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Return of Kings Witch Hunt

The Return of Kings international meetups were cancelled after a media shitstorm that blew up over false and hysterical claims that Roosh is an advocate of legal rape and that the meetings were international rape committees.

It centered on an article that Roosh wrote titled ‘How to Stop Rape’ that was wilfully misinterpreted by the media. The title is a clue right away that the thrust of the article is about stopping rape, not promoting it. You can read the whole thing here and decide for yourself.

A Modest Proposal

It’s written after the style of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, in which both Swift and Roosh take a deliberately facetious position in order to highlight a social problem. In Swift’s case it was the treatment of the poor, starving Irish. In Roosh’s case it was rape.

He concludes that if rape wasn’t a crime, people’s behaviours would have to change in order to reduce it. In order to reduce rape, and without big government, people would be forced to make better decisions. By using an idea so obviously ridiculous as decriminalising rape, he raises the question of why so many young girls make bad decisions and put themselves in situations where they could be raped. You might disagree with his reasoning or his conclusions but this isn’t a call for rape to be legalised. Roosh is no more calling for legalising rape than Swift was calling for eating children.

It has been a campaign of lies and sensationalism. Sensationalism is a word that only ever pertains to journalists. It is never used anywhere else because lying to provoke outrage is the journalist’s stock in trade and it is only ever done to promote the progressive narrative. They’ve been complicit in every scheme of the left. There is no leftist dissent. Journalists didn’t suddenly decide to become reactionary conservatives to attack Roosh and Return of Kings. Supposedly reputable media outlets like The Independent publish garbage like this and nobody was doxxed, threatened or lost their job over it.

Neither Return of Kings nor Roosh advocate for rape, but it is a convenient hook for the media to hang their hat and whip up a hysterical mob of proles who lack the critical thinking to see what Return of Kings is really about. Proles don’t want to be educated about the modern world’s broken society and they don’t want to listen to reason. They want emotional knee-jerk reactions to whoever is the latest figure of hate. The mob who posted obscene threats of violence, death, castration and even rape have revealed themselves to be far more vitriolic than anything that has been published on Return of Kings.

Return of Kings’ real crime is not advocating rape but challenging the prevailing leftist orthodoxy. They do it in an irreverent and sometimes crude manner but it works and they have brought a lot of men towards Traditionalist thinking. It was for this reason I was hoping to attend one of these meetings and encouraged others to do so.

A lot of the growing alternative right blogosphere grew up reading the likes of Roosh and Heartiste. Roosh leans heavily on outrage, but there are far more astringent opinions out there. Check out Jim’s blog if you’re tough enough. If the varied strands of the alternative right have a single unifying feature it is one of being rooted in painful truths and the failure of conservatism. Painful truths of race and sex differences which when ignored produce even more difficult problems. Most people would prefer to ignore this and react emotionally when their liberal worldview is challenged. The media won’t tackle these painful truths so it falls to independent websites like Return of Kings.

It’s easy to criticise pickup culture as degenerate, and it is, but question how and why it arose? Why do live in a society where there are so many men turn to a website like Return of Kings? Why do we live in a society where men like Roosh can sleep around without ever running into a shotgun and a church at some point? If you think that they’ll come for Roosh but not for you because you signal your distaste for him you’re dangerously wrong. They’re coming for all of us.

The media have revealed themselves to be wholly unburdened by truth or conscience and interested only in pushing the progressive dogma and hiding the full extent of the decline. Anonymous doxxed Roosh and left him and his family vulnerable to violence. Anonymous are not the masked champions for truth they claim to be, but sinister leftist activists who pick and choose their victims according to an agenda.

Groups like the Scottish Defence League, a regional offshoot of the English Defence League, promised to disrupt and attack the Scottish meetings. The SDL and groups like them are organisations which capitalise on anti-Islamic sentiment but only in order to defend the liberal orthodoxy. They oppose Islam only because it is a threat to the modern world, replete with its promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addiction and lack of faith.

