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Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

We are all supposed to be feeling pity and outrage for the girls of Cologne. But we are only allowed to be sorry and angry in the right way. The wrong way is to mention that the attackers were a mystery meat conglomeration of basketballs and kebabs. That would be horribly racist of you. And the gothic majesty of Cologne’s High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary, home to a 13th century reliquary and site of Catholic Pilgrimage, pelted with fireworks by Muslims, but secular modernity does not care about that. The events of Cologne have been co-opted as a women’s rights issue.

The only allowed reaction is to lament that women are no longer able to walk around city centres alone at night dressed like sluts. And that something must be done about this. By men. Of course.

Women asked for this, and now they’re getting it. Not victim-blaming, but observable cause and effect. The vast majority have had their minds polluted by the nihilistic dogma of the modern priestly caste. They were told they could have it all and that there would never be any consequences. The consequences of modernity are here now.

In America, Obama pulled in over 70 per cent of the vote among unmarried women. The pattern is the same in Europe. I wonder how many of these women attacked in Cologne took part in #RefugeesWelcome and #BlackLivesMatter virtue signalling on social media. Young women, decoupled from their natural role as wife and mother, overwhelmingly vote left, and this is the result: looters crawling over a barren and decaying civilisation as it takes its last gasps of air.

Unrestrained female sexuality and unrestrained third world immigration

Even now, with roving immigrant rape gangs looting their way across European cities with impunity, women are adamant that they should not have to change their behaviour. It has become a sacred cow of the modern West that women should be able to do whatever they want and live free of any consequences. Women want to dress promiscuously in culturally enriched city centres, and they also insist any and all desert tribesmen should be welcomed into our nations. You can’t indulge these conflicting ideologies simultaneously without serious consequences. We warned them about this and they called us fascists for it. If you’ve done the time anyway maybe you should do the crime.

Even now, with the rot of modernity apparent to all who can see, there are still people who push the Leviathan’s narrative. In light of these sex attacks in Cologne, Musa Okwonga, a Nigerian ‘poet’ living in Germany has called for European men to ‘keep sticking up for women‘ and in doing so gained the praise of deranged leftist mouthpiece J.K. Rowling. The subtext to this, being written by an African living in Europe, is that the men of Europe should not descend into racism, but supplicate even further to girls. Girls who voted left, agitated for refugees and who are not having children. How much sympathy will there be?

Attacked and traumatised, Germany’s girls run to men for protection. But they demand we resolve this problem in a way that suits them, that doesn’t restrict their pursuit of hedonism, and without engaging in any ugly racism. Yet another impossible task vomited forth by the leftist vortex. Leftism begets intractable problems which it can only think to solve with ever increasing doses of leftism.

That their demands are impossible is lost on them. Men are expected to resolve these irreconcilable simultaneous equations, and the failure to complete this impossible labour will be the fault of men, of course, and their racism and misogyny.

The Third Solution

This may sound like a hatred of women to some. It’s not. It is sadness, that so many European girls could be so easily fooled into trading away their nature. It is a hatred not of women, but of modernity and what it has done to women. Women will come to realise that while being female once afforded them some victim status, being female-but-white means they will forever be below refugees on the victim status totem pole.

Modernity convinced women that patriarchy enslaved and oppressed them. Freed from the supposed shackles of marriage and fertility they have become burdened with debt, surrounded with frivolity in order to distract them from their role in the European gulag and now it is unsafe for them to even walk the streets of their home town. Motherhood would only take them away from their vital role as wage slave and consumer.

Patriarchy protected them and revered them as the bearers of the next generation. Modernity views them as economic units. Patriarchy regards wives and mothers are indispensable to a nation. Economic units are interchangeable, expendable and ultimately disposable. And now they are being disposed of, to the new generation of ‘Germans’, by a hostile government which has no more need for them, and neither the ability nor desire to protect them. The perpetual revolution of leftism has left them behind in order to chase after even more deserving victims.

