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Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken

There’s a lot of cry-baby, defeatist behaviour among the various strands of the right. We are supposed to be the antithesis of the left and their Enlightenment notions. We are warriors. We conquered the world. Yet there are a many among the right who speak and act like victims.

The most abiding lesson my father taught me when I was growing up was that life isn’t fair. He’d tell it to me again and again until I understood. Problems do not go away by themselves. Crying solves nothing. Life isn’t fair. You’re supposed to learn this reactionary nugget of information early on in life.

But there seems to be many on our side who expect fairness from the world, even from our enemies, and they cry when they don’t find it. They complain about immigration but they won’t get married and have children. They complain there’s no good women to marry but they won’t improve themselves or look for women in places other than bars. Memes are funny but they won’t physically remove people on their own. Generally, there is too much talking and not enough organisation and action on the right.

Some have selected for themselves the make-work job of waking people up. In doing so, they have excused themselves of their duty to act physically and violently in the real world. They talk, tweet and share articles and urge people to wake up and then give themselves a big pat on the back as if their work is done.

They think the problems we face are to do with a lack of awareness, and if we all just share enough articles on Islam and black crime, Muslims and Africans will just behave themselves and go home.

Or there are those who fail to strike at the crux of the matter regarding immigration and Islam and those in power who are directing it. There are people who want to ban the burqa, on the grounds that it oppresses women, for example. As if it is the burqa that is the problem, and if we ban it then Muslims will miraculously integrate with Western society and sit around the office watercooler with us talking about beer and football.

We should be concentrating on the modesty of our own women. I do not care what Muslim women wear. We’re not trying to get Muslim women into bikinis. We don’t want them to integrate; we want them to leave. We want them out of Europe. Europe belongs to Europeans. The issue is one of blood and faith, not clothing.

There are those who like to feel that they have exposed some grand conspiracy. Bilderberg group! Iraq was just about oil! Obama is a secret Muslim! Cameron is a Zionist shill! Some or all of these things may or may not be true, but it’s used far too often as an excuse not to act. Or there are those who like to point out contradictions and discrepancies in the Quran. Aha! To them it’s like a Eureka moment. But it solves nothing and nobody cares. It’s intellectual cowardice. Blaming everything on the Illuminati is easier than fighting, raising children and acting like a man.

They have not fulfilled any sort of duty. They’re just one of many voices all shouting uselessly into the wind. They sound like victims, whimpering and complaining about their lands being stolen and their women raped. They see the problems in modern society, but doing the hard work of solving them is somebody else’s problem.

We don’t need to wake people up. Enough people are already awake. What needs to happen now is that those people who are awake become motivated, determined and carry out their duty to act against the enemy. We don’t need more dispiriting, defeatist voices. We need voices that inspire and speak of the good and beautiful things like duty, heroism and sacrifice.

A lot of noise is made about the violent nature of Muslims and urban black culture. Whites think that pointing out that blacks are dysfunctional and commit a disproportionate amount of rape and violent crime is a victory of some sort. It’s not. It’s an admission of weakness. You’re admitting that blacks and Muslims ruin your countries and that you do nothing about it. That is weakness.

Stop signing useless petitions. Stop begging politicians to save you. Stop talking about how immigrants are living on your taxes. Stop talking about how immigrants are violent rapists. Stop obsessing about the differences between a migrant and a refugee. Stop talking about how blacks are the real racists. Stop talking like a victim. Life isn’t fair. Stop crying and do something about it.

Europeans hold peaceful protests. Blacks riot, smash things up and burn down cities, confront authority and use violence to get what they want. They’re too shortsighted and disorganised to go after the real villains, the bankers, politicians and journalists, who seem intent on engendering a race war, but they’re doing more for themselves than you are.

Muslims organise themselves into gangs. They radicalise one another. They prey on underage European girls in packs. They create no-go areas in your cities and organise religious patrols in their territory. They support fanatical terrorist groups overseas and they’re plotting to bring them over here.

And Europeans? What do they do? Europeans are weak. They smugly point out that their protests are peaceful and orderly, as if anybody gives a shit about that. They think that their obedience to government is a virtue. This government which has invited non-European immigration, hidden the destructive results, and criminalised anybody who speaks out against it does not deserve your obedience. Europeans think that their lack of direct, violent and purposeful action is something to be proud of. It’s not. It’s weak, pathetic and shameful.