The Reactionary suggests the modern world is the problem and that barbarian incursions are merely the consequence of a soft and dying culture which has forgotten its roots. Modernism is characterised by the idea that our ancestors who survived and overcame thousands of years of war, plague and famine were ignorant bigots. Reaction is the humble idea that they might have been right all along.

The histrionics of the mob, relying on hearsay and Chinese whispers and unaware exactly of what they were outraged about shows that the vast majority of people cannot be trusted with institutional power. If so many people could have been fooled so easily, what hope is there for democracy? What else do government and media lie about?

The truth will come out in the end. Some men will see the fallout of all of this: the media hysteria, the threats of protest and violence made against men who just wanted to drink and meet new friends. Libertarians will realise that the left will never leave them alone. Debating these people is impossible and pointless.

Return of Kings barely even deals with girl-chasing anymore. Look at some of the writers on there: Brother Aurelius, a Catholic monk who has taken a vow of celibacy. Michael Sebastian, a trad Catholic husband and father. Orthodox Christian Reactionary Mark Citadel. Quintus Curtius who shines a light on wisdom from classical literature. The writers at Return of Kings are far more conservative than some of the ‘conservative’ pundits attacking them. Some men will see this and start to ask questions:

Why are women, blacks, Muslims and homosexuals allowed to organise, agitate and bully but a simple meeting of men must be crushed immediately?

Why did the media go into overdrive to misrepresent these meetings while they have for years colluded with government and police in hiding and excusing urban black dysfunction, the invasion of Europe and organised rape and trafficking of underage girls in almost every city across Western Europe?

What is so threatening about straight, white, Christian men organising themselves? The fact that we are not allowed to suggests that it is all the more important that we do.


20 thoughts on “Return of Kings Witch Hunt”

  1. Below is a link expressing the view by The Daily Telegraph. Not surprisingly under the Lifestyle/Women section, and no comments allowed. Once I had read the first paragraph, I stopped, knowing that there would be an immediate backlash. The Return of Kings website had SJWs threatening to take photos of all attendees and publish them on-line or report ‘the rapists’ to the police.

  2. Straight white traditionalist men are in a war with modern society. It is not a war of our making, but war it surely is. Most of us have gone about as far as we intend to go in appeasing our enemies. The war has not turned ‘hot’ yet, but appealing to reason and intellectual argument seems to fall on deaf ears. So my guess is that self defense will be required shortly; first in Europe and soon after in America. The media is owned by the enemy and is being used in an attempt to shame us into submission. If we allow ourselves to be deterred for fear of being called names, we’ve already lost. Time to ‘cowboy up!’

    1. The press is the low hanging fruit that is poisoning the whole of society. It is not a free press as they are all bought and paid for by the left. When they start disappearing or getting their collective asses kicked by real men that don’t like being bullied by a bunch of leftist pussies, then things will start to change. Without a push back there is nothing stopping them from advancing their agenda. Losing their job for lying is not push back. Finding them hanging from a bridge is push back. Their only security is the pompous indignation of being the press, the watchdog of the people. and being suppressed with violence. They will throw out with the moral high ground, until enough have disappeared, then they will get it and start being the watch dog of the people once again, not the lapdog of the left.

      “There are few things that will demoralize would be occupiers then ceaseless, unanswerable attrition.”
      _ OL’Remus

      “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”― H.L. Mencken

      Damn Straight!

  3. What you have done here is use logic to expose some fallacies in what happened over at Return of Kings. This is sorely lacking in today’s “discourse” (I refuse to affix the term “civil”). As I watched the events surrounding the ROK meetups unfold, I came to the realization that what was on display was just a small feature on the face of evil. Some, perhaps, may claim that “evil” is to strong a term; to absolute a description. Yet, I would respond with the question of, what should one call an obvious lie used to stir up an emotionally driven mob and drive to them to threaten and harass what was a peaceful gathering of men who wished to discuss common interests? Those who were involved in the meetup got a chance to see that evil on display, something that may have been quite the shock for them. I will be interested to see how many of them are able to overcome it and, instead of being cowed by it, are motivated to find the steel inside their hearts and fight it.

