Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

We are all supposed to be feeling pity and outrage for the girls of Cologne. But we are only allowed to be sorry and angry in the right way. The wrong way is to mention that the attackers were a mystery meat conglomeration of basketballs and kebabs. That would be horribly racist of you. And the gothic majesty of Cologne’s High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary, home to a 13th century reliquary and site of Catholic Pilgrimage, pelted with fireworks by Muslims, but secular modernity does not care about that. The events of Cologne have been co-opted as a women’s rights issue. Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

Moving away from petty Nationalism

I want to steer people away from blind patriotism and trivial and petty nationalism. We talk about immigration, race, crime and wanting to live in peace among our own people but that does not mean that we believe that one is born a superman or in any way superior just by the virtue of being born White, European or from any particular nation. Petty nationalism is short-sighted, dangerous and lazy thinking. Continue reading Moving away from petty Nationalism

Liberal Intellectuals Want to Fight Racism With Brainwashing

Previously published here at the European Guardian.

Trendy progressives like to assert that nobody is born with racist attitudes and that it must therefore be something that is learned. But the left is sketchy on the details as to where and how exactly these attitudes are learned.

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The Sinister Language of The Left

One of the reasons debating with the left is pointless is because of their control of the language of public debate. They have framed everything in their terms, and by conforming to their frame any attempt to debate against them is a losing bet.

We do not oppose multiculturalism because multiculturalism is not an accurate description of the problem that we are facing.  Continue reading The Sinister Language of The Left

Nothing We Do Is Good Enough For Blacks So Stop Trying

The Voice Of Black Celebrity

One of black America’s celebrities, Azealia Banks, has come out with a hate-filled tirade against conservative white America, and above all, straight white men.

This whining ingrate, made fantastically wealthy only due to being born American and by virtue of white technology has used her position of fame to launch an attack against the very country and people which made her fame and wealth possible. If such vitriol was turned toward blacks or gays the outrage would be scorching front pages around the world.

But there is no media outrage against her comments and this should sound a stern warning to white people everywhere.

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The New Crime of Noticing

There is a very real feeling that crime is rising, especially violent crime, and this perception, and ability to see patterns is important to people’s well being. There is also something else that people are beginning to notice. It is something forbidden to notice, and illegal to talk about. There is a rising but largely unvoiced feeling regarding the nature of crime pervading Western society today, and more specifically, about who it is that is doing it.

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