The Mask of Anarchy

Note: Shelley was an atheist and prototypical social justice warrior, emerging in the wake of the French Revolution. However much has changed since Shelley’s days. The Enlightenment has done its work, in as much as the perpetual revolution of the left can ever be completed, and the world order has since become entirely inverted.

The working man, pulled this way and that by politics, is no better off because of it, and is now seeing the very soul of his nation taken from him. The capitalist oligarchy and the international socialists behind it are now the ones who disguise themselves as Bishop and Lord. It is money and the left who proclaim themselves God and King and Law. This is the new procession of masked villains that must be smashed. Continue reading The Mask of Anarchy

The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Arktos have recently published an English translation of Dominique Venner’s The Shock of History. Dominique Venner was a prolific writer and historian but so far little of his work has been translated into English aside from a few tantalising snippets and quotes.

Before he was a writer Venner was a soldier and political activist. He served as a paratrooper, fighting on the French loyalist side in the vicious Algerian war. Then he was a member of the dissident far-right paramilitary Organisation of the Secret Army which tried to overthrow the de Gaulle government. Continue reading The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Spanish Mission

This post will be of particular interest to our readers in Spain, of which I know we have many, but should also interest adventurous readers in Europe and those Europeans around the world who may be eyeing a return to their ancient homeland in time for the coming battle. A unique opportunity has arisen for those willing to seize it.

There is an abandoned hamlet called A Barca in the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia. It’s one of many in this part of Spain. Rural Galicia is beautiful, close to the Atlantic Ocean and the border with Portugal. It’s hilly and densely forested and marked by rivers and cliffs and canyons. Real rebel country. It’s also of cultural significance to us as it was once part of the medieval Christian kingdom of Asturias, where Pelagius won the battle of Covadonga and began the Reconquista which drove the Caliphate from Iberia. Continue reading Spanish Mission

A New Order, A Call to Arms

A young boy walks across a beach with a fishing rod over his shoulder. Above him at the top of the cliffs a castle looks out over the glittering Mediterranean. He grew up on his father’s stories about the Crusaders who had defended Europe here. Those knights have been gone for centuries but their ghosts still walk the ancient halls. Continue reading A New Order, A Call to Arms

The Quest for the Soul of Europe

I am back at work after a couple of weeks off in Europe. Time was short and I did not get to meet everybody that I wanted. Those of you I did meet reaffirmed my faith in the European people and their desire to take an active part in their own salvation. I feel a rising energy in the whispered conversations between men who have just had enough. It’s good for morale to get away from the internet outrage and find that there are men who think just like us. We’re not just going to voice our dissent, we are going to do something about it. Continue reading The Quest for the Soul of Europe

The Cries of Moderates

After every murderous atrocity committed by Islamists we have the Newtonian reaction from the ‘moderates’. In addition to watching our European brothers and sisters killed, raped and tortured by aliens, we then have to endure the further suffering of listening to the lectures of the so-called moderates. Continue reading The Cries of Moderates

Future Intentions

The Short Term Intentions of The Iron Legion

Gangs of Iron

The interest and feedback from this blog has led me to begin organising the groups of men that I have talked about here. This blog was never about just idle chat on the internet and the vision has always been something much larger. The first step towards this larger vision is informal gatherings of men like us. Continue reading Future Intentions

The Leftist Whirlpool

Since 9/11 and the start of the War on Terror, the West has long been mired in arguments about whether captured terrorists should be regarded as criminals or enemy combatants. Their poorly defined and complicated legal status raises further questions about their continued imprisonment, treatment and interrogation. Are they simply criminals who should expect to receive due process, or are they dangerous terrorists who must be deprived of their rights in order to safeguard the security of the state? Continue reading The Leftist Whirlpool

The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

The dust has barely settled on the UK general election and the leftie protests have hit the streets already. They are content when they can subvert democracy for their own purposes, but when they cannot they reveal their true colours and turn on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: these people do not believe in democracy, and neither should you.  Continue reading The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them