Trump, Borders and Masculinity

A man in America makes the sensible suggestion that a nation should control who lives within its borders. Leftists around the world cry, shake and audibly fill their delicate underwear. Although I am thoroughly anti-democratic, watching the Trump Train gather up a head of steam is a lot of fun to watch. Continue reading Trump, Borders and Masculinity

If You’re Not A Nazi, You Will Be Soon

If one wanted to be a Nazi – an actual real life National Socialist – in 1939 there was a very clear and narrow philosophy to which you had to subscribe. In the modern world, one only has to think that a hotel restaurant ought to be able to tell women they cannot breastfeed at the table to be called a Nazi. If you think that we should employ an Australian style points based immigration system you’re a Nazi. Nobody in the Nazi Party would have suggested a quota on third world immigration so why is it that people who think that today are labelled as Nazis? Continue reading If You’re Not A Nazi, You Will Be Soon

Separation In Place

The need for separation, on many levels, is clear. This is my outline for a system I call separation in place. It is my initial thoughts, and is far from the actual nuts and bolts of what would be required to enact it, however even this basic outline runs to over three thousand words as it is, so make yourself comfortable and take as long as you need. Continue reading Separation In Place

The Cult of Atheism and The Left

The Cries of Atheists

The militant atheist commonly cries that religion is just a method of control. And herein, they are correct, but simultaneously miss the point.

The fedora wearing atheists wish to kill the Christian god and in his place install the modernist cult of pop science and atheism. Where once the wrath of an omniscient, omnipotent god and the prospect of eternal damnation was enough to keep the plebs in line, now we have pervasive surveillance systems and a hyper-militarised police force.

Continue reading The Cult of Atheism and The Left