While we have been sleeping a deliberately confusing maze has been built up around us. A maze littered with false paths and dead ends. How to escape it? Turn left for women’s rights. Turn right for a police state. Or simply do nothing, go poolside, party with sluts and enjoy the decline until the star of Western civilisation twinkles out forever. But none of these paths will deliver us from evil.

The way out of the maze is to not acquiesce to either the barbarians, or to the fickle demands of the women hypnotised by modernity. It is tempting to abandon women to the world they have wrought. We are not bitter men-left-behind-and-going-our-own-way however, that would get us nowhere, nor would it be right. Instead we should realise the great opportunity we have been gifted to make our nations reject modernity and false-dichotomy politics. Men can solve this problem, but there will be conditions attached. Don’t like it, take your chances in the ghetto. Submission to God and Truth bought them immortality. Submission to modernity got them raped.

Already there is talk of German hooligans and gangs of men organising and descending on the cities to avenge their women-folk. It is an ancient, natural instinct for men to rush to defend a maiden’s honour, but where is the honour in most of the girls of the modern world? Promiscuous but sterile. Given up on marriage and children. Intruding into male spaces and the workforce, but only the glamorous ones. It’s always the boardroom, never the coal mine.

We must remove kebab from our ancestral homelands, and we will, but what is worth defending in modernity? Who would pull this rotten and bloated corpse from the river? We will drive out the invader but it will not be done in the utilitarian name of women’s rights, at least not in the modern sense. The Restoration will be tough, dirty and dangerous work, and men will not fight and die to preserve the terminal sickness of modernity.

The fighting man of Europe has fought and died on battlefields everywhere for God, King and Country. How sad it must be now for German men to have to brawl in their own city streets for the leftover scraps of modernity. How shameful it would be to fight in the name of preserving abortion, birth control and putting women to work in office cubicles and factories.

A nativist uprising, beginning with small cadres, fellowships and brotherhoods of ruthless and determined men, are the start of something bigger, grander than just a petty backlash against immigrants. What a waste of all that righteous anger for it to stop at immigrants. The fire rising now must engulf also those who invited them here, those who agitated for them, those who profited from sheltering them, those who dismissed nativist opposition as evil, those who lied to hide the truth from the people, those who misled our women into modernity and away from Tradition.

Merkel and the rest of the traitorous politicians will go the way of Ceaușescu. All of them will be ploughed into the soil of our ancestral homelands, not just in Germany, but everywhere modernity has taken root in Europe. This punishment and vengeance must be done with such a gravity and ruthlessness so that it propagates a shockwave far into the future, ingrained into the European mind forever, so that nobody dares to do this to us again.

Germany and the European Tradition will arise. She is not dead, but sleepeth.

33 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne”

  1. Absolutely 100% spot on, as always. You take the time to do the work of writing what I want to write (but I do rapid-fire sloppy posts). Exactly on point. It is like I am in your brain. I wonder how many other readers get it. We do not hate women. They are what they are. This has been done to our countries (and white nation) on purpose. How many of these party girls vote left, tweet #blacklivesmatter all day, etc etc (everything you write), and how many, even down, truly don’t understand any of this? They cannot even see the most basic, obvious inconsistencies, such as feminists agitating against “rape culture” all day when it’s made up white frat boy stuff, again blasting white men when we say keep out immigrants and control dindu behavior, even after all of the events of the past 4 months, while being pro Arab and African immigration, even after this stuff keeps happening, and how many of these same girls spent the prior 10 years (in the case of a 29 year old) rejected all the beta white men in her city who were simply looking for a wife to be a mother to his kids and who would have been a loving and supporting father, while slutting around half naked in the streets being alcoholic sluts, but yet still to this day ask for white knights, now, after refusing their duty to be wives and mothers to the next generation. I could go on and on but I know you get it, obviously. Point being: none of these brainwashed women even *understands* what I just said or you wrote, let alone agreeing with it.

