The Tragic State of Men and Women Today

I am a man who is vehemently opposed to feminism and I think it is a poisonous ideology, but I am not one of the modern men’s rights activists. Modern man also has many failings that cannot be fixed by more laws and rights. Both of the sexes are in a sorry, broken state but I believe that they can be repaired, and here at The Iron Legion we are going to do exactly that. We are men. We do not complain. We overcome. We build.

The Modern Man

The modern man is facing an attack on his masculinity and a blurring of gender roles. The left’s attacks on the traditional family has left many young men to grow up without a father figure and male role model, and further steals much of his hope of one day being a father himself. The modern world has feminised public schooling and universities and taken men’s jobs and left them unemployed and directionless. Many young men, coming from broken homes and going through the public school system, will arrive at adulthood having never known or been guided by a father figure or masculine role model. They reach adulthood after eighteen years of clowning around and learning to appease women and have no idea what it truly means to be a man.

These young men face further pressures and attacks on their masculinity. The natural youthful vigour of our sons is being misdiagnosed as ADHD and labelled as mental illness and behavioural problems. They are treated with medical amphetamines in an attempt to regulate and feminise, their natural behaviour.

Feminising hormones from agriculture, industry and female contraception are in our drinking water. The devastating effects on wildlife are already apparent and these hormones are in our food and water supply.

Most men retreat in the face of these attacks. Their response is often to turn to the government to solve their problems. But politicians in government are deaf to their cries. The government wants more women and cheap immigrants to have jobs. They’re not interested in helping our lost young men. So these disillusioned young men turn their backs on the society they feel has disenfranchised them, and escape into a whirl of drink, drugs, crime and promiscuity or they retreat entirely from society and women and waste their lives with solitary pursuits like playing video games.

These men, some call themselves Men Going Their Own Way, like to redefine masculinity on their own terms, not realising that masculinity is not something you can subjectively mould according to your wishes. Masculinity is an objective set of iron attributes that do not soften over time or bend to suit your own definition.

The Modern Woman

Just as masculinity has been corroded by modernity, so has femininity been attacked. The bright lights of modernism and feminism have seduced women away from femininity and virtue in order to make them anonymous taxpaying wage slaves for the government.

The left and the modernist cult they have created is very seductive to women. The ideas of freedom and independence are very attractive ideas to young, impressionable women growing up. Feminists claim that no woman should want to put herself in the position of being financially dependent on a man. The left’s alternative however, is to push every young girl into university, get her into debt as soon as she is an adult, and instead she is financially dependent on faceless banks and corporations and a hostile government that is hostile to whites and that doesn’t want you to have children. The feminist’s intentions sound noble but their results are evil.

Being married to a good husband who cares and provides for you and wants for you to have children together is a much better deal than relying on a government who wishes to usurp the position of husband and father and is only interested in how much income tax contributions you can make over the course of your life. The state wants young white women to get in debt, become reliant on the system, and pay their taxes. It doesn’t want them to have white children because then they stop being a taxpaying asset of the state and become a burden. So what if you never have children of your own? The government doesn’t care, because there are millions of brown people in Africa and Asia who are having children who can come and replace the generation of children that are not being born.

Women have the freedom to go to college, get in debt and spend their best years working, sleeping around and being as cool on Instagram or whatever else they want to do instead of having children but it a sad, wasteful and hollow use of their freedoms.

People who cannot have children are no less valuable. They are one of us. They have hopes and dreams for themselves and for our society. They still have important roles to play. We don’t value people purely on how many children they can have. That is the attitude of the left, to put a monetary value on individuals without caring about their human value.

However, we cannot escape the fact that the white population is dependent entirely on white women having white children. Men can do all the other jobs, work the power plants and farms and factories, dig coal and drill oil, fight in the wars to defend our borders but the one thing we cannot do alone is have children.

Our men’s sacrifice to the nation has traditionally been fighting and dying in wars and doing the dirty, dangerous jobs. Women’s sacrifice to the nation is bearing the next generation. Family is the building block of white civilisation and without it, it will fall apart. That is why it is under attack by the left.

