The Strange Relationship Between Islam and The Left

The Parallels Between Islam and The Left

With Elton John’s attempt to rouse a boycott against Dolce and Gabbana we see yet again the similarities between the gay lobby, its parent, the wider leftist movement, and Islam.

I define the gay lobby not as the gay individuals or the entire gay community, but as the militant aspect of that community. A man or woman’s private sexual proclivities should have no bearing on society and is no cause for bullying or abuse on its own. The gay lobby is the homosexuals that have been weaponised by the left and who seek to invade every aspect of our public and private affairs. Those who believe that a priest or business owner should accommodate to their demands or face imprisonment should they choose their personal convictions over the gay agenda. Those who want to see a greater and earlier sexualisation of our children to include the normalising of homosexual lifestyles as part of the public school curriculum. This is the sinister gay lobby. They make up just a few percentage points of the population but they exert representation and influence over governance out of all proportion to their numbers.

Where once homosexuals were a minority frowned upon by the right,and largely ignored by the left, they eventually became a championed protected class. So small are there numbers that they could not have achieved this organically, or without some help from a subversive leftist movement with an agenda of its own. First homosexuality was decriminalised. The World Health Organisation changed its long-held stance that homosexuality was a mental illness. Then came the creeping advance of gay marriage and adoption. Now even politicians on the right support and protect the concept of gay marriage, something that would have been unthinkable just twenty years ago.

There Is No Moderate Position

We will explore this in more depth later, but there is no moderate position, and conservatives are not a real opposition to the progress of the left. They offer up a token resistance, but inevitably acquiesce and eventually absorb the leftist position as their own. Moderates and conservatives serve to only slow down progressivism but never can never halt or reverse the leftist leviathan. Whatever cause the left picks up always become policy and from there, tomorrow’s new moderate position. Free Northerner explains this concept articulately and succinctly with his article The Centre Doesn’t Exist. This concept is one of the fundamental flaws of democracy. Reaction is the only true bastion against the relentless advance of the left.

The gay lobby, and the wider leftist movement require total submission to their ideology. It is not enough to support their views halfheartedly. One is not permitted to pick and choose what to support based on your own sensibilities. To the left, everybody must follow their agenda to the letter. Even questioning its dogma is verboten. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are two proudly gay men, but being gay alone is not enough to save them from the ire of the gay lobby and the left. They reject the idea of gay marriage and gay adoption and so they are branded heretics, losing their protected status within the left. Elton John attempted to rally the left to destroy these men’s livelihoods, an act of robbery as if he had tried to steal the money himself. Just as the bankers and puppeteers wage a shadowy fourth generational war against nations who do not tow the line, so does the left against people who confront them.

The Left Demands Total Submission

Take the example of the new Pope Francis. Up until recently he was lauded for his progressive views on women and homosexuals but now that he has spoken about couples who forgo having children as selfish, he is back on the left’s shitlist for being a cranky, reactionary white man. To the left you cannot pick and choose to support different leftist policies. You must support every leftist initiative. You may have ambivalent feelings about gays but if you do not support their right to marry and adopt children then you are a bigot. If you do not support uncontrolled third world immigration you are a fascist. The left demands you support the complete upheaval of society to cater to mentally ill transsexuals. The gay marriage agenda, and the erosion of the traditional nuclear family, feminism, abortion, immigration and open borders, the legalising of drugs and a free-for-all welfare state. These are all issues which at one point the conservative position resisted, but ultimately relented and adopted as their own and now defend. Conservatism has failed to conserve a single thing worthy of saving.

The left demands total submission to its ideology and herein we see its parallels with Islam. Neither Islam nor the left can accommodate any dissent to their narrative. Speaking out against the narrative, be that the Islamic narrative or the leftist one, is a victimless crime. Nobody is injured or disadvantaged by my saying that I disapprove of gay marriage, or that I do not believe in Islamic theology, nor could one who was mentally sound claim harassment, alarm or distress due to a dissenting opinion. Questioning and deviating from the dogma of leftism or Islam are not crimes according to the age-old common law of England, but instead they are ideological crimes that threaten the power of those who control the narrative and operate the apparatus of control. Just as belonging to the wrong branch of Islam is a death sentence in parts of the world, so is the left utterly intolerant of critical thought, as it threatens the source of their power. The left’s foundation is built on lies, and so to them the truth is dangerous.


Islam and the left do have differences of course and it is pertinent to address some of these here. The most striking one is the left’s abhorrence of faith in general, which to them is a socially conservative order in competition with their own cult of leftism and atheism. The left however manages to temporarily set aside their animosity towards religion in the case of Islam and other exotic cults because it aids their opposition to their greater enemy, that of Great White Christianity. Ethnic minorities who are alien to the native population vote overwhelmingly in favour of leftist parties. While they may balk at some of the left’s avant-garde social policies, they will by nature be opposed to conservative politics which represents the institution of colonialism and old white power.

This brings us to the next fundamental difference between Islam and the left. Whereas the left is constantly advancing across the front of progressivism, Islam is an ideology with fixed principles. There may be differences in interpretation however the fundamental tenets of their religion are immutable and will never align with the left’s ideals of a homosexual gender-fluid feminist utopia. Of all the major religions, Islam is the one that has proved to be the most resistant to modernism. If anything, radical Islam is growing and crystallising because it is the only real ideological movement in the West that is reactionary in nature. It is the only significant movement which is actively resisting the advance of feminism, gay marriage and the erosion of tradition. This makes it attractive to many young men who have been disaffected and disenfranchised by modernism.

The Coming Schism

Islam is vehemently opposed to leftism and its Marxist tenets. Islam is a patriarchal society which is diametrically opposed to the left’s agenda of feminism. Theocratic Muslim states don’t pander to homosexuals, they execute them. Neither do they tolerate leftists of any stripes when they have the luxury not to. After the Iran-Iraq war the Ayatollah ordered the execution of thousands of traitorous communist prisoners. A patriarch bringing the hammer down on swathes of his enemies with a wave of his hand. It was a purge of a beautifully reactionary nature and proportions.

It is lost on Western leftists that they would be the first people to the gallows under an Islamic regime. How they propose to contain the monster they have invited to our lands remains to be seen, and as the left continues to propose increasingly degenerate social policies, this will bring them further into conflict with an unintegrated Islamic population growing in numbers and confidence.

The modern leftist is an ideologue but he doesn’t have the faith and resolve of his Muslim adversary. His childish whining for an equal society is no match for the ardent zeal of the mujahid. There is a coming schism between Islam and the left, and when it happens the rainbow gay pride parades, the obnoxious feminists, the trannies, the drug addicts and the degenerates will crumble and cower at the feet of the culture they invited to our countries.

The left have created a monster they cannot control. They will beg The Patriarchy for help, but they will find no shelter in our arms.

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