The Mask of Anarchy

Note: Shelley was an atheist and prototypical social justice warrior, emerging in the wake of the French Revolution. However much has changed since Shelley’s days. The Enlightenment has done its work, in as much as the perpetual revolution of the left can ever be completed, and the world order has since become entirely inverted.

The working man, pulled this way and that by politics, is no better off because of it, and is now seeing the very soul of his nation taken from him. The capitalist oligarchy and the international socialists behind it are now the ones who disguise themselves as Bishop and Lord. It is money and the left who proclaim themselves God and King and Law. This is the new procession of masked villains that must be smashed. Continue reading The Mask of Anarchy

Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

One of the tentacles of the Leviathan is made up of journalists and the machinery of modern media. Journalists were once held in check by government but the modern combination of Communism and capitalism has made the media into a both a business and the propaganda arm of the ruling classes.

While the political figureheads of Western countries play out a professional wrestling sideshow for laughs and outrage, the media is firmly in the hands of the enemy who use it to mould popular opinion. Instead of being informative and reporting current events, modern journalism decides what is and isn’t news, and more tellingly, how it is presented to the public. Continue reading Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken

There’s a lot of cry-baby, defeatist behaviour among the various strands of the right. We are supposed to be the antithesis of the left and their Enlightenment notions. We are warriors. We conquered the world. Yet there are a many among the right who speak and act like victims.

The most abiding lesson my father taught me when I was growing up was that life isn’t fair. He’d tell it to me again and again until I understood. Problems do not go away by themselves. Crying solves nothing. Life isn’t fair. You’re supposed to learn this reactionary nugget of information early on in life. Continue reading Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

A New Order, A Call to Arms

A young boy walks across a beach with a fishing rod over his shoulder. Above him at the top of the cliffs a castle looks out over the glittering Mediterranean. He grew up on his father’s stories about the Crusaders who had defended Europe here. Those knights have been gone for centuries but their ghosts still walk the ancient halls. Continue reading A New Order, A Call to Arms

Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

Thousands of Africans, mostly Muslims, almost all of them fighting aged males, are swarming in Calais and trying to breach the railhead and gain entry to England. In response the English look to their politicians and demand that they do something.

They’re confused why a Conservative government is not doing anything. For the ruling classes these Africans represent thousands of cheap workers and consumers. They will continue the de-culturing of the European empire and their dysfunctional African behaviour will be an excuse for a militarised police force and more invasive state surveillance. Continue reading Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

The Cries of Moderates

After every murderous atrocity committed by Islamists we have the Newtonian reaction from the ‘moderates’. In addition to watching our European brothers and sisters killed, raped and tortured by aliens, we then have to endure the further suffering of listening to the lectures of the so-called moderates. Continue reading The Cries of Moderates

Fiction: Once Upon A Time In Chicago

Fiction by Victor Vogt.

Dash Deringer had fallen into weakness once again. He had not worked in four months and he just could not find a job. Not waiting tables. Not washing dishes. Not as a clerk in a store. He had to sell everything and the money was almost out, but he was able to spend a few bucks on cheap rum and sit in his car – which was now his home. Sit in the dark and think of a new place to park for the night and try to get a little sleep. Continue reading Fiction: Once Upon A Time In Chicago

Future Intentions

The Short Term Intentions of The Iron Legion

Gangs of Iron

The interest and feedback from this blog has led me to begin organising the groups of men that I have talked about here. This blog was never about just idle chat on the internet and the vision has always been something much larger. The first step towards this larger vision is informal gatherings of men like us. Continue reading Future Intentions

Fiction: Noises In The Dark

In a small gloomy bedroom a man lays back in his bed, turns over onto his side and closes his eyes. A dusty bedside alarm clock blinks at 03:47. It’s been a hard night but he smiles and closes his eyes.

He’s a taxi driver that moonlights in people trafficking and child prostitution. Or Continue reading Fiction: Noises In The Dark

A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub

This post is inspired by the insightful comparison of American and European life by Mark Yuray, and reading it made me think on just how fundamental the pub is to Northern European society, and how we are rapidly losing it in the commercial, inclusive modern society. Continue reading A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub