. We have a goal.

    They have their celebrities. We have our Grandfathers.

    They conform to the new normal. We respect integrity.

    They want diversity. We are proud of who we are.

    They are easily offended. We stand our ground.

    They make excuses. We make opportunities.

    They want it easy. We know we earned it.

    They want to change us. We are now Legion.

    Strengthen your body, your mind, your heart.

    Honor. Loyalty. Destiny.

  2. I’m really enjoying what you’ve got to say brother….I’m of the same mind. Can I ask where you’re at in the world? Where ever it is keep it up!

    1. We’re from Europe, but we hope that men outside Europe feel inspired to organize themselves in similar ways.

      1. In our own small way we’re finding like minded men, who as Christian warriors are coming together for mutual aid and the comfort of like mindedness. As always you’ve got to sort the wheat from the chaff, but it is doable. Thanks again, look forward to reading more.

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