    I could go to so many levels: the very idea that the Chancellor of Germany or mayor of Cologne is a woman is wrong, in and of itself!!!! The very idea that Hillary Clinton can even be considered for POTUS, let alone a favorite to win, is, all by itself, wrong.

    OMG wow just wow no he didn’t!!! right? Even some who think they are on the right would cringe at what I just said. But just 100 years ago the issue of whether women should be able to vote was very controversial, and millions of people, including women, believed that the answer is “no”. That’s simply incontrovertible historical fact. Now we have women jurors, judges, Supreme Court Justices, and Presidents, and CEOs of yahoo, Hewlett Packard, General Motors, etc etc etc.

    We have a world created by feminist madness. Who did this to us?

    And again, I should not have to say this just like you should not have had to, but I love women. I am a father of daughters, and I have a great, traditional sexy woman in my life who might give me more kids, and I even “love” my ex wife in that I appreciate her for giving my children and being a good mother, and I have a mother and a sister, etc etc etc. We on the right are correct and legitimately angry because the women we love, our daughters, are in this world of leftist madness that was created by the left!!!

    Leftists: you won, don’t you see?!? Today, on January 8, 2016, we have the world for which you have fought for 70 years!!!

    And yet leftists don’t understand the glaring inconsistencies in their views or the fact that their policies have been terrible for WOMEN AND CHILDREN more than men!!!

    Feminism was an attack on women (and white families), telling women that the only measure of success if traditionally male pursuits (CEO, ball bashing lawyer, marine in combat, fire fighter, corporate worker); it is literally an insult to “femininity” and motherhood, the role of women, which is not an attack against women or “misogynist.”

    They don’t get it (other than the ones who have done this on purpose). That is why men have to protect women and children even when they don’t know they need protecting. Simple realtalk fact.

    Right now, today, not one of the childless 30 year old party girls who had this happen to them in Cologne even understands what you and I are talking about, let alone agrees with it. It is not the role of women to lead society.

    They know it internally. Every woman knows in her heart that Melania Trump is a more “successful” woman than Hillary Clinton. That is not an attack on women. We are on their side. For their own happiness and the future success of white civilization, it is simply the truth. I want for my daughters a society in which the institution of marriage exists, so they can be married to a good and strong man who will always protect them and their children, for them to be women, not being fierce cubicle office drones who are childless party sluts from the age of 19 until 35, when they “finally” want to look for where all the good men have gone.

    We on the right are the ones who are on the side of women!!! Women always had a vote — through their fathers, husbands, and brothers.

    The mere fact that white knighthood, chivalry, and beta-tude still exist today proves the anti-white-man feminists are wrong. 99.999999999% of white men’s natural instinct is simply to love and protect women.

    The brown invaders did this, as we predicted, and places like the Washington Post cannot even admit their obvious error, let alone apologize for it.

    Sorry this comment is so long. I could go on for 30 more pages.

    1. Thanks brother, and I appreciate the support. Sometimes the best way is to write, and write and write. It’s a great way to get things straight in your own head.

  2. This article also puts recent EU events in perspective:

    “The collapse of the Westphalian state system meant that the foundations for the values they upheld—open trade, open expression, consent of the governed, and universal human rights—crumbled as well, and the remaining states of the core region of the world withered away.

    As the historian Edward Gibbon mused when writing about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, perhaps the time would come when the interpretation of the Koran would “be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mohammed.”

    It has come to pass.”

    1. Gibbon was astonishingly prescient in his musings considering the time and place he was writing from. Good article, especially the conclusion. Modernity is done. One problem is that like a mortally wounded dinosaur it takes a while to stop thrashing and snapping, especially when people are still trying to keep it alive. Let it die.

  3. The Overton window is shifted rightward with HANDS, not with words. There is no appeasing women to “get them on our side”. Women respond to displays of dominance. When a man sees BLM burn down Ferguson, they see savage and irrational violence. Women watch the same thing and see sexy rebels fighting for their rights. It’s not brainwashing, that’s biochemistry and it works to our advantage as well.