The recent Pegida marches were the most recent manifestation of the anti-EU, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration sentiment among Europeans. As many as 25,000 protesters rallied in Dresden. Their Facebook page has over 150,000 fans. And they have achieved absolutely nothing. A force of twenty-five thousand people is bigger than some of the armies which shaped the course of Europe’s history. But today, twenty-five thousand Europeans can’t even get angry enough to fight their way out of a poof’s tea party. All they did was gather in a crowd and beg their government to help them. The government hates you and wants to replace you with cheap foreign labour. Begging for mercy is pitiful.

Europeans protest about their corrupt and evil governments but are too scared to break the laws set down against them by those same governments. Europeans are walking willingly into cuckoldry and extinction and, worse yet, they congratulate themselves on refusing to even do anything about it.

Peaceful street protest simply isn’t an acceptable or suitable option any longer. It’s not proportional to the threat we face today. An uncountable number of European girls and women have been raped by Muslim aliens and the European man’s response is to mill about the town square and grumble about it.

Those 25,000 Pegida protestors could have caused a national emergency. They could have occupied the town and shut down local government. They could have dragged the corrupt politicians out into the streets and hanged them from lampposts. They could have ignored the protest entirely, organised into small teams and made hundreds of criminal traitors disappear overnight. That would have been a proportional response.

Peaceful protest signals that you’re not seriously interested in doing anything. Peaceful protest says you’re weak and afraid. Blacks and Muslims riot violently and spontaneously. Europeans apply in writing for permission to hold boring, peaceful protests that don’t scare anybody. Nobody in power cares about peaceful protests. Violence gets things done.

Ultimately 25,000 peaceful Pegida protestors achieved nothing. The story would have been the same if it had been 50,000 protestors. What happens as the foreign invasion grows? What happens when the rape epidemic gets worse? Just have a bigger protest? How big does the protest have to be for it to achieve anything? Even a million peaceful protestors will not achieve anything. The answer is not bigger protests. The answer is more radicalised Europeans. A few dedicated men will achieve far more than any number of peaceful protests.

One day you’re going to stand in front of your ancestors and have to account for your time on earth. Your ancestors had to fight and struggle for their very existence, which you fritter away complaining on social media. Your ancestors were warriors. They endured hardship, injury and death defending their homeland. Every inch of European soil, every breath of our air, every drop of blood that lives in our veins today was bought and paid for at the highest possible price.

Could you honestly stand in front of these men and tell them that you are their equal? These men built Europe and then died defending it. Our soil is stained with centuries of their blood. We owe our very existence to them. Does your armchair internet activism measure up to their heroism and sacrifice? Or do you want something more out of this life?

When I started this I was determined to make sure that it wasn’t going to be just another political commentary blog or website complaining about immigration. From the very outset it was conceived to be a solution and a way to find, organise and motivate those few men who are willing to take action.

Europe is being invaded by millions of people from the worst parts of the world. It’s easy to complain about it but it does nothing in the face of people who are crossing continents and oceans to get here. If we are to stop it, we need to meet it with the same type of iron determination. You should be ashamed to do nothing. You should want to fight. If you won’t act then you will be reliant on those who will. If you won’t fight for what is yours then why should you be saved? Life isn’t fair. We know. Harden yourself and do something about it.

32 thoughts on “Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair”

  1. Blessed be the Lord my strength,
    Which teacheth my hands to war,
    And my fingers to fight:

    My goodness, and my fortress;
    My high tower, and my deliverer;
    My shield, and he in whom I trust;
    Who subdueth my people under me.

    Psalm 144, v 1 & 2.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Recently, a few blocks from where I live, a young 16 year old thug (I don’t have to tell you the race of the thug) approached a young white couple at midnight, as they watched the moon near the Mississippi River.
    The thug had a gun. They intended victim had a gun (legally, here).
    The victim shot the thug. The thug died.
    The story then gets weird: supposedly the intended victim tried to save the dying thug by giving CPR.

