The Iron Legion

As this blog has grown and attracted a wider readership I’ve been fielding more questions as to what exactly the Iron Legion is and will set out here an introduction to the Legion itself and the wider Legionary movement.

At its most basic level this is a blog, a collection of thoughts, writings and philosophies. However it goes much deeper than that. The Iron Legion is a movement that encompasses the men and women who wish to see a return to traditional values and preserve the identity of the European people. We are united by our blood, traditions and values.

Some will be laymen who follow and support us. Others will be militant reactionaries and traditionalists who believe in the reshaping of themselves and our world. Some believe they are too old, too young or too weak to make a difference. If you accept our principles and belief in our vision of a resurgent Europa for the European people then you have a place in the Legion. We will all have our role to play in the coming struggle.

There is something very wrong with the modern world. A lot of people can feel it, a troubling sensation that something isn’t quite right. It might come to them when they are enduring the commute to work, packed into train carriages like cattle, or tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while they’re staring at the rows of glowing red brake lights in front of them. It comes to them while they are sat at their desk doing the same old things they did yesterday, for eight hours straight, desperately trying to pay off their degree or their mortgage or the credit card debt that they were promised would make them happy. It comes to them when they’re dozing in a room lit up by the television screen, when they are falling asleep in bed with their laptop. They know something is wrong but they don’t know what it is, but they know it is getting worse.

If you’re reading this, you probably feel there is something wrong. Maybe you know why and want to do something about it.

Many people at this stage become trivially angry and frustrated with the modern world. Trivially angry people shout, but get no further. We are the men who have become deeply, profoundly angry. Instead of vainly shouting into the wind, we are plotting. We are organising and preparing. We are getting stronger and growing in number.

We are leading men away from the system they built but which has since turned on them in spite. We are building better men. We are building heroes who will shepherd our people through the current dark age and into the dawn of the new golden age. We seek to preserve our people, our communities and the wider Europa.

The Iron Legion exists for the men who are seeing their communities, traditions and identities being eroded and attacked and want to fight back. We exist for the men who know that something must be done but don’t know where to start. We exist for the men who know that the politicians only serve themselves, not the people of our great nations. The Iron Legion is a brotherhood that gives support and leadership to men.

We are not a movement based on hatred. We are only concerned for the survival of our own people. We reject the modernist miracle of equality but we do not seek racial animosity or conflict. It is however becoming increasingly apparent that the elites, either by neglect or design, are inflicting this upon us against our wishes. The Iron Legion will be ready to defend and lead our people when this happens.

The Iron Legion has some basic tenets.

We do not believe in democracy. At best it is an unwieldy mob rule that runs contrary to natural law. At its worst it is an easily subverted and well disguised form of slavery. Instead we believe in a hierarchy based on natural law. The Iron Legion refuses to be ruled by foreigners, plebeians and weaklings. We protect the weak in our community, but we will not be subjected to the bullying and implicit violence of minority activists and those who wish to drag our society into the gutters.

We believe that communities have a right to defend themselves just as individuals do. This right is based in natural law and supersedes the laws of men. Natural laws and rights belong only to those who have the strength and will to protect and uphold them. We are the strong.

We will root out leftism, cultural Marxism and other pernicious influences wherever we find it. The Iron Legion does not debate with the left. We destroy it.

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