    My facebook friends are mostly young liberal girls, and what do they WOWJUSTWOW about? Trump SAID X, or Y senator SPOKE out against abortion, or Z IS a racist. Are they complaining about the Germans who set fire to refugee centers? No. Not a single word about the armed mob in Oregon occupying that nature preserve either. Women see complaining as a sign of weakness and they submit to displays of strength.

    I’ve started telling girls that I’m a monarchist (as opposed to “i’m independent”, I don’t really fit into the left/right spectrum, etc) and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Right wing militants have groupies just like the punks do. Staying calm and isolated and weathering the storm of civilizational collapse is wrong. You will get more supporters, more women, to abandon modernity if you raise the black flag instead of raise walls.

    1. Agree fully – although words are a great motivator to get hands into action. Words that stir mens’ souls are more powerful than lists of factoids. The left have always implicitly understood this, and it’s why FBI crime statistics don’t make much headway against the prog narrative. The alt-right needs poets and orators just as much as it needs soldiers and martyrs.

      True also, that you don’t scare women away with strong nationalist or other out there positions. Failure indicates some other defect, in my opinion.

      1. True. True story: My fiancé loved me based on my charming personality and biceps.

        Then I showed her this — — and this — and she insisted on making love to me 4 times a day until she became pregnant.


        Our women want us to save them. They may not understand the source of the problem or what needs to be done to solve it, but in their hearts they want us to take back our nations.

        They did not ask for this world that they were born into. Any of us, man or woman, younger than 45 — we were born into this world when this antiwhite madness was already set in motion.

        My view now is #makewhitebabies. Do not accept the antiwhite “you can’t afford them” meme.

        A baby comes with bread under her arms.

  4. In 2000 my boxing partner was from Sweden. He told me that Swedish women tell the men,” you can have my heart, but you can’t have my pussy, I’m gonna have with many men”
    Looks like the part about sex with many men is coming true, but: not in the way Swedish women fantasized.

  5. I feel no sympathy for Germany… and I have tried to find just a little bit of it deep down inside of my soul… but nothing… somewhere not too far up my family tree – we are German, and my last name, that of a noble occupation and advocate/protector… when I came to terms of who I was and what I was, it was not hard to be proud of my heritage – as mixed as it was… but I had no say in the matter… still, I am proud to descend from the people I descend from… but these events in Europe anger me… they sadden me… not for the women… not for the men…but for the culture and traditions that will be lost… and for Christendom itself… which will vanish if the men of Europe continue to allow themselves to be weakened by their own society… by their own women that have no respect for them as long as they continue to show weakness and by their sick media, and politicians, that care nothing for their countries, cultures, and traditions… this weakness comes from fear of having a label put on them… it comes from fear of losing their jobs for speaking the truth… this fear lingers over them, holding them back from acting like true men – protectors and warriors – Germany has now become like Sweden, a country of broken men, too afraid to speak up and to protect their women and their culture… as men who are not afraid to be men replace the children of Europe with their own kind… and the left is there to silence anyone who speaks out against it… can’t you see the bullshit?

    I know you can… all of us here can… but what will you do?

    There will be no uprising of German warriors protecting their country… their culture and their traditions… didn’t happen in Sweden – and it’s too late now… and it won’t happen in Germany… It has been a week now and any demonstration by the Germans will be put down… and sold as intolerable racism by the press… as the immigrants chose the women they want… drag them back to their caves… or tents… and dominate them into submission… and breed white Christian Europe out of existence… the feminist left will say nothing of this because this must be what they truly want… to be dominated by masculine men… it is the only way to fix their own mess… they would prefer it be fixed by white men… but you keep second guessing your own nature and bow your heads in obedience to your masters on the left… and they roll their eyes at you (pussy) and import more young aggressive men to take control

    The left wants to be crushed… it is begging for it.

