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The Solution We Do Not Want

The natural world is one of balance. When equilibrium is disturbed Nature takes corrective action to restore balance. Le Châtelier’s Principle states that when a system in equilibrium is subjected to a stress, the system will adjust in order to counteract that stress and a new equilibrium is achieved. Le Châtelier was concerned with chemistry, but his principle translates to a wider array of systems.

Economists apply the same principle to financial systems. An electric current induced by a changing magnetic field flows in the direction which opposes the changing magnetic field which created it. Predator and prey populations ebb and flow according to the relative stresses acting upon them. When we get hot we sweat in order to cool ourselves through evaporation.

Groups of humans are equally subject to the consequences of their actions, even though they may be unintended or unforeseen. Fruitful, successful populations thrive. Groups who celebrate a culture of hedonism and infertility will decline. The practices of successful peoples become traditions and those of failed peoples become forgotten. Widespread societal dysfunction, especially with respect to reproduction, is terminal.

Problems take care of themselves. This is often cited as an example as to why unnatural ideologies cannot sustain themselves and that we should all relax about the marching of the various feminist, homosexual and atheist agitations of the Left. Homosexuals, feminists, atheists and urbanite liberals generally have fewer children than more conservative leaning people. Their appearance in society should be regarded as an aberration which will eventually correct itself, in theory. There is however an important caveat to this. The solution you get may not be the solution you want.

What is the real problem?

It’s easy to alarm people to the danger of radical Islam, or indeed any foreign religion or culture. They treat women badly, they’re terrorists, they worship a false god, they smell bad and wear funny clothes. These things are easy to sell to the mainstream population who can salve their conscience by heaping all their problems onto something else.

A much more difficult labour is convincing people that our greatest problems are entirely of our own making, and that it is us that should change. People like having something to blame, and they prefer it to be somebody else. They don’t like to be told that they are a part of the problem, for that would require them to change, do work and not be as comfortable. Blaming others is easier than overcoming yourself. When they can blame Islam and immigration, they can remain firmly rooted in their armchairs even as the world around them falls apart.

With a magic, thermonuclear wand we could create a world where Islam and the entire Third World disappears entirely and forever. An intoxicating fantasy for some, but our problems would still remain. We would still be an ageing, shrinking population. We would still be divorced from our own history and traditions. We would still be ruled by liars and thieves. Children would still grow up without fathers and masculine role models. There would be no mechanism to protect young girls from themselves. HIV infection rates would still be growing faster than your savings account. We would still be exhausting ourselves paying for an enormous welfare state and the useless dependent class it has spawned. Pornography. Drugs. Obesity. The debasement of marriage. All of this would still be going on.

Modernity’s false solution

A fallacy has emerged in thinking that we can combat radical Islam by taking up political positions diametrically opposed to its principles and doubling down on the egalitarianism and degeneracy of the crumbling West. Less religion. Less tradition. More mindless consumption, abortions and gay pride parades. This is the modern false solution to Islam.

It’s similar to the way that libertarianism emerged as the Un-Communism whereby libertarian principles were merely Communist principles turned on their head. Rejecting all and everything of an ideology means that you also reject the fundamental things which make that ideology successful and a threat in the first place. The fight over Islam’s perceived mistreatment of women is a modernist red herring. They marry their women young, dress them modestly and have lots of children. This is precisely what makes Islam successful and dangerous. The West does the complete opposite and it is dying.

Just as you cannot beat Communism with rugged individualism, the fight against Islam will not be fought by strong, independent single mothers and godless progressives. It will not be not fought in order to preserve the rights of slatternly women to walk around half-naked, get drunk and kill the unborn children that arise from one night stands, nor for the rights of homosexuals to terrorise Christian businesses.

Instead it requires a European society which is robust, fertile and devout. In other words, not the Un-Islam, opposed on every principle, but an equal and opposite force, masculine, nativist, European and Reactionary. Indeed, if we do not provide the disaffected young men of Europe something suitably Reactionary, then they will find it themselves in Islam.

Rome then and Europe today

A society of shrieking single mothers and wayward, dissolute men is not a society at all. If a nation cannot do the basic job of reproducing itself while in the presence of a highly fertile and fiercely patriarchal alien culture then it doesn’t deserve to exist, and in time it won’t. If a nation does not produce the men who are willing and able to take ownership of their nation then it will find itself unable to stand against the march of men who will.

