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Reaction to the Paris Attacks

The reaction to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Paris has been utterly predictable. Politicians calling for unity and the unbreakable spirit of democracy. People castigating religion. Almost everybody missing the point, although some are slowly beginning to get it.

It’s clear now that Europe is now facing a series of converging crises: financial collapse, the struggle to meet energy demands, a corruption of morals, Islamic terrorism, a declining native population and a foreign invasion. These crises are now coming into focus so sharply as to be impossible to ignore. This is the shock of history that Dominique Venner predicted.

After every terrorist attack on European soil there are always some over-domesticated plebs saying that ‘not all Muslims are like that’ and/or mentioning the Crusades or some blithering nonsense about how religion is the problem. Now we see it all over again in the wake of the latest complex attack in Paris, less than a year after the previous one.

“Not all Muslims are like that”

Anybody who today still repeats lies about equality, diversity, ‘not all Muslims are like that’, or tries to blame everything on the disingenuous blanket term of ‘religion’, when all the evidence around them screams towards the opposite, or tries to guilt modern-day Europeans for the violent struggle for survival of their ancestors, is as much a part of the problem as the third world horde itself.

In order to repeat these lies in the face of an absurdly contradictory reality one must either:

stand to profit from a de-cultured and disordered society

be so blind to reality as to be beyond help

or know the truth but be too cowardly to speak it.

They are either an enemy, a fool, or a coward. Dangerous at worst, and useless at best. Defining exactly which pigeonhole these immigration apologists fit into is an exhausting and dangerous waste of time. The diversity narrative is now so incongruent with reality that debating with these people is pointless. Time is far too short to waste on converting the stupid and cowardly. We will just have to run with what we have. If they can’t see the truth at this point, or are too cowardly to say it, then they are useless to us in our struggle. Europe cannot be saved by those too stupid to realise the dangers we face, or too afraid to fight her enemies.

Leave them to their ignorance and cowardice. Maybe some of them will voluntarily defect or find the courage to speak the truth instead of dithering in the No-Man’s Land of quiet acquiescence, once there are serious and real world repercussions for lying and advancing the anti-European agenda. There must be no middle ground. There must be no cowardly acceptance. Polarise the moral battlefield. Force them to pick a side. One must either be for the European man or he is against us. Europe is the faith. The faith is Europe. He who fights us fights God.

Force our opponents to decide if their ideology is worth fighting and dying for. Proponents and facilitators of third world immigration must now be physically removed from society through jail, exile or death, or be compelled to correct their behaviour through painful and humiliating un-modern punishments. Watch them scatter when they realise that open borders is not a cause worth mysteriously disappearing for.

These equalist lies originate from politicians. Politicians, who continue to tell us that diversity is good for us, but who are insulated from the violent fallout of a disordered society. Men like Francois Hollande, the man most responsible for the deaths in Paris, who tells French citizens that they must accept foreigners living among them, but who was the first one to be whisked away by his close protection team when the shooting started. Those close protection officers, who have wives and children, that don’t enjoy the protection that they afford their President. I wonder if those officers, and other police and military personnel, are beginning to question their loyalty toward a political system which is utterly indifferent toward them.

Terrorists and Cowards

Politicians and celebrities have denounced the Paris terrorists as cowards, and that they won’t defeat us because we are too strong. Terrorists are many things, but they are not cowards. They have the courage and conviction to suffer, fight and die for something they believe in, no matter how wrong-headed we may find their ideology.

In the Islamic State these men have created for themselves a nation. Regardless of the conspiracy theories about who is financing them and pulling their strings, bold and convicted men have carved out a state where it did not exist before. They’re not a rogue terrorist group like the politicians like to portray them, but a de facto state. A state because violent men with guns say they are a state, and it will continue to be that way until other violent men with guns make them stop. The facebook opinions of plebs count for nothing.

The cowards are the Europeans who do nothing, say nothing, and look the other way in order to enjoy the decline. The cowards are those who look to politicians to save them, or think a social media opinion will win the day.

And Europe is too strong to be defeated by foreign terrorism? How exactly is our society strong? Our women have been allowed to sterilise themselves and dress and act like prostitutes, encouraged to incur a lifetime’s worth of debt by the time they are barely adults and spend the rest of their sterile lives working in order to pay for it, only to die alone in their cat-infested apartments.