    The women want to be rescued… but by force, by benevolent strength… by men of power and conviction and purpose…

    With your permission Simon, a link to my final conclusion on the truth of the modern woman.

    1. Have faith, Victor. Slowly but surely the resistance is forming. Europe is not dead, but sleepeth. She will return to the faith or she will perish.

  6. Simon, thank you for pointing out that we need to remember not just the migrant perpetrators, but all the political, media, and business leaders who pushed for this. The animals who commit these atrocities are just weapons that are being used against us.

    I feel like the elite would relish the opportunity to clamp down further on Europeans.

    1. Michael, thank you. I’m hoping that this invasion revitalises Europe’s Christian spirit rather than a defence of liberal values.

  7. In the book “The case for Democracy” it is argued that a nation that values its citizenry will value its neighbours. Germany does neither. When the citizens do protest, be it on the street or online, they are met with water-cannon or are told that they are at least worse than the invaders perpetrating acts that go unpunished because they were invited by Merkel. The reason the progressives in Europe don’t value their own is because they are power drunk, and we won’t let them stay drunk. So the idea is that the invaders don’t have to value our laws because its more important to import these useful idiots because that’s the price of power for lefties who don’t care about rape or freedom of speech, and it’s more important to provide police re-inforcements for anti-rape protesters than for potential rape victims. As for neighbours, Germany wants to push Eastern Europe to accept migrant quotas against their will even though Merkel was responsible for creating the problem without any type of consultation with the other members of the EU. Germany does it’s will through its latent proxy in Brussels, and threatens those who do not submit to its will. Not exactly a case for democracy is it? Europe’s citizens have been disarmed, emasculated, suppressed and made to feel guilty about everything from colonialism to women’s rights in the boardroom. The idea is to keep the indigenous population squabbling among themselves and create disparate groups, political cults (Feminazis together with Islamofascists) and other strange bedfellows. This way our values are diluted and Marxist Relativism becomes the norm. As GK Chesterton said: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

    1. I agree, in the most part, ‘astralplainer’ (planer?), but I feel it is incumbent upon me to presume to point out to you that I and many others have never been emasculated ,supressed nor felt guilty about our cultural (European) determinants or our belief.

      And here, in this place and at this time, I suspect we may not be alone and if you dig deep enough within yourself and find your faith then all the strength you will ever need will come unto you.

      My Best Regards, Antony.

  8. Thanks for the article. In so many ways I fit the demographic of the females you are referring to and I am not at all offended by your comments and just wanted to chime in. I find these ideas compelling and suspect many people do not want to hear this but I feel it is full of important messages for us to consider. For whatever it is worth, I chose not to have children because I never earned enough to be able to provide for my children, did not have a partner who wanted children and personally believe there are too many people on the plant (population bomb). In short, I didn’t want to add something into the world that I could not take care of in a responsible way. As much as I wanted the ideas of the liberal dream and was one who voted Democratic, it’s destructive and now what we see happening is a perfect example. It further marginalizes immigrants who truly needed asylum, pits a country against itself, pushes people to more extremes and we have a female president, Merkel, who has proved that women are inept at leading. Did I just say that as a female? YES, I did. I do not believe all women are inept but Merkel was not prepared to make the difficult decisions necessary to sustain her people. Leading requires making very difficult decisions and some people are too empathetic to be able to do the job that needs to get done. Our brains have mirror neurons which means that when we someone else struggle, we feel the struggle/stress ourselves and it implores us to help. I suspect this has biological basis for survival. I get how gut wrenching it is to see up close an urgent need for families from war torn countries to seek asylum. Merkel just did not have what it took to execute immigration intelligently. As far as liberalism goes, I get it now loud and clear. A fire in an oven heats the whole house. A fire left unattended burns down the entire forest. Boundaries are needed for sustainable living.

