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Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

One of the tentacles of the Leviathan is made up of journalists and the machinery of modern media. Journalists were once held in check by government but the modern combination of Communism and capitalism has made the media into a both a business and the propaganda arm of the ruling classes.

While the political figureheads of Western countries play out a professional wrestling sideshow for laughs and outrage, the media is firmly in the hands of the enemy who use it to mould popular opinion. Instead of being informative and reporting current events, modern journalism decides what is and isn’t news, and more tellingly, how it is presented to the public.

Whose side are they on?

Most people have this misguided belief that they have a right to be informed of current affairs. Yet nobody in the media is working on account of your rights or well-being. Media is a business and honest journalism can’t make a buck in the face of the sprawling media empire. Gone is the staid prose of old newspapers and blithely reported stories of the wars of empire. Now modern media is list articles, clickbait scams and sensational pictures for people with short attention spans and high time preference. Words have power but for them to have that power one has to choose to read them. In the world of the internet and social media, sensational images have become an unavoidable weapon of the left wielded against a lazy and feminised Western culture.

Most people never stop to think why we are shown what we are shown. Remember, journalists did absolutely everything they could, for as long as possible, to hide Muslim immigrants’ sexual predation on young European girls in places such as Rotherham. Even when it was reported it was done in as dull a fashion as possible, in order to not illicit an emotional, angry response. Countless girls raped and prostituted and ruined forever but they could not muster a single harrowing picture to represent it.

Yet one foreign child washes up on a distant Turkish beach and it just so happens there is some scumbag journalist ready to take a picture of his dead body. People higher up decide to put it on the front page. Publications and websites everywhere follow suit as failing to drive and keep up with public agitation means a loss of revenue. The photograph goes viral on social media thanks to hysterical women. The refugee swarm is overwhelmingly fighting aged males from the worst countries in the world. Yet the media choose a picture of an innocent child killed by his father’s recklessness as the image of non-European migration. Just whose side are these people on?

The woman who took that photo of the dead child was a career journalist. She had gone to the beach after she had heard there had been bodies washed up there. She wasn’t a passer-by with a camera phone. She had gone looking for a story, personal recognition and above all, corpses. While others were seeing if they could help, she took a picture of a dead child, by her own admission, to cause an outcry. ‘If it bleeds, it leads,’ as journalists proudly say.

It has since come to light that the father of the child may have been a people-smuggler himself and that the photograph may even have been stage-managed and the body moved in order to get a better picture. This is the sort of person who works in modern media today. This is the sort of person who decides what is the news. This is the sort of person who is driving public debate. This is the sort of person who is trying to tell Europeans how to think.

Journalists even have the gall to present themselves as fearless fighters in the quest for truth and even as martyrs when their nefarious activities get them killed in places where they are not welcome. We should not mourn for journalists who push a de-cultured, globalist agenda and die because of it. They died for a cause, but it’s not our cause. They are working against us. Using the defence of free speech, and their power to decide what is right and wrong, journalists seem to have placed themselves in a unique, protected class. They have placed themselves beyond criticism, when they are in fact one of the most vile enemies we face.

They were never on your side

The media knows that with one picture they can stir people’s, and especially women’s, hearts and shape public opinion in a direction they see fit in a way that mere words can’t. The image of suffering children has long been used by the media to shape public opinion and increase circulation and pageviews. It was used to make Europeans part with their money to save children in dysfunctional African nations. It’s been used to garner support for meddling and invasions of foreign nations. And now this poor dead child is just the latest psychological weapon being deployed against the European people to sway them into accepting more war and more refugees.

It’s as if the whole issue of the invasion of Europe has been distilled down to this one sad picture, and your view of the swarm will be judged against that one picture. The message broadcast by the media is that if you don’t want Europe to be overrun by people completely unlike you then you may as well have drowned that child yourself.

There was very little sympathy for the refugee swarm until that picture was published. Before that, the pictures were of boats crammed full of surly African men, swarming over fences and throwing Christians into the sea. It’s almost as if the media has realised they had made a mistake and have changed tack. Instead of presenting the swarm as dangerous, hostile and male, they have now chosen to present it as innocent, childlike and vulnerable.

The media have pounced on this opportunity, but they don’t make mistakes like that. They’re well versed in the arts of manipulation and directing public opinion. They’ve been doing it too long to make mistakes. The media machine was not on Europe’s side and then turned against us on account of a dead child. They have never been on our side. The previous pictures and footage were deliberate. You were shown the hostile swarm in order to demoralise you and break your spirit. They want the European man to give up and resign himself to being overrun.

Only then, when people were sufficiently demoralised, were they shown the dead child. The two, very different images of the refugees were shown in order to divide people. There are those who point to the swarm of fighting aged men, and there are those who point to the suffering women and children. People align themselves to one camp or the other according to their views. If Europeans are arguing about refugees on Facebook then they’re too busy to do something to stop it.