    A few days later, the thug’s friends and family had a vigil for him at the stop where his depredations were stopped. A rival thug gang drove by and shot at them.
    I heard the police helicopter that night, circling overhead…

    One of my urban liberal neighbors, who has no chance of surviving the coming crisis, invited me to some kind of pow-wow being held that night by the police department, intended to calm and pacify the neighborhood regarding the “shooting death” (as my neighbor put it).

    You mean the successful self-defense shooting? I said.
    Even that verbal non-acceptance of the liberal meme of “shooting death” in regard to a thug seemed to physically shock her.
    Who are these people? Don’t they want civilization preserved?

    1. These people are weak and self-loathing. They would rather go extinct than betray one of the “isms” drilled into their heads during their indoctrination process. Avoiding liberals is key. In any crisis, they will be a millstone around your neck.

      1. I should rephrase my question. I know that resistance is never too late, because even in the face of near-certain defeat, resistance still has great merit. Only weak cowards just lie down and die.
        What I mean is:
        What is the likelihood of enough brave resisters arising to save something out of the wreckage? It is a foregone conclusion that most of Europe and North America will be destroyed, for the purposes of Western Civilization and the preservation of Europeans and Euro-Americans.
        But will we be able to form nuclei that resist and live and grow and thrive (eventually)?

        Sub-question: why are the European masses going meekly to their fates, for the most part?
        Americans are so brainwashed by anti-racism, that it is no wonder they have submitted.

        1. Re. Your last line, pm. It’s the same over here. That is the reality and there is nohing we can do about it therefor we accept it, cast it to one side as now irrelevant and get on with the task at hand.

          1. Things will get worse before they get better but it cannot be any other way. A peaceful return to a better way of life is a pipe-dream. The people, for the most part, will not willingly accept the shrinking of the welfare state for example. They will not be told that their lifestyles are deviant or damaging to society. Women will not willingly return to child-rearing and home-making en masse.

            Europeans were declining population anyway, both in numbers and in quality, before this latest refugee crisis. But instead of fading away, this will be the catalyst which awakens and angers them. The forces of capitalism-communism could have trapped us all without a fight like slow-boiling frogs, but they blew it. Have faith that everything is unfolding as it should. We are being tugged slowly but surely towards our destiny.

          2. “We are being tugged slowly but surely towards our destiny.”

            i agree. ask the american indians how demographic invasions work.

  3. I often wonder, and try to guess, how many Europeans, specially Western Europeans, and White Americans are fully aware of what’s happening and what’s coming. I think there are millions at least, but that’s not saying much. The number will continue to increase, every week, every month, every year, many young people –the shrinking cohorts of young Europeans and European Americans– are watching “Verboten” videos on YouTube and reading right-wing blogs –not the usual crap in the MSM, but my concern is “Will the number reach a critical mass?”

    Sun Tzu famously said: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” That’s why I talk about “critical mass”.

    I feel envy for Hungarians. Most of them are not brainwashed by this bullshit that’s taking us to the dustbin of history. I hope they will be able to resist for a long time.

    If things go really bad, I foresee millions of Western Europeans flocking into the countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

    Again, thank you very much for this blog and for your inspiring words.

    I’ll have to read Codreanu one of these days.

    BTW: What do you think of Kai Murros? At first, I found him way too hardcore, but he’s very inspiring too. “Pas d’ennemi à droit”

    1. I actually haven’t read Kai Murros. I should get around to it. But yes, the idea of ‘no enemies to the right’ I fully agree with. You’ll never hear a leftist disagree with another leftist for being too extreme. One of the problems is that there has never been a Nuremburg for the left. Their ideas are merely troublesome while the right is instantly vilified as evil, dangerous and criminal.

      I agree that Russia and Eastern Europe could well become an ideal destination for Western refugees but one has to wonder, why should these countries accept people who would not stand and fight to stop their own countries being ruined? If an Englishman wouldn’t fight for England, why would he fight for Poland, for example. I really like the way that the Eastern European countries are holding onto their traditions, and refusing to budge on refugees. It’s an inspiration for the rest of us.