Modernity Has Ruined You All

This is not an entirely female problem. Men are just as vulnerable to being seduced by today’s false idea of freedom and away from traditional family values. A dog that slips its leash has its freedom, but as a hungry stray it will soon come to realise that it earned its freedom to roam the cold, empty streets at the expense of its freedom to play with children and lay by the fire with its family. The child free life means you can fritter your money away on trinkets and the trappings of modernity but when you are old and alone the lustre of these things will soon turn dull.

The state has cheapened and incentivised debt, thus casting its net even wider for suckers to trap into the system. Once you’re a few tens of thousands in the red and barely out of your teens the leviathan has its claws hooked into you for the rest of your life. Once trapped in debt so you are compelled to work to pay it off and suddenly the vast majority of options in life are suddenly closed to you.

Next step is further burdening yourself with a mortgage because it’s a better alternative to renting. Now you’re just an interchangeable cog in a machine that doesn’t give a shit about you, but upon which you are completely reliant. You need that steady paycheck to service your towering debts you signed up to when you were young and stupid, and now you’re older and wiser and realise the way the system works you can’t afford to speak out against it because your home and your very day-to-day existence relies on you not getting fired for speaking unpopular truths.

Burdened with debt and a slave to the cult of modernism, this is not a good position for a man to be in, but it is devastating to a woman. Women are sold the idea that they can have it all, a degree, a career and when they are finally ready to settle down, a good man and a family. But good, successful men who want a family are not interested in the broken, indebted, leftover women that are a result of modern society. Unfortunately, bereft of masculine fathers, too many young girls do not find out this universal truth until it is too late and end up facing the prospect of spending the rest of their lives working and being used for sex by men who would rather rent them by the hour than pay full price for secondhand goods.

The consequences are appalling and obvious. Modern life has made women desperately unhappy. Twice as many women than men are severely depressed. Half of the UK’s women are on prescription drugs. Record numbers are mentally ill. The others self-medicate with drink and drugs. Modern life is Hell for women.

How We Will Reverse This

The result is the sexes have been driven apart. Instead of working together as complementary members of a team men and women are now competing against each other. This is the weakest and most entitled generation of men and women that have ever existed. Many have no desire for a partner of the opposite sex and those that do have no idea of how to attract and keep one. Men and women have devolved into pathetic groups complaining about rights and striving for attention and scrabbling over low paid jobs while their very society falls apart around them and immigrants pick on the scraps left behind.

There is an abject lack of testosterone and masculine virtue in the modern world and we are going to change that. We are going to produce a new breed of men, in the spirit of our ancestors. We shall invigorate men to aspire to greatness in the style of the warrior poets of the heroic age that wield the sword of truth against our enemies. These are men who will build families and forge a new order of iron out of the chaos and detritus of the modern wasteland. These men will lead, and the right sort of women will follow. The rest will be left behind.

This is the genesis of the Restoration.

13 thoughts on “The Tragic State of Men and Women Today”

  1. Great article, Simon…

    BUT you really do need to take a close look at EXACTLY WHO these perpetrators of this Feminist movement truly are… Mose belong to the most evil cult called Judaism, and they have it in their blueprint for world domination called “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” where they will use this fraud called “Feminism” and the “Feminist Movement” to weaken their major enemy which is of course the Caucasian race…

    You should get up to speed on these most evil monsters and their plans for world dominion… Might I suggest that you start by going over to Youtube and listen closely to Benjamin Freedman and how he exposes the truth about our real history in the last century….

    And do not get caught up in the fraud of “antisemitism”… That terminology was created by these monsters to prevent people from seeing how truly evil they really are…

  2. How did we let things get this bad?

    I am talking to the men… how did we let things get this bad?

    Now, the blame can not rest solely on our shoulders… men before us let things slip too… and the women… well, I think they are the victims of someone’s sick joke – but they are not doing themselves any good by going along with the joke.

    What is the joke – that men and women are equal, that we are the same, that anything a man can do a women can do – that a woman does not need a man… yes… girls are being taught from a young age that they can do anything a boy can do and as they get older the mantra “I don’t need a man” is engraved into their mind… and so they go on with this illusion until something goes wrong and things don’t happen as they thought they would and they get bitter and angry and need prescription drugs to get through the day and alcohol and cocaine to get through the night as they go from one bad relationship to another looking for the right man in a sea of bad men who care nothing for them because they are not worth caring about in the first place… but they refuse to look for a nice man because they are up to something or just plain pussies… as opposed to the ass-hole who pumped and dumped her dumb ass because it is all she is offering – sex… she doesn’t want to cook for him… clean for him… iron for him… encourage him… support him in his endeavors… the man is on his own – but these men don’t need a woman for all of that… they take care of themselves – or can pay another woman to come and do it – so men let this happen – I can see how that conversation went in the “Patriarchy Conference Room” – “So… if we give them their sexual freedom… we wont have to marry them…?” – “Exactly! – Boys, start investing in titty bars… porn… and pharmaceuticals… get some land to sell back to the government to house poor unmarried mothers… and banks to give out school loans to all those poor naive little girls…”

