Reaction to the Paris Attacks

The reaction to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Paris has been utterly predictable. Politicians calling for unity and the unbreakable spirit of democracy. People castigating religion. Almost everybody missing the point, although some are slowly beginning to get it.

It’s clear now that Europe is now facing a series of converging crises: financial collapse, the struggle to meet energy demands, a corruption of morals, Islamic terrorism, a declining native population and a foreign invasion. These crises are now coming into focus so sharply as to be impossible to ignore. This is the shock of history that Dominique Venner predicted. Continue reading Reaction to the Paris Attacks

The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Arktos have recently published an English translation of Dominique Venner’s The Shock of History. Dominique Venner was a prolific writer and historian but so far little of his work has been translated into English aside from a few tantalising snippets and quotes.

Before he was a writer Venner was a soldier and political activist. He served as a paratrooper, fighting on the French loyalist side in the vicious Algerian war. Then he was a member of the dissident far-right paramilitary Organisation of the Secret Army which tried to overthrow the de Gaulle government. Continue reading The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

De-Programming Modernism

We revolt against the modern world but we are still contaminated by it. We were born into, educated by it, and must live and work within it to some degree. We recognise modernity as the problem but we are still surrounded by it and allow it space inside our heads. We are still plagued by modern ways of thinking that go against our European ethos. Our inability to solve modern problems is in part due to our inability to think outside of the modern world and the palatable options it presents to us. We need a return to the ancient, noble and heroic instead of the modern and prosaic. Continue reading De-Programming Modernism

Learn to Embrace Hardship And Danger

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny…”

― C.S. Lewis

The Nature of Man

Man has always asked questions. Questions about ourselves and the world around us. We asked these questions and found answers. In a time long forgotten we learned to secure a sharp piece of flint on the end of a sturdy stick. We discovered the secret of fire, and then the wheel. Advances in agriculture allowed us to feed much larger populations. Our broadening knowledge of the stars allowed us to navigate around the entire world. Advances in health and medicine decreased child mortality and allowed our populations to flourish and grow. Our Industrial Revolution allowed us to manufacture things on a massive scale and travel great distances very quickly. We harnessed electricity, which would have looked like sorcery to our distant ancestors. Then we split the atom, with its Damoclean consequences of easily accessible energy and utter destruction.

Continue reading Learn to Embrace Hardship And Danger