    1. Thank you Q. I would also add that evil doesn’t necessarily know that it is evil. Abortionists for example, call themselves medical professionals, yet they are unequivocally evil. So too, the lying journalists, often claim to be performing a vital public service but in truth are evil.

  4. The very same night that I read the article on the meet up, channel 40 news in Sacramento rushed to interview some moron from Weave. This woman breathlessly screeched that “we cannot allow rapists in Roseville”! The token minority newsreader talked about the Roseville police being notified, and that there were planned pickets of such a lewd and lacivious behavior. All in all, 8 minutes of lies, hysteria, and idiocy on the local news. We are surrounded by dangerous punks who actually believe what they say. That in itself is frightening.

  5. I think I spoke prematurely when I called Roosh a coward for backing down. After listening to his press conference I can see the bait and switch, and he did manage to expose thousands of men to this corner of the internet. He might even become a bit of a public figure now.

    If I were in his place I still would have gone through with the public meetups. If there was any trouble the publicity would be meteoric. Imagine the cops, sent to monitor the meetups, having to defend the men from mob violence. Imagine that being caught on tv. The people we want most to support us are the blue collar, people who are unhappy and uncomfortable with the world, but have to unplug from their programming. Traditional masculinity has an appeal to them.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure if he intended it to be the bait and switch it turned out to be. I think he might not have foreseen the scale of the media overreaction, but he has managed it well. That press conference was pretty savage. I’ve never seen anybody assemble a bunch of journalists together just to call them liars before. We know the journalists are liars, but now it’s more obvious to more people.

      1. Speaking as someone who had a chance to see the concerns of more than a few of the men who volunteered to be hosts, I can assure you that they were definitely taken by surprise. It seemed that more than a few of them had never gotten that close to such vitriolic misrepresentation and hatred (ROK has an article detailing just a few of the statements/threats made).

        I believe this press conference may have done a great deal to bolster their spirits though. As you pointed out, many of them have probably never seen someone call together a press conference for the sole purpose of calling members of the media (and the media establishment in general) liars. I would imagine that it was somewhat cathartic for most, if not all, of the men who agreed to host with nothing but the most honorable intentions.

    2. There have been a few confrontations in Australia lately between anti-Muslim groups and so-called “anti-racism” activists. The fights are always started by the unwashed and mentally-unstable prog-thugs but the TV likes to show solid men asking for their country back beating the agitators down. They don’t play by the rules and have zero honour.

  6. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
    Bizarrely I had never come across ROK before this whole debacle and since then I have barely stopped reading it except to eat and sleep.

    How many men have googled them in the last few days and started down the rabbit hole?

    The left is bleeding, and every time it gets its blood pressure up the bleeding gets worse. We can only hope they continue to be so foolish into the future.

    1. I’m hearing this a lot. A lot of good men will go to ROK looking for the nasty men the media told them about and find something else instead. Some of them will discover Faith, Tradition and Reaction. Long may it continue. Deus Vult.

  7. “The SDL and groups like them are organisations which capitalise on anti-Islamic sentiment but only in order to defend the liberal orthodoxy. They oppose Islam only because it is a threat to the modern world, replete with its promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addiction and lack of faith.”

    Hence why I left the Counter-Jihad movement. This sums up the entire scene nicely.

    I think there will be something similar to the meetups in the future. Roosh has not given up. They can’t stop things like this forever.

    1. pretty much the muslims still carry the old beleifs we in the manosphere hold dear. sdls are basically cucks fighting their misplaced anger. white nationalists are pretty much sjws when it comes tp foreigners.

      the left does down on them but different ways usually by with feminisms definition of abuse. though think they are careful since many so called rapes can be false and hurt them. like that russian/german girl lying about being kidnapped and she got a huge white knight protest.
      remember sweden has a broad definition of rape where everything is rape like sex wothout a condem.
      poor game from migrants is whats putting mjgrants in prision with weak aentences. but wns refuse to ackniwledge that and cry corruption

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