Radical Islam is not the problem. It’s a problem, but it’s not the problem. It is not even a symptom of the problem. Radical Islam has appeared and prospered in the West as a natural reaction to our declining society, and our failure to address and correct the problems. Islam is merely one possible solution, albeit a solution we would prefer not to happen. A healthy society should not fear barbarians at its gates.

The sack of Rome by the Goths and then the Vandals was the result of a dying and defective society. Rome was riddled with problems of its own making which it wasn’t willing to solve. The Roman Empire did not so much fall as it was instead fixed. It was not the barbarians who were the problem, but the Romans themselves. The barbarians were the solution.

This would not have been much comfort to those Romans who were killed or enslaved, but with hindsight we can see that if Rome were to survive then it would have needed to have fixed itself long before the barbarians laid siege to Rome. By then it was too late. The solution had been provided for them, although it wasn’t the solution they wanted.

Reading Edward Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire makes one realise just how deep the parallels run between the last days of Rome and Western civilisation today. In the fall of Rome we have our warning from history. Today, Islam is the solution we do not want.

23 thoughts on “The Solution We Do Not Want”

  1. Good article, I would add that mindless anti Islamism is not very useful, except as a possible gateway into more right wing thinking. I know Mark Steyn’s books were my first taste of real right wing thought. But in general, it would seem a lot of the things that will take us back to being a healthy civilization, are doing positive things for ourselves, like becoming more religious or having young men learn skills, or having more children ourselves, as opposed to just complaining about blacks or Muslims ruining liberal democratic society, or how…… “Canadians” are ruining our societies.

    I think part of this line of thinking is bolstered by the general dominance, even post 2008, of upper middle class living conditions. The barrier for a lot of people to go out and try something risky or unusual (like going wandering) is very high while we still having heating, internet, and relative safety inside our house/apartment. Whenever the safe middle class lifestyle starts becoming impossible for most people to sustain, is when you might see the first, hard steps taken to rebuilding.

    I can say this much: seeing suffering makes you more religious.

    1. Thanks Alfred, and yes, modern life still provides a comfortable existence to many even as it slowly unravels. Modern life is not hard and the safety net of a monthly salary is an awful lure back towards modernity whenever one thinks of exit.

      I think that when we enter an era where money offers little comfort or use then we will see real Reactionary change. It’s partly why I think a total financial crash is unlikely – or at least not planned by those in the halls of power. The obedience of a distrustful military, police and proletariat leans heavily on that monthly salary. Government would be very foolish to screw that up.

  2. After 9/11 I began to take note of my surroundings because something kept alerting me that not all was as it appeared to be. Over the past 14 years I have learned that one of the greatest of man’s folly’s is the political system we now allow to govern us all via political parties that commands loyalty from the member and elected member over and above that of the country and its citizenry.

    That has to change, as this kind of system becomes too inward looking and racked with cronyism, and as now shown, panders to lobbyists and minorities who steer the party and government onto their own road, a road that is very much to the detriment of the silent majority.

    Without the influence of political parties, what you have so articulately written on could not have come about.

    Islam is a distraction to the real agenda of destroying the West that was begun with soviet infiltrators soon after the Russian revolution. Without Islam, there would be no need to have introduced the United Nations politically-socially divisive MC/PC and anti-discrimination laws disguised as Human Rights which is now used to usurp all national Constitutions and used to virtually guarantee the eventual demise of the Western middle-class which has always been a bulwark against socialism in all its guises.

    Collapse the middle-class and that resistance to the New World Order will soon disappear. At least that is what the Globalist’s have planned for, that and a new world religion, Islam.

    So, we have several opponents in this fight; the Globalists, the universities, the establishment media, the political class and corporations who are currently driving American policy. Islam will have to take a back seat while we sort out how to take on the Globalists and their useful idiots. Once we have them on the run then Islam can be dealt with and with an agenda that must take Islam out, and for all time.

  3. I believe your analysis is spot on. One can find parallels in the Old Testament Book of Judges and then there are the warnings issues by the Major Prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah.

    Nature abhors a vacuum, so its said, take away “religion” as the leavening of a culture and something will take its place. For the West it is godlessness that has filled the vacuum and the resultant issues range from corrupt governance to a failed economic system.

