Return of Kings Witch Hunt

The Return of Kings international meetups were cancelled after a media shitstorm that blew up over false and hysterical claims that Roosh is an advocate of legal rape and that the meetings were international rape committees.

It centered on an article that Roosh wrote titled ‘How to Stop Rape’ that was wilfully misinterpreted by the media. The title is a clue right away that the thrust of the article is about stopping rape, not promoting it. You can read the whole thing here and decide for yourself. Continue reading Return of Kings Witch Hunt

Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

One of the tentacles of the Leviathan is made up of journalists and the machinery of modern media. Journalists were once held in check by government but the modern combination of Communism and capitalism has made the media into a both a business and the propaganda arm of the ruling classes.

While the political figureheads of Western countries play out a professional wrestling sideshow for laughs and outrage, the media is firmly in the hands of the enemy who use it to mould popular opinion. Instead of being informative and reporting current events, modern journalism decides what is and isn’t news, and more tellingly, how it is presented to the public. Continue reading Journalists are the Enemy and Must be Stopped

The Left Must Bleed

We have already discussed how debating with the left is a pointless exercise which only serves to frustrate and exhaust us, so we will not do it. It is a fundamental rule of warfare that you do not attack the enemy where he is strong and you are weak. Talking about what we will not do only raises the question about what we will do instead.

Disengaging from debating with the left is the first part of a wider strategy. Without the bogeyman of straight, white power to focus on the disparate elements of the left will lose cohesion but it is naive to think that the left will wholly consume itself just by our absence. The other half of the strategy will concern attacking the left where they are weak, and we are strong. Continue reading The Left Must Bleed

We Do Not Debate With The Left

Thucydides: Warrior Poet from the Heroic Age

In Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War the powerful Greek city-state of Athens made an ultimatum to the tiny island of Melos: surrender or be destroyed. It was part of a larger war between Athens and Sparta, and the island of Melos had hoped to remain neutral and avoid the conflict, relying on Sparta to protect them.

Attempting to remain neutral was no defense against the hostile Athenians. The Melians, outnumbered and outgunned, attempted diplomacy, debate and Continue reading We Do Not Debate With The Left