    1. You and your entire generation are a victim of feminism, which was a Jewish attack on white women, families, and children. I could explain this on many levels, but your female brain will not be able to comprehend it, because it requires abstract thought and thinking outside your own personal experience.

      The very idea that you cannot “afford” children or that there are too many (white) people on earth, and the FACT that indeed millions of white men are in a position where they cannot provide very well and don’t want to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free, and everyone is a party slut (men and women) who does not want to get married prior to the age of 35, after the party years, was done to you on purpose. But I appreciate you trying to be on the write side and understand.

      Indeed, women should not be able to vote, let alone be the mayor or president of a country. The history of the world from 1919 until now proves it. Try to understand, however, that those men who are brave enough to flat out say this are the ones MOST ON THE SIDE OF WOMEN. We are the ones who understand what it takes to maintain a functioning civilization that provides the most hope for the most amount of people, as much as can be achieved in this dangerous world. We are the ones trying to protect our women and children even when they don’t know they need protecting. That is our duty. That is how it is.

    2. Dolce!
      So glad to see another female who has come to her senses (assuming you’re American) and thankfully gotten away from voting Democrat. (Though do not assume the inference that “voting Rebpublican” means a damn thing, either.)
      I fully agree with your assessment of Merkel (and others’ assessments as well) that she –because by her very nature as a woman– is totally and completely incapable of leading one of the largest nations in Christendom. It’s like at Mass: only men can be priests, and only young men can be altar servers, and [ideally] only men can read the two readings before the gospel. It’s all biological and tied in to what God declared for us with His Natural Laws, eons ago.
      Anyway, just wanted to say Welcome, and that I’m so glad you are another woman out there who sees things clearly.

  9. Great article. You nail it, completely.

    Like you, I see European men or a traditional, nationalist, honorable bent in a no-win situation right now. The depraved women of today will implore them for protection, while simultaneously deploring them for the manner & motivation of that protection.

    We traditional men should find a way to protect and support our women, but only our women. Let the man-haters and other-lovers engage with the savages without the protection of strong decent men.

    1. I am sure that by the end of this century, our people will not be dead. We will have slavaged at least the defensible regions of Europe. The rest is going to look like Nagasaki.

  10. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the response to a refugee rape spree across central Europe would be so chaotic despite the summer invasion leading up to this. Vigilante gangs and Hooliganism though? That’s damn disappointing, but this is how pacified men will respond to an obvious threat. Then again, I suppose we should be glad that any large numbers of them recognize the threat at all.

    I’ve never been a fan of white knights. They make it profoundly difficult for a mercenary like me and my interactions with them tend to disgust me. They all think with their hearts, rarely with their heads. However, there is definitely potential to be had in getting these European gangs under focused and disciplined leadership by turning them gradually into an organized force. So boss, what’s your plan?


    I must have dreamed a thousand dreams
    Been haunted by a million screams
    But I can hear the marching feet
    They’re moving into the street

    Now, did you read the news today?
    They say the danger has gone away
    But I can see the fire’s still alight
    They’re burning into the night

    There’s too many men, too many muslims
    Making too many problems
    And there’s not much love to go around
    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth living in

    Oh, superman, where are you now?
    When everything’s gone wrong somehow?
    The men of steel, these men of power
    Are losing control by the hour

    This is the time, this is the place
    So we look for the future
    But there’s not much love to go around
    Tell me why this is a land of confusion

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth living in

    I remember long ago
    When the sun was shining
    And all the stars were bright all through the night
    In the wake of this madness, as I held you tight
    So long ago

    I won’t be coming home tonight
    My generation will put it right
    We’re not just making promises
    That we know we’ll never keep

    There’s too many men, too many muslims
    Making too many problems
    And there’s not much love to go round
    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

    Now, this is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth fighting for

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the names we’re given
    Stand up and let’s start showing
    Just where our lives are going to….

  12. It’s All Her Fault

    The right! The left! Is all I hear
    Always screaming in my ear.
    Cannot rest here in the middle,
    While mad Nero plays a fiddle.
    Deep inside I sense more plan
    Than left, then right, and then again.