Our young men drown in a sea of porn and video games and other worthless distractions while their nation is stolen from them. Europeans are not having enough children to replace themselves. Utterly reliant on technology and processed food, we’ve become the fattest, laziest people on earth. Our churches are empty. We let sodomites teach our children their perverted moral values. How exactly is European society strong? Because of love, hope, and democracy? Liberté, egalité, fraternité? The misguided values which have got us into this mess are not the tools we need to get out. Europe is not strong and it not worth fighting and dying for.

If freedom and democracy means the right for women to dress like sluts and kill their babies then I’m not dying for that. The European Tradition however is something entirely distinct from the states of modern Europe. Find that, and you find something worth defending.

The False Opposition

Then there is the neo-con false opposition which involves the stripping away of civil liberties in the name of tackling radical Islam, which has suckered many well-meaning but stupid conservatives. Impose on civil liberties, but not in the name of a de-cultured, mystery meat, social experiment.

Restricting liberties today without controlling the borders and addressing the disparity of birth rates between native Europeans and third world immigrants will mean that we bequeath to future generations of Europeans an autocratic government in which they are an even more marginalised minority. The reins of a police and surveillance state will slowly be handed over to an authoritarian Arab/African population, and the poor white children of the future will be left wondering how on earth they became so dispossessed.

How it Ends

If you are concerned with Islamic immigration (and you should be, but it shouldn’t be your primary worry – I’ve already written about how immigration and Islam are merely self-correcting symptoms of a more pervasive problem with Western civilisation) then don’t panic about these terrorist attacks. If anything, they will radicalise Europeans and drive them into our arms.

The real danger would have been from the moderate Muslims, who, if they were patient, could have simply outbred and outcompeted us. Fortunately, Arabs and Africans are impatient, impulsive, high time-preference people who will endanger their own safety in Europe through their reckless antagonism towards us. With every terrorist attack, moderate Europeans die, and fashy radicals are born in their place. If there were no Islamic extremism, or widespread black dysfunction, Europeans would still be asleep at the wheel as we careered off a demographic cliff. Thankfully, we have been woken up while we still have time to do something about it.

Relax. We’re going to solve this problem. Moreover, when it’s over, we’ll remember the hysterical apologist shrieking from women on social media over a dead Syrian child killed by his own reckless father, and they will never again get to vote or have a say in the running of a nation ever again. The harsh realities we must face will force us to confront the failures of welfare, democracy, secularism and unfettered capitalism.

So pray for the souls of the recently departed in Paris. Cry if you must. But thank God we have been gifted this warning, the eyes to have seen it, and the hands with which to fight it.

33 thoughts on “Reaction to the Paris Attacks”

  1. I think it is appropriate that so many French were wasting their time
    watching a soccer game, or hearing bad music while their country is being taken away from them.

  2. Agree with all these points.

    The invaders are highly geographically concentrated, and utterly, utterly dependent on the host population for the basics of their daily sustenance. Everything they have has been handed to them on a plate – it can be taken away just as easily. It won’t be hard to make the ground under their feet too hot to bear.

    Most of the invading hordes have never encountered angry, informed, organised, non-supplicating white people before. It will come as something of a shock, and the cultures involved are notorious for turning and running the second the fight is not strongly in their favour.

    We live through interesting times.

    1. Indeed. In fact, no one alive today has encountered the White Man roused to anger and his full potential. He has imposed enormous restraint on himself out of misguided attempts to be fair and decent to other peoples. Rather than react with gratitude, they have simply seized upon it as an opportunity to gain advantage. That can and must change.

      The best summary I’ve heard is “When the black man is angered, entire neighborhoods burn. When the white man is angered, entire continents burn.”

      1. Fuck me I loved this line ““When the black man is angered, entire neighborhoods burn. When the white man is angered, entire continents burn.” I say something similar to my son all the time. I say “Son, once the anger of the white man is awakened things are going to change fast” and when all of us stand on our feet the shit will truly hit the fan. The problem is we’re not awakening fast enough. Every year that passes, every day that passes, our enemies get stronger. How many more massacres is it going to take for all the fools to stop hating themselves?

  3. Amen. 100% agreement here that our first and most dangerous enemy is not Islam but white apathy and pathological altruism.

    The sad truth is that more are going to have to die in order to urge the pathetic, brainwashed white plebs to swing to the right.

    Our enemies are the traitors in our own midst and the weak willed hipster faggot populace. I smile though knowing that these attacks will likely kill more leftist shit birds.

    While these fucking insects tweeted, jerked off to porn and drowned in a sea of mindless entertainment these Islamists were training and preparing for their next attack. It makes me fucking sick to my stomach to see my own people brought so low. The men are cowards and the women murder their own children.

