Trump, Borders and Masculinity

A man in America makes the sensible suggestion that a nation should control who lives within its borders. Leftists around the world cry, shake and audibly fill their delicate underwear. Although I am thoroughly anti-democratic, watching the Trump Train gather up a head of steam is a lot of fun to watch.

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Trump isn’t the answer, because the answer does not lie in democracy. Trump alone won’t save America even if he were to become President of the United States, but he should at least cause a wry smile on the face of Reactionaries. Not least because of the tearful and terrified reactions he has brought out in leftists, but also because he has proven that it is possible to nudge the Overton Window rightward, despite the conservatives’ consistent failure to do so for at least the last hundred years.

More pointedly, he’s also managed to wrinkle the noses of many who wrongfully consider themselves conservative, even on this side of the Atlantic. After Trump mentioned that parts of London were lost to radical Islam, Mayor of London Boris Johnson weighed in with his typical cuckservative buffoonery, confirming himself and the rest of the UK Conservative party’s role as false opposition to leftism. Like most mainstream conservatives, in reality deracinated classic liberals, instead of stopping or reversing leftism, they stand at the right hand edge of the Overton Window and say, ‘no farther right than this.’ When Europeans finally learn to throw out conservatism we’ll solve leftism.

The Art of the Deal

What is really interesting about the Trump show is that we are a long way off any sort of election, but leftists and cuckservatives are panicking as if Trump were already President. A large part of this is because Trump bowls around talking and acting as if he already was the President. He assumes the sale, as Heartiste would say. In all, he acts as if he has been sipping the crimson wine at the Chateau for years.

Trump isn’t popular merely due to his tapping into a rising anti-immigration sentiment though. That’s been done before and hasn’t taken off. What he has done differently to anybody else before him is to barge into politics with a massive pair of balls and no desire to appease anybody, and he has generated a cult following because of it. He’s a breath of old-timey, masculine cologne in an increasingly feminine world.

Trump has managed to cultivate his populist following by being the most masculine figure on a very weak stage.

Everything he does, he does with the absolute conviction that he is right. His confidence is cast iron. He is always on the offensive. He knows that powerful oratory is more convincing than awkwardly mumbling about race and crime statistics. He doesn’t feel bound by the rules with which conservatives normally restrict themselves. He never apologises. He’s never defensive or butthurt. He’s brash, and sometimes insulting. He suggests that some people need ‘roughing up’. He always holds his frame. He has no respect for his opponents on the left. He doesn’t get drawn into the circular arguments they love when he can just mock them instead.

And as a last resort he has that hilarious smug look as if to say when this is all over he’s going home to ten billion dollars and a hot Eastern European supermodel wife. He’s a rogue, a successful one, and both the left and right are floundering when it comes to knowing how to deal with him.

Borders Are Masculinity

Trump must be doing something right, in as far as you can do anything right in a democracy, as I’ve never seen leftists so genuinely frightened. But what Trump and other nationalist populists propose isn’t anything particularly radical. The ideas of having borders, excluding dangerous and undesirable people, and laws which exist to serve the people of that nation would have sounded like sound common sense to men like our fathers and grandfathers, not to mention the countless generations of men that came before them.

That Trump’s ideas sound so radical and abhorrent to most people today is evidence of the decline in masculinity in the West, and more specifically, the separation of man from his ancient role and true nature as warrior and guardian of the tribe. A healthy and virile nation should not want to be penetrated by other cultures, and should resist it in any way possible. It should be a source of great shame to see one’s nation overrun, not something to be dressed up as diversity and celebrated.

Trump is attacked by nominal conservatives, which shows that even conservatism has not escaped the modernist rot of emasculation. Modern conservatism, like the modern man, is soft, fearful and feminine. Trying to be all things to all people and succumbing to reasonableness in an attempt to remain popular instead of addressing the reasons why it became unpopular in the first instance.

Instead of fulfilling his masculine nature, the European man would rather join the leftists and women in attacking the Trumps of this world, not realising that those women may have their own evolutionary reasons for wanting a horde of dangerous and exotic barbarians to compete with the men of the West. What women want is not necessarily good for civilisation, and men are supposed to say no to them, not give them everything they want and suck up to them on facebook.

The leftists are sometimes right. Borders are artificial. You can’t see them from space. They had to be made, and were made for the purpose of protecting what is inside them and defining who is a part of civilisation and who is the barbarian. And they were made by men. The business of fences, walls, castles, borders and nations is the business of men.

The West, led by the opinions of its single mothers, makes little effort to resist its own colonisation, and is indicative of a deracinated and emasculated people offering themselves up to the violent barbarians as a peace offering, in the hope that they may be permitted to survive as court eunuchs while their lands and women are plundered.

The European man has lost the connection with himself, with his nature, his place in the world, his ancestors, his destiny and ultimately his God. In a world where both masculinity and femininity are attacked and smeared together into irrelevance, people lose sight of who is the protector and who is protected. This is a much deeper lying problem that can’t be fixed by political grandstanding or building a wall.

21 thoughts on “Trump, Borders and Masculinity”

  1. lolzozozoz. The tribe, indeed, is finding all of this so #scary that they are getting verklempt.

    Obviously a nation has the right to decide who may enter its borders. This is our country, and we shall decide who gets to live here.

    Every Eskimo law professor saying Trump’s proposal is “unconstitutional” should be disbarred.

