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Return of Kings International Meetup February 6th

UPDATE: This third party event has been cancelled by the organisers. More details to follow.

I have long advocated for reactionary men to get together and form brotherhoods and warrior fraternities in order to survive the modern world. It’s telling that the only real pushback against the third world invasion of the West has come from football hooligans and motorcycle gangs – counter-cultural fraternities which exist outside of polite society and have their own codes of honour and personal loyalty.

The West is atomised and our views are proscribed so it can be difficult to find one another. I get emails from men outside the UK who read the blog and who are looking for like-minded men in their area. Where we have readers located close to each other I will put them in contact with one another in the hope that we plant the seed of something there.

We’re not the only ones doing this. Roosh at Return of Kings has organised an international meetup for men to be held on the evening of February 6th, 2000hrs local. Return of Kings has an enormous readership and there are 165 meetings in 43 different countries scheduled. Nothing of this type and on this scale has been attempted before, and it’s a great opportunity for you to find men with which to forge a brotherhood. You can read the list of cities and locations and how to attend here.

The aim of the meetings:

‘I aim to help men create tribes in cities throughout the world that operate independently of each other. Each tribe will be maintained by a chief that runs it in a way he sees fit. Very little information will be given to me, especially concerning personal information of the tribe’s members. If I get shut down for whatever reason, the tribes will be able to continue operation. If one tribe dissipates from inactivity, it will not affect other tribes.

During peace-time, I advise tribes to meet at least twice a month on a regular schedule over coffee or drinks (e.g. every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm). The atmosphere will be relaxed and you’ll be able to talk about women, politics, travel, work, or whatever else interests you. During times of crisis, however, when members are threatened due to the actions of outsiders or their own government, the tribe will be utilized to offer concrete support and defense. Hopefully that day will never come, but odds are it will, and you need to establish relationships with men you trust before a threat arrives.’

If you read this blog I highly recommend that you attend one of these meetings, find other Reactionaries and build something in real life. Bring a trusted friend if you can. Drink, talk, enjoy and find other Legionnaires. Blogs, memes and shitposting is fun and has got us a long way, but it’s now time for something more concrete.

About Return of Kings

Return of Kings was born out of the red-pill girlchasing scene. Despite its degenerate origins it quickly began to explore deeper topics. It went from talking about hitting on girls in bars to instead asking why male female relationships are so broken today. Roosh himself has spoken of how the endless pursuit of one night stands has left him unfulfilled. Now Return of Kings covers a wide range of topics covering masculinity, sex and race realism, history, politics and tradition to the extent that they have a weekly column authored by a militant Catholic monk.

Some men start by wanting advice on how to get a girlfriend and it takes them down a rabbit hole. Now some of them are here questioning modernity and looking for like-minded men in order to stand in defiance of it. This is the perfect opportunity to find these men and become a part of a decentralised resistance.

Return of Kings takes an honest and realistic attitude to questions of race and sex differences. Although it’s not a white nationalist site it is patriarchal and sympathetic to nativism. The main demographic of the readership is young, white men who are already dissatisfied with modern life, politics and the eradication of their culture. They are looking for meaning, hierarchy and tradition. The Legion can offer them that in a military and apolitical framework.

Because of the anonymous and decentralised nature of the meetings there is no telling who and how many will turn up. Return of Kings has done great work in bringing men towards the dissident right. Some will be husbands and fathers concerned about the world their children are growing up in. Some will be young men considering the first steps of their adult lives. Some will be Christian, some will be atheist. Some will be monarchists, some fashy, some libertarians. Most will be somewhere on the spectrum of Reactionary thought.

One of the meetings is being hosted by a sworn-in Legionnaire and he will be looking for men of potential to recruit. Use these meetings in a similar manner. The men arriving at these meetings are there because they want to be part of something more than just an internet message board. If you forge a brotherhood and want to bring it under the Legionary banner then come and talk to us. At this stage of the decline its important that Reactionaries network and make real life connections.

Security considerations

Take some basic opsec precautions. While we’re not advocating violent extremism at this stage, there is a sentiment among the dissident right that there will never be a political solution. Militancy is a voluntary vocation. We are building the groups of cultured thugs necessary to ride the tiger. Being Christian, ethnocentric or being to the right of mainstream conservative politics makes you a person of interest to Leviathan and leftist inquisitors anyway. You may as well find yourself some backup.

Be wary of infiltrators, although they’re normally easy to spot. Use Christian names only at this stage. Use anonymous email accounts and/or burner phones to contact one another. Don’t give out your home address or any social media accounts unless they’re anonymous Twitter shitposting accounts. Roosh has provided a FAQ for the meetups with regard to things like crazy feminists and infiltrators.