  4. Interesting. I got into quite a discussion about the refugees flooding Europe, which I called cowardly opportunists (cowardly for not fighting for their nations rather than fleeing, and opportunists for obvious reasons).
    Anyway, at some point my interlocutor accused me of being “afraid of change,” something that leftists always end up using as an insult against conservatives and reactionaries.
    I said that we aren’t afraid of change, but are just afraid of having to fight alone, being abandoned by our “cowardly brainwashed” fellow citizens.
    She cleverly accused me of insulting her. “Do you enjoy insulting people?” etc. I looked at my words again. I had just called an undefined group of fellow citizens “brainwashed cowards.” Not her. Sly.
    Regardless, overall, her main argument is that Europe (and therefore America) are guilty, because we have exploited the developing world. And that out of empathy we are obligated to help the refugees. And that it is cynical to try to set the poor, unemployed and elderly against the refugees. Well, I am glad I did not back down. But alas, this was just an internet dispute. The real fighting will soon be in the streets.

  5. Oh dear, publius. Indeed, I was just discussing on Gates of Vienna how 97% of the white women of Christendom (married or single; although the singles are much farther down on the scale of delusion) are completely deluded, and believe that “being nice” is still the answer. I have European friends who just chuckle at me when I say things like what you point out.
    In the end, I’m sorry to say that your interlocuteur may only realize her mis-interpretation when hordes of black hip-hop rape squads come pounding on her door. Sigh.

    1. @Anne and @everyone: it just gets worse. I don’t normally do this, but a direct quote is in order:
      “Mixing genes is a good thing, that’s how i see it. We dull looking pale introverts…welcome darker people grin emoticon”
      “I think Finland is boring without immigrants. But sure i don’t want here people who have bad things on their mind ( isis etc…)”

      Such touching naïveté. Touching.
      And now we are discussing the terrible horrible “far right.” I asked her what far right is. Define it. She looked it up on Wikipedia.. she also threw in “angry” and “fascist.”
      And she’s never been threatened on the streets of Helsinki yet…
      It’s becoming clear that the urbanites in general are almost totally lost.

  6. Anne@GoV: “… the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s Church. But it’s gonna be a loooooong road in the meantime…”

    It is indeed, Anne; are you thinking about joining us on that journey?

    1. I’m onboard. My goal is to move to a rural area, and start living life like it was supposed to be lived. My urban progressive liberal neighbors are hardly worth talking to, and they certainly are incapable of doing anything.

    2. I am considering joining you on that journey.
      On the bright side, one of the priests at my parish recently encouraged me to remember that even with all of the terrible things the world is throwing at us, there are still lights of hope within them. (Naturally, he described and encouraged in much more eloquent detail than I have just repeated.)
      I recently read Remnant Newspaper blog post article (Cordyceps Pontificate of Pope Francis) about what good can spring from his pontificate. It boggles the mind to think that way, I know, but the writer makes a compelling point about how Good can come from Bad.

      1. Anne, etc…

        I AM living that dream. Well, my family and I are.

        It’s not a dream. You don’t just fall into it – it takes research and lead time to square things away before making the leap. You choose to take on the burden of tending the land, removing yourself from society.

        While the US housing market has not recovered (thank God, since it was way overvalued anyways), it still takes amassing resources to obtain a rural parcel of land. My wife – a European with eyes wide open – and I saved for 7 or 8 years before making the jump. We were forced into making our jump earlier than intended, but it worked out.

        We live at least an hour from anything resembling a “city”. “Town” is a half hour north or south, depending on which town you’re talking about. We have a small farm with a drought-proof water supply. Good earth. We’re still learning, but making good progress. Two things that need to be added to our little place is a good greenhouse – not those tube things with plastic over it, but the genuine article – and a windmill that aerates the water in our fish pond so we can stock more fish. Turns it into a giant fish tank.

        Hunting is good. Deer, turkey and smaller critters. We harvest only what we need. No poaching. Respect the land – have it do your bidding through hard work – but respect it nonetheless. We reclaimed an old horse pasture gone to weeds and planted an orchard – which in itself is a massive learning experience, especially if you don’t know beans about cultivating an orchard…

        However, it’s completely worth it – my son and I drove the two hours to a distant city. I wouldn’t have gone there if I had a choice in the matter. He looked around and told me he understood why we moved where we did. Cities are literally dumps – can’t stand being in them anymore. He quoted Obi Wan: “You will never find a greater hive of scum and villainy..”. He actually flinched when he heard a police siren – it’s been literally years since we have heard one.

