Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

We are all supposed to be feeling pity and outrage for the girls of Cologne. But we are only allowed to be sorry and angry in the right way. The wrong way is to mention that the attackers were a mystery meat conglomeration of basketballs and kebabs. That would be horribly racist of you. And the gothic majesty of Cologne’s High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary, home to a 13th century reliquary and site of Catholic Pilgrimage, pelted with fireworks by Muslims, but secular modernity does not care about that. The events of Cologne have been co-opted as a women’s rights issue. Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

Trump, Borders and Masculinity

A man in America makes the sensible suggestion that a nation should control who lives within its borders. Leftists around the world cry, shake and audibly fill their delicate underwear. Although I am thoroughly anti-democratic, watching the Trump Train gather up a head of steam is a lot of fun to watch. Continue reading Trump, Borders and Masculinity

The Solution We Do Not Want

The natural world is one of balance. When equilibrium is disturbed Nature takes corrective action to restore balance. Le Châtelier’s Principle states that when a system in equilibrium is subjected to a stress, the system will adjust in order to counteract that stress and a new equilibrium is achieved. Le Châtelier was concerned with chemistry, but his principle translates to a wider array of systems. Continue reading The Solution We Do Not Want

Thoughts and Observations on the Modern Man

A guest post on modern masculinity by Victor Vogt of The Deringer Files

The Types of Modern Man

In his modern skinny suit, a cheap imitation of one from the sixties and designed for a little boy, and his hipster beard to make him look rugged, though he wouldn’t last an hour in the wild without his smart phone to keep him entertained and moving in the right direction, he sits in his neighborhood Starbucks texting and swiping away while his overpriced late is getting cold. Continue reading Thoughts and Observations on the Modern Man

The Legion and Women

A common theme in ‘the manosphere’ is the idea of the pedestal. That is, the idea that men place women on a pedestal, and in the case of modern women, it is a pedestal that they do not deserve.

The Legionary view of women is that they are the bearers of the next generation. They carry within them the miracle of life. The future of the European nations lies in the wombs of our women. The modern woman has been led away from and tradition and motherhood in one of the greatest but saddest con-tricks in history. But how do we square this traditional view of women with the real world? Continue reading The Legion and Women

The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

The dust has barely settled on the UK general election and the leftie protests have hit the streets already. They are content when they can subvert democracy for their own purposes, but when they cannot they reveal their true colours and turn on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: these people do not believe in democracy, and neither should you.  Continue reading The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

Fiction: Noises In The Dark

In a small gloomy bedroom a man lays back in his bed, turns over onto his side and closes his eyes. A dusty bedside alarm clock blinks at 03:47. It’s been a hard night but he smiles and closes his eyes.

He’s a taxi driver that moonlights in people trafficking and child prostitution. Or Continue reading Fiction: Noises In The Dark

The Looming Spectre of Male Contraception

The Female Contraceptive Pill

Following the rise of the Third Reich, Jewish scientist Carl Djerassi fled Austria and eventually settled in the United States. His reward to the country which took him in and protected him was the invention of the oral contraceptive pill. This Jewish invention chemically sterilised millions of women in America and the West, during their most fertile years and enabled them to leverage their hypergamy and escape most of the consequences. Ultimately female birth control has had many deleterious side effects on women, their behaviour, and consequently society itself. Continue reading The Looming Spectre of Male Contraception

Defining Masculinity Part One: Courage

For as long as there have been men, there have been men trying to define masculinity. If it needs to be defined then it exists and it means something. Being a man has meaning. It has an aim and a purpose.

Modernism’s Attack On Masculinity

We do not subscribe to the modernist lie that all men are equal. We believe that every man can improve and every man can be valuable to society, but we are not equal. Continue reading Defining Masculinity Part One: Courage

The Tragic State of Men and Women Today

I am a man who is vehemently opposed to feminism and I think it is a poisonous ideology, but I am not one of the modern men’s rights activists. Modern man also has many failings that cannot be fixed by more laws and rights. Both of the sexes are in a sorry, broken state but I believe that they can be repaired, and here at The Iron Legion we are going to do exactly that. We are men. We do not complain. We overcome. We build.

Continue reading The Tragic State of Men and Women Today