The Value of Tradition

Traditions are the beautiful rituals and artefacts of our ancestors, handed down from one generation to the next. As a society grows and consolidates they accrete layers of tradition and ritual. The failures are discarded and the successes are retained. They build up within and around a society like the fibres of a tapestry. Tradition and ritual define who we are as a people, and in doing so protect us.

Modernity’s Erosion of Tradition

Traditions are powerful identifiers of who we are but they are not invulnerable. Modernity is in the business of stripping away traditions, much like peeling away the layers of an onion. These traditions, rituals and morals of our ancestors, the protective layers of the onion, insulate the core, society from outside influence. They protect it from hostile, foreign cultures and sinister influences within our own borders. They are a barrier to corruption and rot. Eventually when all the protective layers are gone, a society is nothing but the soft, bare flesh, ripe for the crows of other cultures to pick over.

The left’s push for gay marriage is not rooted in equality or fairness. It is part of its convert or die strategy. It is motivated out of a desire to devalue the institution of marriage itself. It wants to weaken marriage as a traditional ritual of love between a man and a woman because doing so corrodes society and blurs the lines that define us. Instead we get a modern iteration of marriage which is bereft of tradition and is just a contractual obligation between people and the state, and a celebration of sodomy.

Aristotle wrote in his work Nicomachean Ethics “…these virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions.” American philosopher Will Durant paraphrased Aristotle for more modern ears: “…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” In other words, we do not do noble things because we are noble, but we are noble because we do noble things. We are defined by our actions, and particularly those actions we repeat. These are our rituals, our traditions. This idea is translatable to society as much as it is the individual. We are what we repeatedly do, not just as individuals, but as a group.

The Good Guys

Tradition and ritual define and identify us, both amongst one another and to outsiders. The wearing of a cross signals to other Christians that I am one of you. We are on the same team. We are the good guys. Traditions different to our own, or an absence of them, identify outsiders who could be harmful to our group. As our traditional barriers are eroded, our distinct identity is weakened and with it our ability to identify threats to the group. For any group, be it a nation or a gang of outlaws, it is imperative for members to be able to identify those who are in the group, and those who are not. If as a result of our traditions being eroded, we have difficulty identifying ourselves, it becomes much more difficult to identify those among us who would do us harm.

A lack of tradition means one society is much like another, and they are easier to control and herd together. This is the task of the globalists, to peck at and strip away our society’s protection so that all cultures are a morass of raw, soulless flesh, each one indistinguishable from the other. Their end game is a drab, featureless army of identically brown people with no religion, no tradition, no sense of identity and loyal only to the state. When you hear the leftist say ‘there is only one human race’, this is what they are speaking of.

It is the sum total of all of the protective layers that work together to protect the core. It is not just one ritual or tradition which works in isolation and often the individual layers are not aware of the role they or others play and are often coaxed by the forces of globalism into attacking one another, the way that atheists or the hobby pagans attack Christianity.

Defending Traditions

It seems to be a trend in this fast-paced and rootless world to condemn religion, and particularly Christianity when it is one of the layers of tradition which have protected us for so long, and continues to do so. Europeans have a pagan past and it too defines who we are, but that should not be used as a position from which to attack Christianity. The left love to see pagans turn on Christians. Christianity’s protection of us is precisely why it is under attack by the forces of globalism. It is one of the modernist’s tactics to set individual traditions and protective layers against one another, and we do not do what they want. The left is a cult, and it cannot tolerate anything which it regards as a false idol. Tradition has no monetary value, so the modern world deems it irrelevant. There is no profit or tax revenue to be made so modernity casts it aside. Religion, tradition, national identity are all enemies of the left.

The globalists impress upon us that ‘they’ are just like us, whether the ‘they’ are homosexuals, immigrants, urban black criminals, alien religions or any other group that is not us. It’s not working however, and many of us are noticing. We are different. For the globalist plan to work, they need to eradicate our traditions, those unique rituals that identify us and separate us from them. The left wants to replace Christmas with a vague winter festival holiday season. Leftists want to replace our proud national histories with progressive white guilt dogma. The leftists want to have us all wearing football shirts, staring at our televisions and eating processed shit out of cardboard boxes, too stupid and distracted to remember our heritage and histories.

The I fucking love Science! progressives like to lecture us that the beauty of science is that ‘it is true whether you believe it or not.’ Tradition has an importance that is cannot be measured by science. This is not an anti-science position. The scientific method has its place and science has given us countless fantastic advances which make our lives better, but as a people we would survive without science. After all, even the African proliferated without ever inventing the wheel or a written language. What the progressives fail to grasp is that society can be in simultaneous ascent and decline. We have never been so technologically advanced, but birth rates are falling and our morals are in the gutter. We have ever

Science tells us that we share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees, but one does not need the weight of academia to know that we are not 98% ape. There is more to us than just our place of birth, or where we happen to be living. There is more to us than what can be measured by science alone.

We could survive a world without science, but we will not survive without the cohesive group identity that our history, traditions and rituals provide. This is not benign progress. We are entrenched in a cultural war. More accurately, the attack on tradition is one aspect of a multidimensional fourth-generation war. Attacks on our traditions and rituals are attacks on us a people. Take it personally, mobilise and defend our traditions.

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  1. Good article, but i must add something. The problem of losing tradition, as i see it, lies in the Industrial Society. Why? When the Industrial Revolution happened in England in the beginning of the 19th century, it changed everything. Before the revolution, most of the population ( i would say more than 70%) lived in rural areas, which means that most of their children grow up with the parents. They went with them on the fields, hunting, herding etc. It was the traditional family. But after the revolution, the industry needed a lot of workers, so they brought the peasants to work in factories, mines etc. And that destroyed the traditional family. How? People work jobs, both men and women, where they can’t take their children with them, so our children are raised by the State, or babysitters, school teacher, in other words, strangers. We don’t raise them. And that’s the price we pay in order to have computers, cars, electricity etc. Many people don’t realize this, but ..
    Also they have a conflict of ideas. Let’s say a child is born into a christian family, but then it goes to school and their they teach him/her that there is no god, that gay marriage is ok, etc. The kids don’t know who to trust, and who is right. But, all of us, living in this industrial hell don’t have any other option except to send our kids to be educated by the state. Well, most of us. Especially from poor European countries.

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