As to further meetings I recommend you do more than just be a dive bar talking shop. Men bond over a drink of course, but it is far better to engage in traditional masculine pursuits and then retire to a bar after your adventures. Have an initiation and a hierarchy. Help one another get stronger and fitter, learn useful skills, preserve Tradition, seek voluntary hardship and cultivate medieval Christian masculine virtue. Be as concerned with the inner war as with the outer.

If you attend one of these meetings and set up a Legionary brotherhood then email us and let us know.

30 thoughts on “Return of Kings International Meetup February 6th”

  1. Simon, lots of wisdom here beyond the encouragement to attend. I can sense that there is a feeling out there that the time to simply ride the tiger is nearing the end. Soon, changes will begin happening. Much hinges on those who are called answering that call.

    It is also important for us not to be divided. That is a tactic of the enemy. All of these reactionary groups are working toward the same goal even though we may have some differences. Providence will reveal its design in due time.

    1. Apologies, only recently caught it myself. This isn’t a flash in the pan, but the start of something much bigger. There will always be more meetups further down the road, and organised in private away from the hysteria of the leftist media.

  2. Three – maybe four of our gang will attend the meet up in El Paso, Texas – we number eight now, they will be there mostly looking for men to recruit to our brotherhood – I my be attending the meet up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I am not too sure yet… I really do hope it will not just be a bunch of guys swapping stories and technique on how to get laid and that it is something more serious… the vision for my gang is getting pretty big – as El Paso is a big city I want to have a chapter of our group on the West Side and one in the East Side of town, and as I am spending more time in Mexico I will also start looking for recruits in Juarez… Our guys will be the ones in the dark three piece suits handing out little booklets of Simon’s “A Brotherhood For The Modern Age”

    My Visions of a growing tribe –

    Thank you, Simon.

    1. And thank you Victor. Great to hear. The leftist media have gotten a hold of the story and there’s a lot of talk of protests and disruptions. Of course, men are not allowed to have male spaces and meetings. Make sure you tell your crew to take whatever security measures they feel appropriate and to have their eyes open at all times.

  3. Bill,am with you in that family/friends come first.That said,folks coming together for common goals to live free and in peace(hopefully)can be a good thing for families and friends.With that,perhaps have a trusted friend who would otherwise go,worse that can happen is nothing comes of it,best is perhaps you through friend find other folks with common goals you can work with.

  4. Unfortunately none near me, but this is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen. I love the way Roosh has organized this, and pray for its every success. No surprise Scotland is a site of death threats and such. Full of loony leftists. My best wishes to you all and hopefully in the future, I will be in attendance! Deus Vult!

  5. Unfortunately, I saw that there is no meeting scheduled for Greece.
    We, Greeks are the one of the most threatened white nations due to migrants (there are no refugees, only illegal migrants) and economic crisis.
    It doesn’t matter, maybe next time…

    But, I saw there is a meeting scheduled for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For God’s sake,,, Israel???

  6. I realise that it might be a bit late this time, Kostas, but why not give due consideration to organising a Greek one in the not too distant future. Some things really do have to be self generated, particularly in the case of a distributed network as is proposed here.

    Indeed were you to do so I would be happy to pop over and give you whatever personal support and encouragement I am able provided I could fit it into my schedule.

    I am the product of a long standing love affair of your lovely land, its history and its place in our collective heritage so any opportunity to return for a few days is most welcome; and I quite like the wine and food as well 🙂

  7. Color me not shocked to get a mail from a friend who shared a tumblr post, sharing a twitter post indicating that there was a “let’s legalize rape” group planning a worldwide meet-up on 6 Feb and the link was the the RoK page.


    The Maoist moral and physical cowards are wetting themselves yet again. Mark that as yet another reason to attend. But be vigilant as the whining opposition will be present.

    1. It may well have been for the best. Roosh wasn’t in any danger himself, but a lot of normal men who wanted to attend these meetings could have been put in harm’s way or lost jobs because of the media hysteria. It was for these normal guys that the meetings were cancelled.

      Take heart from the fact that media have exposed themselves as the priestly caste driving a modern day witch-hunt. We always knew that, but now it’s even more obvious to even more men. The message is clear: straight, white Christian men or any variation thereof are not allowed to freely associate or organise themselves in any way.

      We just watched a conspiracy in action. Good men will notice this.