    Well that shit back fired now hasn’t it… and what are the men today going to do to stop this insanity tomorrow… like I said – I have not been part of the solution… I like sluts and do not need a woman for anything other than sex… women have a heard mentality and do not listen to men – they follow other women… their magazines (though owned and controlled by men) are run and written by feminists and homosexual men – the fashion industry is for the most part run by homosexual men – the entertainment industry… homosexual men… and they are all selling women the same bullshit…

    The only way you are going to put things back to the way they should be – back to the way things were in our grandfathers day – is to ignore them… stop chasing them… stop praising them… stop putting them on a pedestal… stop agreeing with them… stop idolizing them… stop encouraging them… Stop socializing with them… stop cleaning up their mistakes… stop supporting them…

    When you are with a woman or a man and you figure out they are a liberal or a feminist – walk away… do not excuse yourself or be polite – just walk away… by acknowledging them you are giving them strength – you have the right to ignore them… use that right – Acknowledge and strengthen femininity… acknowledge and strengthen masculinity… acknowledge and strengthen morality and high values… acknowledge and strengthen Christianity… acknowledge and strengthen traditional families…

    Women want attention – they crave and need it… they will create drama just to get it… homosexual men crave and need attention… they will create drama to get it… the do-gooder liberal needs and craves attention – they want to be praised and acknowledged for all the good work they are doing… don’t let them have it…

    Gentlemen… there is a reason why the most feminine women are with the most masculine men… acknowledge and give strength to that fact.

    1. Yes it has been generations of poor leadership from men that has caused this. It’s common to blame women for all of society’s ills but really they just follow where men lead. Malign Cultural Marxist influences from government and media have led them astray and men have done nothing, partly because it has been enjoyable in the short term and the long term consequences were not fully apparent.

    2. Absolutely in agreement here about ceasing to chase the women whose only value they offer is casual sex.

      I have stopped chasing them. I used to love sluts but now at 35 something has changed. I don’t even like to socialize with them. I’d rather train my kickboxing or read some history, philosophy and work on becoming stronger mentally.

      I was introduced to some vapid slut tonite and she said I looked grumpy. I told her I hated everyone and of course she asks ” do you hate me?”

      I simply said “absolutely” she tried to play it off and said something like “I don’t give a fuck.” Yes of course.

      In that moment I imagined grabbing her throat and choking her with one hand squeezing her coratid arteries until all the blood ceased to flow to her brain and God’s beautiful earth was relieved at one less imbecile breathing.

  3. Forgive me if I ramble a bit as I attempt to express myself in a half-clear manner.

    The difficulty arises is finding strong male guidance. In a world that has so severely lost its way, traditional males are either in hiding (only real to their nature on the internet, for example) or so exhausted and cynical of the “modern woman” that they want nothing to do with her. I’m sure there are many men scattered across the globe who enjoy The Iron Legion, who would gladly rise up and strike down the infidels invading Europe, who kneel in humble servant-hood to the one true Christ, and in general are men of the first order. That they’re scattered is the problem.

    Traditional women instinctively seek traditional men to lead them. Lacking that leadership, we’re forced to take up the reins ourselves. Yet in our heart, regardless of our competency or outward confidence, we tremble with exhaustion. Despite our cynicism over being failed–either by our father, husband, pastor, or all of the above–we are constantly on the look-out. Not for a knight in shining armor to rescue us, but a worn and embattled man to stand beside. Someone worthy of offering our all–encouragement, spiritual succor, and the type of gentle sustenance that only a woman can offer in a dark world. The traditional woman strives to make herself worthy of such a man.