        My point is – it can be done, HAS been done. And it’s completely worth it. Those who say they have to stay in a city to earn a living, well… dying ain’t much of a living. If I had to choose between having money and being content, then I choose being content. No question. I don’t even bother looking at the day or the time anymore… I rise with the sun and tell time by it’s position in the sky. Haven’t worn a watch in years. I tell the months by the temperature and the color of the leaves…

        My advice: Do it. Find somewhere you want to live, then make a plan. Save. Do whatever you have to do, but escape the pestilential holes overrun with invaders that our cities have become… the first thing you should do, is buy a rifle of military usefulness and learn to by-God shoot.

  7. “I choose not to be a common man. Me, it is my right to be uncommon if I can. I’ll seek
    opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen – humbled and dulled by having the
    state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk, to dream and to build, to fail and to
    succeed. I’ll refuse to live from hand to mouth.

    I’ll prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence. The thrill of fulfillment to the stale
    calm of Utopia. I will never cower before any master nor bend to any friend. It is my heritage to
    stand erect, proud, and unafraid, to think and act for myself and face the world boldly and say,
    ‘This I have done.’”

    – Theodore Roosevelt

  8. That’s why I roll my eyes at most pro White/European/alt-right bloggers and writers. 90% of the movement talks big, but when a lone warrior lashes out and actually limits some diversity all these ‘neo-nazi’ bloggers can’t apologize and distance themselves fast enough. They write that democracy has failed us and then turn around and say we have to achieve our goals through political means.

    I had a discussion with a self proclaimed real talker friend awhile back. He said white people cant and shouldn’t use violence. He cited Hilters rise…coveniently forgetting that Hitler spilt blood on the streets and was arrested for it before the Nat Socs became a viable political party. That’s what elevated his party above the rest of the limp wristed right. If he hadn’t of shown himself and his party willing and capable of killing some traitorous mother fuckers the Nazi party would have never achieved any sort of power.

    But don’t tell most white nationals that. Fighting means sticking your neck out and taking an actual risk. Most of them just want to ride the coat tails of someone else’s glory. They wouldn’t even risk publicly expressing their opinions until the race war was over.

  9. Excellent article, this is something I have been saying for some time. We have to start taking responsibility for our own downfall. If white men had stayed strong instead of the pathetic losers we see today we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I started a # on Twitter a while back #WeakWhiteMen about this very thing. Check it out if you’re on Twitter, contact me there ?


  10. Btw I’m not just an Internet talker. I’m involved on the ground here in Ireland with a nationalist group. I’m travelling to Europe in the new yr to meet fellow nationalists. We need a pan European alliance of hardcore nationalists willing to do what needs to be done. No more talking, it’s time for action.

  11. Simon, playing devils advocate here, have you “acted violently” yet? If so what have you done? To me it’s just what the psychos at the top of this mess want, divide and conquer is an age old tactic and works incredibly well.
    Do you pay taxes? Did you vote?
    Tbh though if my wife, mum or daughter was getting raped I would go off my head and probably end up in prison but what has that solved? It would play right into their hands and their lacky dogs the police. The rapists would end up the victim and me the criminal that’s how fucked up it is now.

    1. Stuart, you’re right, the situation is bizarrely fucked up. How to get out of it though? I’ve never voted and I haven’t paid income taxes since 2007 – lawfully.

      As to violence, you’re right in that those at the top would love a few isolated outbursts of violence directed at Muslims. That would enable them to further implement their police state and that is not what we are about. The Muslims would love this too, as it allows the radicals to tell the moderates, ‘we told you they hate us.’ Doing nothing is obviously no longer an option if we want to save ourselves. A political solution will never happen. But neither do we want to rush out and do something rash which gets us in jail.

      We’re proposing something slightly different. We’re recruiting and organising as a Traditional military fraternity – not something illegal in itself. We have a peacetime role and a ‘war role’. Nothing we can do can reverse or slow the decline. The state will weaken and exhaust itself. Parallel power structures will emerge as the state declines. The state is already proving that it cannot protect its citizens from violent extremists, rape gangs and criminals. Maybe somebody else could. How would the state cope as it slowly came under attack not just from Islamic militants but political soldiers of the European Tradition. The opportunity will come. We just have to be ready for it.

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