    Who has done this
    While we, witless
    Chose our checkers by their colors
    Never seeing shadows, others.
    Black for left and red for right
    How we played into the night!

    As we argued so politely
    After work and nearly nightly
    Talking planks and talking names
    Thinking worlds would still remain
    While we pondered o’er the boards
    Moving men and crowning lords.

    Daddy daddy I need money!
    Go and ask your mother honey,
    Can’t you see that I am playing?
    Sly, crown me king! What were you saying?
    No no you cannot move like that!
    Prove it and I’ll eat my hat!

    Daddy look! what do you think?
    Latest style right on the brink!
    Meh, bit too tight a bit too short,
    But that is what a mother’s for!
    Go ask HER now I’m way too busy,
    Can’t play when you’re in a tizzy.

    Let me see now Sly where were we?
    Kids are always in a hurry…
    No he’s too far left for me,
    Friggin commie, don’t you see?
    Ha! I jumped you three times running!
    Bet you never saw it coming!

    Crown your king again you say?
    Oh man what a game you play!
    Saw him on the news I did
    Nutcase! But you say he slid
    ‘Neath the radar with his lies?
    Would that I had balls that size!

    Daddy daddy I need car keys
    Gotta go pick up my main squeeze!
    On the counter, watch your driving.
    A man knows when his family’s thriving
    When his daughter minds his lectures!
    Now she shops for juice for breakfast!

    She’s a good kid, is what I say.
    Line ’em up again, let’s play.
    That woman on the television
    Says women gotta earn a livin’!
    Your move, go on…maybe she’s right.
    Cookin’ for myself tonight.

    A king! She’s goin’ on about
    How she needs a girl’s night out.
    Your move, my man! She says I spend
    Far too much time with other men
    And never hear what she is sayin
    Says I spend too much time playin.

    Says our daughter’s runnin’ wild,
    She’s fulla beans! The girl’s a child!
    I’ll never vote for crooked swindlers!
    Wait I gotta nuke my dinner,
    Now where was I, ha-ha, jumped you!
    So your wife has gone and dumped you?

    And all the time we, crowning kings,
    And goin’ on ‘ bout other things
    Never noticed, weren’t watching
    O’er our heads a beast was hatching.
    (While we thought in blacks and reds)
    Drying wings above our heads.

    Stretching batwing then the other,
    Out of the egg, I and my brother
    Sat so innocently then
    Contenders in a game of men
    We thought, and thinking weren’t thinking,
    We drank, and drinking weren’t drinking.

    And when our vision cleared we faltered
    Where’s my wife and where’s my daughter!
    Here’s a beast, a beast indeed!
    Where is my gun! What do I need?
    To kill this…but it’s move was small
    Just to crown a king, that’s all.

  13. It is an INVASION, Prophesied over 2600 years ago by Ezekiel,,,,, Why are preachers all over America, So Africa, Australia and Europe not telling the people what is really happening??? …..”and thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, 12 to take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land. 13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?” Ezek 38:11-13

    1. Many are called but few are chosen.
      Ever hear a pastor saying he “was called?”

      Are we, the most fortunate people because we can all read, waiting for an “expert” to read for us?

  14. Cliff notes lol To the reader:

    The speaker in the poem is always the dad, the friend/brother of Sly.

    The beast “above the men” is not “the female personified.”

    The egg was there all along but nobody, not the men, nor the wife, and certainly not the young daughter, was able to see it. The four people represent us all.

    The wife and the daughter are “out somewhere” away from home, seeking something they are not finding at home. They know not what.
    Probably somebody to hear them, talk to them, more than anything else.

    (This could easily have been a man and his son out while two women talked and played a game at the table. And it could easily have been reversed to a dad who didn’t say no to his son, and a mom who loved him but paid no attention.)