Swarms of angry African men sell newspapers. Pictures of dead children sell newspapers. Massive immigration and widespread chaos is good for the media’s coffers. The media will sell you the story of your own dispossession and profit from it. A peaceful, prosperous Europe for Europeans isn’t profitable for the media so they’re not interested.

The machine must be stopped

The Leviathan however, has overplayed his hand. The refugee swarm is too much, too soon for even moderate Europeans. With video footage of the swarm from all over the Mediterranean it has become impossible to hide its true nature. The media no longer has a monopoly on current affairs, no matter how hard it works, and they’ve made a massive mistake.

The corrupt elites only had to wait and Europeans would have extinguished themselves through the mindless pursuit of fun, sex and money. Within a few generations a timid and childless Europe would have been utterly unable to resist the enormous projected population boom of Africa. But they’ve decided to do it now. They’re doing it now while Europe still has her strength and spirit and can do something about it.

The swarm hasn’t demoralised Europe; it has angered her. Europe is waking up from its deep slumber. Europeans will be forced to confront the danger and secure their own existence. The problems we face are not merely ones of immigration. The immigrants are merely taking advantage of a society which is failing to reproduce itself and defend its borders. There are underlying causes for this, but at the same time there is also a huge machine working to control public thought and make Europeans accept their demographic replacement in their own lands.

We are not just going to have to remove terrorists and immigrants from our lands, but also the machinery of what brought them here in the first place. You cannot fight your dispossession without fighting those who are encouraging it. You cannot deal with rampant black criminality while the media hides and misattributes it. You cannot inculcate European pride when the media slanders your nation. You cannot encourage masculinity and noble virtues when they are ridiculed at every turn.

This machine must be stopped. The corrosive anti-European, anti-Tradition voices must be stopped by whatever means necessary, and when it comes to them they will have thoroughly deserved it.

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      1. It would only take a few publicly before the rest quit or toned their activities down.
        The concept is touched on in Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup”.

  1. I’d like to point out that journalists come from factories called “universities”, “colleges”, “schools of journalism” and so on. For decades, higher education has been corrupt and corrupting. It’s at the very core of our rot.

    This chair has four legs: media, academia, politics and Big Business.

    So, the mainstream media happens to be corrupted by academia, politics and Big Business.

    You could also say that, with time, other minor legs have been added to the furniture: NGOs and “Christian” churches (for God’s sake, look at the Pope!). If you think I forgot some other minor legs, then I’ll leave a blank space for you to fill: [ … ]

    I think that most people in the machinery (not only media) are somewhat like iron filings: they are attracted by a huge magnet; once the magnetic field changes its direction, the iron filings behave accordingly. Both conformity and incentives systems are powerful social forces. Throughout history, it’s always been like this, since history is made by minorities.

    When the machinery crumbles and falls apart, a new elite has its chance, but it must be ready for that moment. Plenty of iron filings will be attracted by this brave new force.

    For now, we can:

    – Counteract the Narrative. Build our own narrative until the mainstream media becomes totally discredited in the eyes of the majority.
    – Raise a new elite for the future.
    – Network with like-minded people.
    – Wait for the system to fail, crack and come apart.

    Other options:

    – Smash the machine with a hammer… Well, that’s a TV commercial from 1984 (Apple Macintosh). The real world is quite a bit more complicated.

    – Stage a coup. Unfortunately, we don’t have the means.

    1. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the means.” Exactly why we staunchly defend the Second Amendment of the U S Constitution. We learned some basic principles the hard way fighting you Brits and that was one of them. I wish all of you in Europe good luck!

    2. For Pete’s sake, literally, don’t call him the pope!

      “In actuality, only they are to be counted among the members of the Church, who have received the washing of rebirth, and who *profess the true faith,* and who have not wretchedly severed themselves from the bond of unity of the Body, nor been cut off by legitimate authority.” – Mystici Corporis, Pius XII

      “Not to be counted among the members of the Church are: …Public heretics, even those who err in good faith (material heretics).” – Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott.

      Just as Western man has had his government usurped by foreign and pro-Jewish interests, who now comprise an illegitimate government in violation of Natural and Divine Law, so too the betrayal is made complete by the fact that the former institutions of the Catholic Faith have now been co-opted by pro-Jewish, Modernist heretics, who dutifully light their Menorahs every year and preach, instead of the necessity of the Catholic Faith, the brotherhood of man. They are not members of the Catholic Church, let alone hierarchs of the Church, and unless the people rediscover the principles of the Catholic Faith and sever their allegiance from such men, the captivity and delusion will continue. Yes, we must overthrow the media and the secular elite… but we must also stop owning heretics as our Supreme Pontiffs, ceding to our enemy the power to forestall our Catholic action.