    When things get bad enough we will turn again back to Godliness and have our strength renewed as individuals and a culture. One hopes there is a civilization left to reclaim.

  4. I would argue that the modern man is very religious.

    Sure, he no longer worships the God of the Bible … rather, he is prostrate at the feet of the State.

    He obeys and fears the State … as well he might, for the State really does have the power to strike him down.

    I think that, for very many, there is a genuine love of the State. I speak often with people who hold a childlike reverence for the official and for the politician.

  5. This was an interesting and thought provoking article. Well thought out and well written for the most part.

    I do, however take exception to your initial generalization that “atheists have fewer children” though. While it makes sense to me that homosexuals do for obvious reasons and perhaps “urbanite liberals” or those who pay through the nose to live in tiny apartments in our country’s metropolises. But I think the argument falls down when you look at those in inner cities below the poverty level who feed off the government’s largesse and are incented to have more children.

    I think the article stands without the strawman suppositions.

  6. An excellent article yet again. I personally was heavily involved in the online Counter-Jihad movement. I bought the book ‘Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me’ by Dutch populist Geert Wilders. I read BareNakedIslam and GatesofVienna on a regular basis.

    Slowly though, as with Conservatism, I realized exactly why they were constantly losing their battles. It was because Islam was strong. They were weak. There is no choice between the conquerers authoritarianism and our liberalism. It is either the conquerer’s authoritarianism, or ours.

    The Kali Yuga is not the end of man. Man survives, but there is absolutely no guarantee which tribes survive. Perhaps there will be no Swedes in the world to come. Perhaps this is a lesson.

    My study has never been “how can I ensure the survival of Occidental people?”, it is “how can I ensure the survival of Occidental Christians?” It seems clear that for this to be achieved, the primary obstacles are Occidental non-Christians.

  7. Of course “radical Islam” is not the problem. The problem, as it has been for 2,000 years, is the International Jew (who are Neanderthals). Same as it ever was.

    (The real, real problem, as we know, is African (quite obviously a different species with an average IQ of 70, just as zebras and horses are different species), but were it not for the International Jew controlling our Western governments and importing them on purpose as one of their weapons against Anglo civilization (others including feminism and control of the media and the fiat dollar), Africa would not be a problem because we could have a simple “no boats or planes in or out” policy.

    I will draw up this simple and effective Constitutional section right here and now:

    No tool or vehicle of transportation, including but not limited to, boats, ships, trains, airplanes, aircraft, helicopters, cars, trucks, jeeps, vehicles, bicycles, or any other mode of transportation, regardless of the number of wheels or wings or propellers, and regardless whether powered by electric or gasoline or other type of motor or by human effort, nor shall any human being, enter or leave the continent of Africa.

    There would be a provision about the effective start date.

    Since Africans never invented the wheel or written language, let alone boats, cars, or planes, we would not have to worry about them invading Europe or North America.


  8. As someone who was once very active in the online counter-Jihad movement, who bought the book by Dutch populist Geert Wilders, and regularly read GatesOfVienna and BareNakedIslam, I definitely can identify with what you are saying here.

    After a while, I realized the Muslims won because we were weak and they were strong. So the solution was not to double down on weakness. The choice is not between Islamic authoritarianism and Modern liberalism. It is between Islamic authoritarianism and our authoritarianism. There is no other survival option.

    As such, my concern has never been for the survival of Occidental peoples, but the survival of Christian Occidental peoples. The biggest barrier to this goal is not Islam, but Occidental non-Christians. Muslims are today pursuing a flawed but ultimately successful survival strategy. We are not, and that has to change.

    1. if its flawed then how can it succeed.
      like barbarians whom wont beat the organized advanced land. They have to destroy themselves, then like vultures just swoop in.
      its happened to all empires when going throught the decadence phase.
      which you can read on by John Sir Glubb the fate of empires.

  9. Very well put. The trick is to realize that “radical Islam” can be replaced with “SWPLs”, ” Democrats”, “Yankees”, “Jews”, etc. and the point remains the same — ultimately our problems are on the inside.

  10. A good follow-on read from Gibbon is ‘The Restoration of Rome – Barbarian Popes & Imperial Pretenders’ by Peter Heather (Macmillan 2013, ISBN 978-0-230-70015-4).

