The Retreat of the State

The decline of the West is not going to be announced by those in charge, not least because the state garners loyalty and obedience from its citizens by way of its ability to protect them and provide them with various rights and services, or at least having the appearance of being able to do so.

If the state cannot do this, or cannot maintain the facade, citizens will begin to question the benefit of remaining loyal and obedient to an already distrusted Continue reading The Retreat of the State

Conservative, Save Yourself

I don’t criticise democracy or the modern world because I want it to fail. It is destined to fail. I want you to be ready for it. We are on the downward slope and gaining momentum. A democratic solution is impossible. The high point of this age is behind us. The decline has so far been disguised by media, entertainment and technological progress but eventually even that will not be enough to hide it. Empires and civilisations rise and fall and there is nothing special about ours that will save it from the fate of every single empire that has come and gone before us. In front of us is only further decline, starvation, violence, war and chaos until the birth of a new age. Continue reading Conservative, Save Yourself

Austerity, Gold and Iron

The austerity protest plebs are at it again. Just like they did after the UK general election, the leftist agitators have been clogging up the streets of London. They brought with them their self-appointed millionaire drug-addict spokesmen Russell Brand and Charlotte Church to tell you that all they want is your money and they don’t care how they get it. Continue reading Austerity, Gold and Iron

Your Rights in the Modern World

A guest post by Victor Vogt

All I have ever really wanted was to be left alone – alone with my beliefs, with my religion, with my own kind. I have since I was young, been searching for meaning and a purpose and my own place in this world. It is what all men will eventually seek – meaning, purpose and a place where we belong. There is nothing strange about my quest. It is natural for all men. Continue reading Your Rights in the Modern World

Separation In Place – Thoughts and Observations Part II

Part two of a guest post by Victor Vogt on the strategy of separating in place. Read the initial strategy here, and part one of Victor’s post here.

Future Generations

We cannot – we must not send our sons and daughter out into the world to start their lives as adults without teaching them the truth of the world, without having given them an understanding of Nature and the workings of society, without a spiritual base and a belief in something greater than themselves. We will not and must not allow them to start life as adults in debt. Continue reading Separation In Place – Thoughts and Observations Part II

The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

The dust has barely settled on the UK general election and the leftie protests have hit the streets already. They are content when they can subvert democracy for their own purposes, but when they cannot they reveal their true colours and turn on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: these people do not believe in democracy, and neither should you.  Continue reading The Left Only Support Democracy When It Suits Them

A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub

This post is inspired by the insightful comparison of American and European life by Mark Yuray, and reading it made me think on just how fundamental the pub is to Northern European society, and how we are rapidly losing it in the commercial, inclusive modern society. Continue reading A Lament For The Passing Of The Great Northern Pub

The Nation and The State

Nations and states. People tend to conflate and confuse these two very different things. The words nation and state are often used interchangeably, however they are very different and often have conflicting goals.

Nations and States

A nation is a people, united by common bonds: faith, blood and tradition. A nation has a shared history. A nation has a distinct group identity which separates it from outsiders.

Continue reading The Nation and The State

Separation In Place

The need for separation, on many levels, is clear. This is my outline for a system I call separation in place. It is my initial thoughts, and is far from the actual nuts and bolts of what would be required to enact it, however even this basic outline runs to over three thousand words as it is, so make yourself comfortable and take as long as you need. Continue reading Separation In Place

The Value of Tradition

Traditions are the beautiful rituals and artefacts of our ancestors, handed down from one generation to the next. As a society grows and consolidates they accrete layers of tradition and ritual. The failures are discarded and the successes are retained. They build up within and around a society like the fibres of a tapestry. Tradition and ritual define who we are as a people, and in doing so protect us. Continue reading The Value of Tradition