Return of Kings Witch Hunt

The Return of Kings international meetups were cancelled after a media shitstorm that blew up over false and hysterical claims that Roosh is an advocate of legal rape and that the meetings were international rape committees.

It centered on an article that Roosh wrote titled ‘How to Stop Rape’ that was wilfully misinterpreted by the media. The title is a clue right away that the thrust of the article is about stopping rape, not promoting it. You can read the whole thing here and decide for yourself. Continue reading Return of Kings Witch Hunt

Trump, Borders and Masculinity

A man in America makes the sensible suggestion that a nation should control who lives within its borders. Leftists around the world cry, shake and audibly fill their delicate underwear. Although I am thoroughly anti-democratic, watching the Trump Train gather up a head of steam is a lot of fun to watch. Continue reading Trump, Borders and Masculinity

Conservative, Save Yourself

I don’t criticise democracy or the modern world because I want it to fail. It is destined to fail. I want you to be ready for it. We are on the downward slope and gaining momentum. A democratic solution is impossible. The high point of this age is behind us. The decline has so far been disguised by media, entertainment and technological progress but eventually even that will not be enough to hide it. Empires and civilisations rise and fall and there is nothing special about ours that will save it from the fate of every single empire that has come and gone before us. In front of us is only further decline, starvation, violence, war and chaos until the birth of a new age. Continue reading Conservative, Save Yourself

Thoughts and Observations on the Modern Man

A guest post on modern masculinity by Victor Vogt of The Deringer Files

The Types of Modern Man

In his modern skinny suit, a cheap imitation of one from the sixties and designed for a little boy, and his hipster beard to make him look rugged, though he wouldn’t last an hour in the wild without his smart phone to keep him entertained and moving in the right direction, he sits in his neighborhood Starbucks texting and swiping away while his overpriced late is getting cold. Continue reading Thoughts and Observations on the Modern Man

The Legion and Women

A common theme in ‘the manosphere’ is the idea of the pedestal. That is, the idea that men place women on a pedestal, and in the case of modern women, it is a pedestal that they do not deserve.

The Legionary view of women is that they are the bearers of the next generation. They carry within them the miracle of life. The future of the European nations lies in the wombs of our women. The modern woman has been led away from and tradition and motherhood in one of the greatest but saddest con-tricks in history. But how do we square this traditional view of women with the real world? Continue reading The Legion and Women

The Land of Heroes

There was a time where kings and heroes would fight, and lead their people into battle. A king’s rule was granted by divine right and the king was charged with protecting his nation, the people and the soil, whenever it was threatened. The king was as much a servant as he was a ruler. The battlefield was where nobility and the right to rule was forged and proven, or snatched away. Continue reading The Land of Heroes

The Real Consequences Of Women In The Military

Originally published here at Return of Kings.

Just like every other bastion of tradition and masculinity, the military is under attack by the forces of progressivism. The military is by its very nature masculine, hierarchical, and undemocratic, as it must be to succeed in its core business of engaging with and killing the enemy. This also makes it a target. Continue reading The Real Consequences Of Women In The Military

A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub

This post is inspired by the insightful comparison of American and European life by Mark Yuray, and reading it made me think on just how fundamental the pub is to Northern European society, and how we are rapidly losing it in the commercial, inclusive modern society. Continue reading A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub

The Left Must Bleed

We have already discussed how debating with the left is a pointless exercise which only serves to frustrate and exhaust us, so we will not do it. It is a fundamental rule of warfare that you do not attack the enemy where he is strong and you are weak. Talking about what we will not do only raises the question about what we will do instead.

Disengaging from debating with the left is the first part of a wider strategy. Without the bogeyman of straight, white power to focus on the disparate elements of the left will lose cohesion but it is naive to think that the left will wholly consume itself just by our absence. The other half of the strategy will concern attacking the left where they are weak, and we are strong. Continue reading The Left Must Bleed

The Looming Spectre of Male Contraception

The Female Contraceptive Pill

Following the rise of the Third Reich, Jewish scientist Carl Djerassi fled Austria and eventually settled in the United States. His reward to the country which took him in and protected him was the invention of the oral contraceptive pill. This Jewish invention chemically sterilised millions of women in America and the West, during their most fertile years and enabled them to leverage their hypergamy and escape most of the consequences. Ultimately female birth control has had many deleterious side effects on women, their behaviour, and consequently society itself. Continue reading The Looming Spectre of Male Contraception