      1. It would have been better if we forced a fight. Let the media show an army of freaks hurling abuse on a small number of normal men who ignore them. Let one of them start a fight or do something illegal on camera. They’re allowed to lie because we don’t put the truth in front of their faces. This isn’t the year to play it safe, it’s the year to bring these issues to light and convert many more people. The appearance of a well-dressed man saying he believes in traditional masculinity, set across from a blue haired fat chick shrieking about rape, has the power to sway the average heart. All that reached the normal man’s ear is “some weird pro rape guy wanted to rally for rape and gave up”. No movement ever succeeded that was afraid to have its martyrs.

      2. Actually, it looks as if Roosh was put in danger. Anonymous doxxed his relatives (who have nothing to with his writings), and he was told for his own safety to leave DC. This is a turning point, gentlemen. The game has changed. How much it has changed remains to be seen.

  8. Sigsawer,

    I am hearing you brother! This event could/should be used to demonstrate to the media our ideological superiority in debate and discussion.

    Let the rabid feminists physically assault us, for we will be pressing charges!

    Let the media label us however they please. For we will lay bare their lies for the world to see!

    This could be our opportunity to kick start a great media backfire!

    There are more than enough intelligent, articulate and well reasoned men in our ranks to demoralise the enemy if they dare point cameras in our direction!

    This is a call to arms, brothers! This opportunity should not be wasted and strength in numbers must be displayed! Lest the SJW’s become further emboldened by their apparent victory in silencing us…

  9. Roosh is an idiot.

    Men from the Right in the USA have been creating circles of trust, sharing and learning for awhile now; most are genuinely preparing for a civil war within the West. The recent murder of LaVoy Finicum has only heightened that urgency. There is no one stopping these groups from continuing to meet, share and engage – Roosh’s ridiculous publicity stunt backfired in a huge way. He is also viewed by the majority of men in the alt Right as too beta for them and openly and justifiably derided.

    This is how Roosh’s stunt went over in the US: – this blogger is far from a “feminazi” (read her blog especially her rant against Progressives that went viral years ago)

    1. I think his publicity stunt worked. Rabid SJW’s are screaming and spewing venom, but normal people, including women and non-militant feminists are coming in droves and writing comments on ROK. Here is just one example:

  10. ^^ This is how to lose a fight. Be smart, concentrate on winning. This has been a useful episode. We don’t have the numbers, yet, and more importantly we don’t have the structures and organisation in place to handle the confrontation.

    It’s one thing not to be afraid of being a martyr, it’s quite another to become one needlessly. The enemy showed almost its full hand. This gives us tremendous potential to build systems that anticipate and control future confrontations.

    This battle is lost, but the enemy may have paid a very high price for their victory. Focus on winning the war.

  11. What’s to stop any of us from showing up anyway, even if the events have been “cancelled?” I remember where/when the closest one to me was.

    I’ll bring my dog. If I ask a bystander where the nearest pet store is located, and he/she goes off on me, they’ll look like a crackpot. Maybe I should have a friend video it.

  12. Hey

    Firstly, I know the Perth (Australia) meeting was privately organised and went ahead. I chose not to attend as there is a lot about RoK I don’t agree with. Stupid “satirical” articles about rape legalisation posted in the midst of a pack of quasi-chauvinist and anon dudes is top of the list.

    Can I ask, why are we so slow to get coordinated. Admittedly, I’m in my mid 30’s and financially successful etc but men have had private meeting instincts and routines since Moses was a boy. I know 10 locations in my city where the bar owner will hire a group of guys a private table in a private room, a bottle of Moet and make sure you’re not disturbed by anyone. Public meet-ups in city squares?!?

    Which brings me to my point. Why bother fighting with the enemy online at all? Even if you win there is no victory but bragging rights. The risk of a guy that has a successful business being put on the front page of the local paper with the title “Rape Legalisation” is severe. It’s hard to have pride when you need carry a burner and use a throw away email address. We need brothers earning fat cash and making big donations to Alt Right controlled lobby groups getting more brothers in positions of power. We need bums on seats in Congress/Parliament. We need our own media publishing truths. I worry that the next wave of right wingers is going to be a pimply group of Red Pillers chasing chicks around a nightclub. Will this turn serious at some stage? Blogs don’t win elections and the internet is not an electorate.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Trump won. THE JEW causing chaos and openly seeking to assassinate him.

      DEEP STATE JEWS openly defying him while getting paid with our taxes.

      The JEW (((CIA))) “(((leadership))))” openly seeking to assassinate Trump.

      Brexit. THE JEW who controls U.K. and EU openly defying the people.

      Black man – white girl miscegenation propaganda 24/7 on THE JEW TV.

      The JEW’s paid antifa thugs beating up white girls on American streets and university campuses.

      The JEW MEDIA, masks off, openly seeking to genocide all white babies.

      We were right since 2014.

      And STILL we do nothing.

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