    They deserve nothing but contempt from us and I can respect men that are willing to kill and die for a cause much more than these fucking imbeciles.

    They deserve their fate. Now choke on your fucking medicine liberal cowards, every last goddamn drop.

  4. Yeah. It was such a dumb move on the Muslim’s part to attack. The secret to getting everything you want from white people is to pose as a victim. Here in America we couldn’t even stand up to a whining college student who skipped lunch.

    Another pic of a drowned toddler and Europeans would have handed the refugees their house keys and teenaged daughters. Instead the fools decided to slaughter and frighten the rabbits.

  5. I agree with all said here, except that these pigfuckers are not cowards! They broke into a theatre and machined gunned unarmed people, hardly the actions of the great muslim warriors they purport to be, but I guess it gets them their 72 virgins or whatever.If we were to not only kill them instantly and without any delay when captured, then follow up by wiping out all their relations and family to the sixth degree as the Chinese used to do, we would have far less of this crap. As it is, we will have yet more tears and handwringing, more “how are we to blame for making them hate us”, more pandering to the next pack of murderous thugs we let in (and we will) and more tiptoeing around the idea that, yes, it IS islam and it IS muslims who are the problem. When we cannot see thse skyline of Paris or London for the smoke of burning mosques, I will believe something will happen, not until: and yes, for those thinking “what about you then” I do know the way to the back of the local centre or whatever they call it, I do know where to get in, and I do know the way out, which is not the same as the way in! This shower are a lot more vulnerable than they think, actually far more than we are, they are also grown very complacent by having so far felt no repercussions.

  6. this will change little. So long as debt-controlling Judeo-globalist banksters and billionaires own the Western European, Scandanavian, and North American political class, the borders will stay open and the Islamic (and Black, and etc.) Diversity Festival will continue. I suspect Western Europe – esp. England, Germany and France – are lost; neo-con Churchill’s 1914-45 World War destroyed the best White male genetic lines in all 3 countries. What’s left is, as Hosswire says, mostly collectivist rodents. Eastern Europe and Russia, which have a much stronger tradition of nativist anti-semitism, may well survive. There are definite signs of a Nationalist awakening in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia. North America? Whites remain largely supine – to take Trump seriously, they’d have to be – but at least have retained their weapons. So there’s some hope of an awakening here as well

    1. Don’t give up on England just yet. We always enter the battle late and unprepared, but history shows we tend to prevail. ‘Beware the fury of a patient man’ describes us perfectly.

      As I say above, never have we faced an enemy so utterly dependent on us for both pathological altruism and general daily sustenance. They exist on our Island only at our pleasure.

  7. The response of the Buddhists in Northern Myanmar seems to be one that is working. After decades if not centuries(?) of muslim attacks on their citizens/women/priests in 2013 Buddhists started burning down their neighborhoods/mosques and drove them out killing any who resisted. islam is now as quiet as church mice in Northern Myanmar, go figure.

  8. The true terrorists are the sonofabitches running our western civilization.
    There would not be an infiltration by islamists and the terrorism they commit without the complicity of the psychopaths running things.
    It boils down to that and it is the absolute truth.
    Get rid of the fuckers in power, proclaim our liberty and self determination, and islam is a simple problem to solve.

    1. What you write has much truth to it. One must look back though the last two hundred years as to how our political systems have become compromised to the point where our politicians now take their marching orders from the United Nations, and as to how the financial elite control the world’s wealth.

  9. “Utterly reliant on technology and processed food, we’ve become the fattest, laziest people on earth.” Wait….I thought that was us Yanks?

    Great article.

  10. Thank you for this but please explain why you support an imposition on civil liberties and why you are against unrestricted capitalism

    1. William,

      This is a huge topic beyond the scope of a simple comment but I’ll briefly explain and hope that it will suffice for now.

      The Enlightenment principles of liberty, equality and fraternity are exactly what has brought us to Paris and the mess Europe and America are in now.

      A high degree of individual liberty is a fine thing in a cohesive and high-trust society. However, liberty comes from order, not the other way around. Universal suffrage will always create disorder as people vote for more welfare, open borders etc. for a variety of divisive and competing selfish reasons.

      People are clearly not equal, and pretending they are doesn’t produce a healthy society.

      The average person can expert to vote in the big elections maybe ten times during their whole life. Most don’t even do that. And has it really made any difference? Would you not prefer a civilised community surrounded by people who look like you and whom you can trust, to a rather meaningless vote in today’s chaotic, multi-ethnic and culture-less swamp?