    The men are trying at least a little: they are paying scant attention, but at least they are discussing the “issues of the day” (as presented by the news demons) and attempting to choose the lesser evil in politics. They aren’t out carousing, they are at the house. But they are playing at what is important and thinking shallowly, so not paying close attention to politics (king making) either.

    But the dad/husband is there and yet he isn’t there, not really meeting the needs of his family. He hardly even hears his daughter, and fails to say no about inappropriate clothes. Sly is never home much, his wife leaves him.

    (These characters could just as easily been two wives who are paying no attention to nurturance and attention needs of spouse and child, and failing in training a child. And also playing at politics, not paying close attention to it.)

    We have all been fooled by the ancient trickster.
    We have not kept watch.
    We have thought but not deeply enough.
    We have worked but not hard enough, well enough, and not enough on the right things.
    We have not done the work of keeping our own culture alive.
    We (the dad who paid little attention, the mom who didn’t say no) haven’t put the time (where is mama? why doesn’t daddy see?) into passing right values to the next generation.
    We have let it slide: spent too much time playing the beast’s games,
    left went far sinister, right was too curious and went following after, some simply went to sleep.

    “Let the ‘experts’ handle things,” we complained, “I work hard and deserve to rest and play in my time off.” We became lax, slovenly in our duties.

    And so the beast only had to snare the experts. We committed the venal sins of failing to watch, and sloth. ALL of us, men and women did this.

    We have for many years, thought we were choosing, but something else was: the parent beast who laid the hatching egg above all our heads.

    And by blaming Eve to exonerate Adam we make nothing new!
    If that choice had been right the first time, maybe Christ wouldn’t have needed to come. We need to follow His actions.
    We need to remember: All fall short.

    We have drunk Christ’s blood but not deeply: we sip now and then.
    We can read it for ourselves, but we don’t: might as well be blind.
    We let others read it and tell us what it says and what it means.
    Some lie seeking money or self aggrandizement or power.
    Others read through darkened lenses:They try but they are not the right guide.
    The only true guide is the one He left with us and told us about:
    The Spirit of Truth aka The Holy Comforter.

    Red letters. The ones you need to heed.

    I will say no more on morals and religion. Off the soapbox. I’m no preacher. The choices are all yours to make.

    Except if someone asks and I can clarify any other symbolism in the poem I wrote, I will be glad to help with the poem.

    Otherwise, I am knowledgeable about medieval values, some knights, and such history. So I hope to write again on those aspects in light of the subject matter I find herein.

    One thing about knightly holy orders: At least early on, they prayed. They cleansed their souls before they donned the cross sincerely saying “mea culpa” and “God please, be merciful to me, a sinner.”

    And THEN they fought righteously.

  15. You always manage to hit it out of the park, Simon. Well done. This essay definitely captures my own sentiments. I want those responsible for this rape, and all their ‘fellow travelers’ to suffer, but not in justice for the victims of the crime here. Unlike the incident in Rotherham, these are fully grown women, all likely disciples of Modernity, a lot like that Krantz woman from Sweden who recorded an interracial porn video while mocking the Swedish national anthem, and ended up being pumped and dumped dead in a rockslide by an African American tourist.

    No, the justice I want is for what this symbolically represents, which is the wanton rape of our homeland by disgusting third world parasites. These migrants don’t know about the West’s ongoing internal war, with Modernity beating Tradition to death with a lead pipe. They’re too stupid to comprehend it, nor should they or do they care. To them, they have arrived in a country far too altruistic for its own good, and the fresh meat that they can get their grubby hands on is ripe for a rape, just as no doubt the generous welfare system will be. These men need to be made an example of, but so do the most prominent females who have supported their importation, the bitch queen herself among them.

  16. My view of this is from Aryan Rand. That through her book Atlas Shrugged, pointed out these problems in the 1950’s when this book came out. What a prophet she is with her books and her remarks about the human condition.
    One of my few herons in the history of the of the last 10,000 years or so.

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