    In his Prologue Heather speaks of a lesson he learnt from his father early in life. I quote it verbatim below because it appears to me to succinctly encapsulate everything Simon has written above.

    “My father was an explosives expert who spent much of his life amongst dangerous substances, A fundamental safety principle he picked up early on in his training was that wherever human activity created a flammable atmosphere, ‘God – i.e. some incident or other – would provide the spark’. In other words safety had to focus on preventing the build-up of flammable conditions, since trying to guard against sparks was utterly hopeless.”

    We now live in a flammable atmosphere which has been ignited by the Muslim spark, and thus we are having to firefight at the same time as struggling to dispel that atmosphere so that it once again becomes spark resistant. I have high hopes for the Legion if enough of us can gather together in a Brotherhood and Sisterhood devoted to that cause. Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.

  11. Brilliant as usual. I feel our biggest obstacle is lack of agreement and organization. There are lots of men who see that our society is degenerating, but there is little agreement on how to proceed.

  12. The solution we do not want is coming no matter what we do, for it is already Written. All Western White populations, the last resistance, are being blended out and defenestrated. What some call the New World Order will then reveal true power, engineered and backed by a roundtable of Synagogue of Satan Jews, sold by the Antichrist bearing RC remote controlled Roman Catholics, and fought by the 100 million men Muslim army. ALL of this is headed up by someone he deems himself “God of this World”. This is his world; the perverted, the profane, the twisted. The battle here is bigger than man and fought on a plane encompassing more than Earth. Control of this sphere is a weapon of war for the next.

    Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

  13. Correct in all particulars. An interesting sidebar to this was that the barbarian invasions of Rome actually reinvigorated it. The Eastern Empire got its act together, the Western provinces rediscovered martial vigor, and things were starting to look up. History looks poorly upon Justinian’s great project, but he nearly pulled it off.

    Then Islam came at the worst possible moment and destroyed this recovery before the process could complete. I fear that today, we are looking at a repeat. There are signs that the culture is starting to turn, that the descent into hedonism is slowing and reactionary forces are building in opposition to it.

    But we must hold off Islam long enough for the process to complete.

  14. good read. And agree. Been saying this before. Modern western man hkas a external locus of control aka feminine.
    All these western keyboard warriors turn white knight real fast to defend the culture they criticize the most and even demand foreigners assimilate to our dysfunctional society when they come. Some what of a crab bucket mindset. Kinda admire that they are able to stay stubborn for their culture and away from our hedonism in our lands. Ok to work at the pig far, just dont wallow in the mud.

    If we cant sort things out with our women whom we are afraid to say no to, how are they going to fight battle harden war torn men. Our boys will mentally break down quickly like our “strong independent women”, after all we been indoctrinated by the self esteem movement too.

    And what is there to fight for(which you listed). Like our best trained soldiers come back with ptsd and hang themselves. Kids in those lands are use to it and have more mental strength and endurance then our soldiers.
    Plus itll be a handful of young guys willing to fight while females,seniors and sissy degenerates wont.
    Not worth dying for them. You will be a villain anyways.
    When you hear westerners bashing other cultures we basically are throwing rocks from a glass house.

    muslim or any other tribe’s higher fertility isnt dangerous. they are reproducing normally, our dead rates are.
    back in the day we all had big families black to white it was the norm, but we felt no threat from anyone.
    replace “modernist or modern” with feminist or leftist or Americanization”. Using modern in its place is a subtle way of bashing tradition as “old out dated or backward thinking”. Modern means anything that exists today even a primitive tribe no matter how old.

  15. This excellent piece speaks much truth. The abominations of the Left may lead us to the bleak future of Eurabia. Cuckservatives also impede any efforts to reverse this process of decivilization. Islam itself, is in fact, not a civilization but a form of barbarism created by a madman. Islam holds many vile practices that violate conservative Christian morality. Hopefully more Europeans, and others in the West, wake up to defeat the evils of Leftism and Islam.

    Much that is said in this article relates to r/K selection. If you haven’t heard of “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics” by Anonymous Conservative, then I recommend you look it up. It is very enlightening. AC shows us a theory that explains the hedonistic tendencies of both leftists and moslem migrants. The theory also explains why the Left is disloyal and wants us to remain in dhimmitude.

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