    Meanwhile, our neighbors are strangers. There is no sense of community within our community. Church pews are filled with isolated guests who quietly walk out the door again, still friendless and no less broken. Our acquaintances are eagerly spreading their legs on the second date in a desperate attempt to keep some fellow who isn’t worth the price of eggs, and we’re sitting at home, the old-fashioned and lonely divorcée.

    I realize your blog is intended for and directed at men. But I can’t imagine I’m the only female reading and absorbing, with an ache of longing, your words. You paint a picture of a warrior, not-so-patiently awaiting his turn upon the field of honor. A warrior who desires a warm, welcoming hearth to rest his weary soul at the end of the day. What of the woman desirous of providing that?

    Where is she to turn for face-to-face encouragement, sisterhood, and uplifting words in a world where social media has become our diary and vanity is our golden idol?

    I appreciate what you’re doing, regardless. Men need a place of brotherhood in our broken world, and if that has to start online, so be it. I pray it moves into real life and your numbers strengthen daily. God bless.

    1. Angela, thank you for the honest and thoughtfully worded comment – . You’re right, in that we write this here exclusively with men in mind, although we know that women do read and subscribe here. I’ve long maintained that the right kind of women will be attracted without any sort of pandering to them.

      Just as there are women looking for traditional men, so there are too men looking for traditional women. How to find each other? I’ve seen quite a few ‘How to find a traditional wife’ articles, but never a ‘How to find a traditional husband’, although that could be because it’s not something I’d look for.

      Atomisation of society is a big problem. Also that many men and women cannot publicly be true to their traditional nature because of the dangers of doing so in the modern world. We are a real life military order, behind closed doors and beyond this public blog. One of the things we are doing is identifying locations in which we can build separated communities, retreats, convents, areas in which it is safe for people to be true to their own nature. Fortress-monasteries from which we can truly revolt against the modern world and wage a memetic warfare against it. Primarily in Europe, but we are expanding to North America also.

      1. I wasn’t asking for a how-to guide on meeting men. I’ve had one husband, and while I wouldn’t mind another eventually, that is in God’s hands. It was more a question of whether there’s the sort of guidance available for women that you offer for men. A sister-in-arms, to borrow your phrasing.

        It sounds like you’re describing a modern version of a medieval castle–self-sustaining and constantly on guard from attack. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about finding a small town, a place where you can build a self-sustaining lifestyle and know from whence all your food came, for example. Where neighbors help one another, life is lived in real time, and the rhythm of the seasons begets the rhythm of your life.

    2. You are not alone, Angela. I, too, am a woman and have been fighting this battle too long alone. In this site, I find real men, philosophical companionship and hope for the future.

  4. I am also a woman. I have been a loner my entire life and cannot relate to other women. They are foolish. I come to these sites to read and remain hopeful that real men still do exist and to silently support them. Let me tell you briefly of my own life experience as it directly relates to the issues in these types of blogs, and is the opposite of this article. When I was young, while I was able to find men willing to marry me, they did expect me to contribute financially to the household and did not want children. I can remember specific instances where I unintentionally would “freak-out” my current boyfriend by suggesting perhaps getting a pet, in that they thought I was developing a maternal instinct and might want children. One man who wanted to marry me, but did not want children, came right out and said to me; “You should just marry me. You are going to end up alone and childless anyway.” Wouldn’t you know it but he turned out to be right, as I am currently 50, not married, and childless. Although I would not say I am alone, or even unhappy. Although before deciding to remain childless I did go through the foster, sperm donor questions and decided against it. When I look around me I see many people whose children have turned out to be disappointing, to say the least. And don’t seem to bother with their parents anymore anyway. One other point I want to make which I think is relevant. The one man I did marry, I divorced two years later due to his weak nature, which I suspected before marriage but was a little naive about these issues. He was not as strong as me mentally or emotionally, and was very willing to let me “control” anything and everything. He thought it best not to have an opinion in order to appease me, and he felt more than comfortable having me “wear the pants” in the family. I can’t have this, although I did not recognize it at the time. I don’t have to have the alpha male of society, but he needs to be the alpha in my life. He needs to be at least as strong as me mentally, able to handle life’s pressure’s at least as well as me, and just do what needs to be done regardless of your emotions, like me; but preferably, as you are the man, you will be stronger than me. I think that is the point. I want/need a man who is stronger than me in those areas, and being that I am a very strong person I require a very strong man. Just some food for thought. I didn’t mean to take over this comment section.

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