The Retreat of the State

The decline of the West is not going to be announced by those in charge, not least because the state garners loyalty and obedience from its citizens by way of its ability to protect them and provide them with various rights and services, or at least having the appearance of being able to do so.

If the state cannot do this, or cannot maintain the facade, citizens will begin to question the benefit of remaining loyal and obedient to an already distrusted Continue reading The Retreat of the State

Austerity, Gold and Iron

The austerity protest plebs are at it again. Just like they did after the UK general election, the leftist agitators have been clogging up the streets of London. They brought with them their self-appointed millionaire drug-addict spokesmen Russell Brand and Charlotte Church to tell you that all they want is your money and they don’t care how they get it. Continue reading Austerity, Gold and Iron