    3. I agree. Government and media is already highly distrusted among the youth, although the lies about multiculturalism and diversity are not universally rejected.

      As to a new elite, if they are to follow in the footsteps of the aristocracy of old then they must be a warrior elite, and prepared to use violence when it is justified. A non-violent solution for dissident Europeans may be possible, but it is becoming increasingly likely that the only exit for us may be through violence. Even if we follow the path of least resistance towards the breakdown of society, communities rooted in Tradition will need men willing to defend them from the anarchy that surrounds them.

      1. Our dying generation, that which endured/enjoyed National Service and rationing are the last of our warriors. New generations are warriors, that is in our nature, but their tribe is small. New generations need to be drawn to a larger tribe, a tribe which embraces all English families. The strength is there but not focused – yet. Talk to people and you will hear patriots struggling to make sense of their world. The eloquent and the less so are all asking “what the **** are you doing to my country?”. Answer, there was none.

      2. I agree with your thoughts about the youth.There are quite a few that distrust the government, perhaps less distrust the media Yet, many are still blind, believing that democracy or ‘party politics’ will save them. Or they simply don’t care.

  2. Yes the media is the enemies best tool in their fight against us but we have the Internet. Without it we’d be already finished. There are signs the elites are going to clamp down on the net. They have to do something, the truth is everywhere now.

  3. Me atrevería a decir qué de haber sido tal y cómo dicen los medios más de uno hubiese hecho alguna instantánea o video. Sin embargo cómo bien se dice en el artículo fué una periodista en busca de una historia. Además hemos visto cómo el supuesto cadáver fué movido de sitio y se hicieron varias fotos en distintos lugares. Una historia creada a todas luces. Necesaria para montar su circo cuando a ellos les ha interesado. Este mismo verano se morian cientos de miles en el mediterráneo y sólo llegaron esos cuerpos a nuestras costas? En fin..

  4. Another excellent article. I haven’t trusted the media in years.

    The Media is simply there to make a profit and journalists to advance their careers, they don’t give a damn what happens as long as they get their story. Honesty can go hang.

    While the current invasion of Europe has angered her, the media hasn’t stopped trying to manipulate events. Take for example, the ITV News at 10 last night (Wednesday 15th).
    They attempted to blind people with emotion, showing a mother and her child being turned back at the border and the sites they are staying in. Yet, even with all that effort to distort, the reality still got out, with hundreds of fighting age men being seen in the clips.
    The distortion didn’t stop there, with the next ‘story’ being of a child who was horrifically burned in an air strike in Syria. Obviously trying to generate sympathy for those who have supposedly ‘fled’ the war. And sadly it will work on many.

    1. I disagree. The media don’t lie and distort reality just to make a profit (which they make, indeed). The treacherous left leaning media do this on purpose. Therefore, they kill two birds with one stone. They make a profit with the rape of Europe.

      Here you have some examples

  5. The media have always been the enemy of Christianity.What we must understand is that they are a priestly caste for a satanic religion, Modernism. The dogmas of Progress are not propagated in churches but through screens.

    And so, charge this as heresy rather than a political crime. The penalty for heresy is death following a just ecclesiastic tribunal, or a wartime declaration. True Christians know this to be the case. ‘Freedom of the press’ is a death sentence to any national character, for what do the malignant leeches do every day other than print sensational lies, obfuscate injustice, and wage the war of words in the ideological battle?

    1. The media as heretical priests, I like it. Yes, we are very much in a war, although due to the actions of this priestly class most are unaware. What better way to win a war than to fight against an enemy completely unaware that he is under attack?

  6. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. I am clear that Europe is being over run and actively invaded by the muslim death cult (this is not a new phenom), however I’m curious was to what your position is on the invasion of US by Mexi, Cent and Lat am hordes? I will take some time to explore your site and see if I can answer my own question.

    Again thank you for your article above and the one that was posted at MDT.

  7. I haven’t watched TV in years. My house does not have a TV antenna while the only viewing I do are of old movies or those TV shows that once upon a time were actually entertaining. This article is a good one and lays bare what the Fourth Estate has become – a fifth column. Just one aspect of todays media that you may not have thought about though is this: Most online newspapers now have comment sections included with their ‘social agenda’ stories – stories such as the young boy who was turfed out of home because at fourteen he decided he wanted a sex change – that kind of non-event stories that really have nothing to do with life in general and more to do with a social agenda that the media like to push.

    Well, IMHO, those comment sections serve as a collection point for how the plebs feel about the particular social agenda the story is about and alerts the social engineers to adopt other methods of getting their social agenda message across. It’s a kind of slow brainwashing that is best avoided by those who can read between the lines of the lying media and make up their own minds.

    This is a good site and like MacArthur- I shall return!

  8. We live in an Information Society.

    Information is power.

    Why would the people who hold the power (information) share it with the unwashed masses?

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