Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

We are all supposed to be feeling pity and outrage for the girls of Cologne. But we are only allowed to be sorry and angry in the right way. The wrong way is to mention that the attackers were a mystery meat conglomeration of basketballs and kebabs. That would be horribly racist of you. And the gothic majesty of Cologne’s High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary, home to a 13th century reliquary and site of Catholic Pilgrimage, pelted with fireworks by Muslims, but secular modernity does not care about that. The events of Cologne have been co-opted as a women’s rights issue. Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

The Retreat of the State

The decline of the West is not going to be announced by those in charge, not least because the state garners loyalty and obedience from its citizens by way of its ability to protect them and provide them with various rights and services, or at least having the appearance of being able to do so.

If the state cannot do this, or cannot maintain the facade, citizens will begin to question the benefit of remaining loyal and obedient to an already distrusted Continue reading The Retreat of the State

Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

Thousands of Africans, mostly Muslims, almost all of them fighting aged males, are swarming in Calais and trying to breach the railhead and gain entry to England. In response the English look to their politicians and demand that they do something.

They’re confused why a Conservative government is not doing anything. For the ruling classes these Africans represent thousands of cheap workers and consumers. They will continue the de-culturing of the European empire and their dysfunctional African behaviour will be an excuse for a militarised police force and more invasive state surveillance. Continue reading Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model

I’ve lived and worked in Afghanistan for eights years. I’ve watched the results of ethnic chaos and diversity and the way parallel power structures emerge in the wake of a weakening nation-state. There is much happening in Afghanistan that could show a possible future of Europe if it continues on its current trajectory. Living and surviving here has given me more than a few ideas about how to survive what is coming to Europe. Continue reading Decline of Europe: Afghanistan Model

I Was A Conservative Once

I was a conservative once. But today’s conservatives are no longer conservative. A word has entered the modern lexicon: conservakin. Those who identify as conservative, but who are not. They are conservative in name only, those who conserve only the status quo and the incremental victories of the left, those who ultimately have failed even to conserve conservatism itself. If they cannot even conserve their own principles, then they cannot be trusted to protect us and our civilisation. A newer, more humorous term has also emerged: cuckservative. Continue reading I Was A Conservative Once

The Quest for the Soul of Europe

I am back at work after a couple of weeks off in Europe. Time was short and I did not get to meet everybody that I wanted. Those of you I did meet reaffirmed my faith in the European people and their desire to take an active part in their own salvation. I feel a rising energy in the whispered conversations between men who have just had enough. It’s good for morale to get away from the internet outrage and find that there are men who think just like us. We’re not just going to voice our dissent, we are going to do something about it. Continue reading The Quest for the Soul of Europe

Austerity, Gold and Iron

The austerity protest plebs are at it again. Just like they did after the UK general election, the leftist agitators have been clogging up the streets of London. They brought with them their self-appointed millionaire drug-addict spokesmen Russell Brand and Charlotte Church to tell you that all they want is your money and they don’t care how they get it. Continue reading Austerity, Gold and Iron

The Cries of Moderates

After every murderous atrocity committed by Islamists we have the Newtonian reaction from the ‘moderates’. In addition to watching our European brothers and sisters killed, raped and tortured by aliens, we then have to endure the further suffering of listening to the lectures of the so-called moderates. Continue reading The Cries of Moderates

The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

The dust has barely settled on the UK general election and the leftie protests have hit the streets already. They are content when they can subvert democracy for their own purposes, but when they cannot they reveal their true colours and turn on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: these people do not believe in democracy, and neither should you.  Continue reading The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

Reflections On The UK General Election

I’m watching the wreckage of the UK elections. The pretend conservatives won by the way. The pretend ‘conservatives’ that believe in conserving gay marriage, uncontrolled third world immigration, EU membership and a complete lack of will and ability to deport dangerous criminals from our lands.

So essentially the Labour Party of a few years ago, but with a blue badge. Continue reading Reflections On The UK General Election