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The Quest for the Soul of Europe

I am back at work after a couple of weeks off in Europe. Time was short and I did not get to meet everybody that I wanted. Those of you I did meet reaffirmed my faith in the European people and their desire to take an active part in their own salvation. I feel a rising energy in the whispered conversations between men who have just had enough. It’s good for morale to get away from the internet outrage and find that there are men who think just like us. We’re not just going to voice our dissent, we are going to do something about it.

For those I did not get to meet, we have forged the beginnings of a network in order to vet and introduce volunteers into the Iron Legion brotherhood and its mission. Even while I am deployed there will be a Legionnaire to find you.

It was invigorating to meet so many men of different backgrounds who are eager to contribute to the Legion. It inspires me to push this precious thing of ours further. The more men I talk to, the more I am assured that we are on the right path and our cause is just. Western society is profoundly sick. We’ve watched the political parties of the left and the right abandon the people of our nations in the pursuit of power and profit. Even parties which showed great promise, like the UKIP and Swedish Democrats, have ultimately fizzled out and become massive disappointments. Do not get disheartened. These parties exist only as a distraction to give men like us false hope and to prevent us from looking outside the scope of democracy. All they have done is remind us that there is no democratic solution. Instead of looking for the solution, we shall be the solution.

Going Forward

We’ve talked about the strategy of separation in place and building small resilient communities but passive rejection of the modern world is not enough. The Iron Legion is a military order. The Way of Iron is the arduous path. It is the militant path. It is not a path for the weak or fearful. It is the path of men who set out as outlaws and rebels and who return from their journey as heroes.

This path is not for everybody. Militancy is a choice. Nobody can force you down this path but your biggest enemy is your own apathy. That is what will destroy you and consign you to oblivion. If we do nothing we will remain as slaves and our chains, as gently as they may rest on us, will be thoroughly deserved. I can encourage and inspire but ultimately the Legionary song is something which must call you, and speak to your soul. It speaks to the part of you that knows something is wrong, and must be put right. When you want to answer that call, we are here for you. Find us.

We’re not for everybody. We’re not a mass movement. We’re not street protestors. We are an obscure military order dedicated to preserving our people, restoring a natural hierarchy and physically removing every pernicious influence from within our communities and nations. The soul of Europe is being sacrificed for money and power. We will wrest it back.

The modern idea of freedom is a myth. Today’s freedom amounts to no more than the freedom to work and consume for the benefit of the oligarchs. I speak to men like us and they tell me what they want, what they feel is missing from the modern world, and it isn’t this nebulous concept of freedom. They want a brotherhood. They want order, discipline and tradition. They want old-world masculinity. They want to explore. They want to build something. They want a mission. They want to be part of something which has a great purpose, and they want the simple things like a home and a family, all of which are gradually being taken from them as this broken society dissolves.

Patience is a virtue

I know some of you are angry and impatient for action. I hear it all the time. I read it in the comment sections all over the internet. Something must be done. Brothers, something will be done, don’t worry about that. But it will be organised and it will be just. Be patient. First we must do everything we can to secure victory. We recruit. We form networks. We train. We get stronger. We draw up lists and make plans. We make backup plans. We secure resources. We occupy land. We build. We dig in for the long haul. This is not a flash in the pan. This is a rising fire in the hearts of hard men. This is not going to be just a few broken windows.

It is also my intention to build a real world refuge: a full-time, self-sufficient community, both fortress and monastery. It will be the heart of the Legion, and well away from the tentacles of the modern world. I shall speak further on this privately.

It will take time. We do not need huge numbers of men. We just need a cadre of highly motivated men who are willing to take those first steps down the hard road of iron. In the meantime, let’s concentrate on ourselves. While our enemies suffer equality, we will strive for excellence. Talk to friends. Discuss with them the futility of modern politics. Plant little mustard seeds and see what grows. If they are ready then bring them here. Start your gang.

For those of you that want to embark on this eternal quest for the soul of Europe then we are here for you.

End Transmission.

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