      No matter how much you vote to close the borders, tighten welfare spending or whatever else you want, there will be many more women, gays, blacks, and Muslims who will vote for the opposite things you want. And it will get worse as the white conservative demographic shrinks. Conservatives always lose. Always have and always will.

      I’ve written before about the failure of conservatism before:

      I also highly recommend this great article about order and freedom:

      As to unfettered capitalism, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. For a start it’s based on a usurious financial system for the benefit of a privileged elite and the control and exploitation of whole nations.

      It has also given us aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, GM crops, and food riddled with growth hormones. Jobs outsourced to the third world. Pornography is a multibillion dollar business. Pharmaceutical companies make a fortune selling birth control to our teenaged girls. All in the never-ending pursuit of profit.

      One of the reasons we are suffering massive third world immigration is because trans-national corporations desire cheap labour. The free market will sell out Europeans to the third world in order to increase their bottom line, and the media will turn a healthy profit reporting on the resultant chaos.

      What good is cheap gas when everything around you is burning down?

      There’s more to it than just this trivial dissection of the modern world. There’s a lot of great material out there from other Reactionary and Dark Enlightenment blogs, to old fashioned books by the original critics of the Enlightenment such as Joseph de Maistre etc…

      I hope that helps.

  11. Simon. Your thoughts on this latest Islamic atrocity is much appreciated and while I generally agree with nearly all you have written there are some aspects concerning this article that troubles me.

    1. Your inference to women as being one of the contributing factors toward the collapse of the West fails to appreciate that it is the promotion of the female heroine and freedom fighter along with the feminist victim mentality that has ‘steered’ some women toward what we can now witness the female, especially the female celebrity, doing to themselves in the name of ‘equality’ on a daily basis. It makes my blood boil to see young attractive females wiping themselves out on the front pages of the Daily Mail as if it is their right to be doing so. I have to add, that none of the females in my life go out of their way to make a public display of themselves and the type of behaviour we now easily witness generally comes from their background at home and the type of ‘education’ they have received or not received.

    I believe we can agree that women and men are physiologically and psychologically different and no matter how one may wish for this to be not so, it is an irrefutable fact of life that only the truly indoctrinated can argue against. The male and female have their place, it is just at this time there are some who have tried to invert that Truth. Women have a role to play within human life and that role must be upheld because even though women can be influenced through emotion more than the male, they also have a tempering effect when seeking civilizational solutions which must not be ignored if we are to eventually find our spiritual enlightenment. Women have a right to heard, we must all remember that.

    2. Your denunciation of ‘conspiracy theories’ sounds just like the collective media. But If there is one single conspiracy theory that should be followed up and one which is easy to do once the money trail is picked up, it is the bankrolling of what we now have before us and to which you have so eloquently written on. Also, please take on board that lust for power and for greed are just two of the human emotions that drive many into doing what they do and now have done to us. And this is usually done by joining in with one of the greatest follies of mankind which is to deny the existence of a higher authority that we all eventually answer to. When one can convince themselves there is no God, then one can do almost anything without fear of repercussion.

  12. It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    Rudyard Kipling, The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon

  13. I read I comment by Joe_Smith on VNNF that I think may of interest to readers here:

    “Muslim Hezbollah in Lebanon was subject to a number of ISIS suicide bombings that targeted Shi’ite civilians, on the same day Israeli jets raided them in Syria!

    The issue here isn’t Islam. The issue is Jews droning, bombing, and occupying the Middle East in your name, and then letting its inhabitants into your country by the millions. People evoking the crusades and Charles Martel right now don’t seem to realize that if Charles the Hammer saw modern Judaic France, he would probably convert to Islam and start bombing nightclubs and rock concerts himself.”

  14. This blog continues to be the best blog on the web. Whoever is writing this is ON POINT. Keep up the good work, please.

  15. The Muslims will only react to Total War. We must stop the handouts from our Governments to them, stop them from creating their own neighborhoods in existing cities, stop them from leaving the Middle East, profile and watch them in our countries, change the way the Western media sympathizes with them, stop the radical sermons in the mosques, and kill them on the battlefields, We need strong leaders of character–not these incompetent idiots like Obama.
    This is indeed a Crusade to protect us from them. I am an American of European (German/Scandinavian) descent. It pains me to see my ancestor’s countries and our allies taken over by the Muslim invasion. At least I helped guard the gates for 24+ years. Nec Aspera Terrent.

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