Sleeping Kings and the War Christ

The modern Christian, with his universalist attitude is surprised to find himself under constant attack by the de-civilisational and degenerate. He cries and cries, but refuses to do anything, inviting only further attacks. Like the cuckservative, he abandons principles and finds himself with barely any religion left at all. He opened the doors of his church to everyone, and wonders why the pews are empty. Who wants to join a club that anybody can wander into? What man would want to join a tattered church that is bullied by effeminate homosexuals and doesn’t fight back?

Modern, oriental Christianity has mutated into a culture of weakness and victimhood. It teaches rights, but not responsibilities. It teaches an abdication of duty. Above all it has taught the European man to surrender, and in disgust at this the European man has deserted the church. Continue reading Sleeping Kings and the War Christ

Learn to Embrace Hardship And Danger

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny…”

― C.S. Lewis

The Nature of Man

Man has always asked questions. Questions about ourselves and the world around us. We asked these questions and found answers. In a time long forgotten we learned to secure a sharp piece of flint on the end of a sturdy stick. We discovered the secret of fire, and then the wheel. Advances in agriculture allowed us to feed much larger populations. Our broadening knowledge of the stars allowed us to navigate around the entire world. Advances in health and medicine decreased child mortality and allowed our populations to flourish and grow. Our Industrial Revolution allowed us to manufacture things on a massive scale and travel great distances very quickly. We harnessed electricity, which would have looked like sorcery to our distant ancestors. Then we split the atom, with its Damoclean consequences of easily accessible energy and utter destruction.

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