    I know the authors of this blog don’t believe democracy or the Constitution is the answer, but even under the blue pill “PC” idea that we’ll use the Constitution, the Eskimos’ and traitors’ crying over this issue is laughable. It is simply beyond the scope of any scintilla of reason to suggest that the United States Constitution provides any rights whatsoever to a citizen of Saudia Arabia or Syria who has never even been inside our borders.

    There are parts of the United States Constitution that provide rights to certain “people” who are not “citizens”, but those “people” are ones who are already lawfully in the country for some reason. For example, a tourist. The State may not deprive them of life without due process of law. It’s literally that simple.

    The United States Constitution does not give any foreigner outside our borders any rights whatsoever.

    Even under the double blue pill idea that we need to resort to case or statutory law on this issue, there are statutes and cases that expressly support what I’m saying. I’m too tired to bother looking them up right now, this issue is so stupid. Others have posted the information all over the internet.

    But Simon, what is your answer to this problem — white people who are being brave and trying to do exactly what you suggest are simply getting arrested and jailed:

    5,000 is apparently not enough. It’s the problem of externalities or “the prisoners’ dilemma”, or something like that (plus the additional problem you Europeans have: being disarmed?).

    In the United States, if 500 or 5,000 men try to rebel, they’d be crushed. We all need ESP and to know that all 50 million of our fellow gun owners will join in at the same time, or that the “oath keepers” will be on the right side.

    It appears not enough of them will be, and it will take the collapse of the fiat monetary system to be the catalyst.

  2. On Trump
    I only want to ask him one question – actually only on question to any would be president or king or leader of any kind… “Will you continue to borrow money from a privately owned for profit bank with interest, or will you produce debt free national currency for the people?” – if Mr. Trump feels it is in the best interest of the people he wishes to lead by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve… then you can expect the same bullshit or things to get worse… deal with it. It is the only issue.

    On Borders
    As an immigrant to the United States – someone one who had to abandon the culture he was born into and learn a new language and integrate into a new society… work hard, register for the selective service and pay taxes… I am told I don’t have a say in this… but The United States is a country where I have to get permission from a tax supported bureaucrat to build a shed in my garden… either we ended up with the country we actually wanted or someone else is making the decisions for us and ignoring the will of the people. I do not go to gay bars – I do not want to be there. I do not go to Starbucks – I do not like their product and can’t stand the people that are there. I do not shop at Walmart – I will go out of my way to shop anywhere else… these are my choices, for as long as I am still aloud to make those choices without some one labeling me something negative. My point – if there is one – I do not want to be where I do not want to be. I no longer wish to be a citizen of the United States but giving back that piece of paper called my Citizenship Certificate is not as easy as you would think – there is lots of paper work and I actually have to have permission from the government before I can get that freedom… believe it or not… when I am granted permission to give up my citizenship and return to them my social security number… I will leave these borders and never look back… and I will never return…

    Countries belong to the men that build it with their hands and held it up on their scarred backs and bruised shoulders and it belongs to their heirs, Nations are people of the same beliefs, the same religion, the same values, They may not be the same ethnic group but they stand for the same ideals and fight to protect one culture – The United states of America became the greatest nation in history because it was one Nation (one people) united by one God and the people that built America came from all over – but they were united in one dream, in become a new people in a new world… and it worked – because they were Americans… but now… the ones coming here are not coming here to be Americans, they are coming to take America away… and those that are here enabling the destruction of America know exactly what they are doing – the question is why…

    America wants me to stay… but America wants me to change my ways and become a feminized, frightened, in debt homosexual socialist bowing to the state… well… I already changed when I came here… when I became an American. I am not wanted here as I am… so, best that I get out and go find a border filled with my own kind or what comes as close to them as I can find… There are borders I wont cross – I have no need to go to Jerusalem and walk where Jesus walked because Israel does not want me there, I am a Christian and they only want my money and my servitude. I will not go to the whole of Africa… nope, F*ck it…. If I wander blindly into a place I am not welcome, I will get the hell out… what is the point of staying there… I am not a trouble maker but if I am not wanted, I will gladly go… America tells its citizens where they can and cannot travel to but will allow anyone into it’s borders, doesn’t make sense but this is what Americans want in the country we’ve made – it must be, or we would have something else – This Donald Trump isn’t going to change anything – the only politician I ever liked was Ron Paul… a man who spoke the truth and common sense… America did not want him… I am not sure what game Trump is playing but it sure is entertaining.

    On Masculinity
    Believe in something and stand up for it. Do not make apologies or excuses for the things you believe in and the way you live your life. Be true to your culture. Do not abandon your traditions. Protect what is yours, your wife, your children and your home. Do not surrender your honor and dignity. Act more and talk less. Walk slow but proud and with purpose. Toughen up. God hates a cowered. Chicks dig scars. Bad boys get laid.

  3. Democracy is definitely not the answer. It can work with a homogenous population as it did with the US while it was primarily Anglo-Saxon, but in the long run it seems to bear the seed of its own destruction.

    But good things can come through democracy, albeit rarely. Caesar rose to his position at least partially through elections. Other nationalist movements, whatever their flaws, also came to power via democracy.

    On Trump, he is only one man, but he is an extraordinary one. It is pretty clear that he has read very widely and he cast from an entirely different mold from “conservatives.” I believe he has the leadership skills to make dramatic improvements if elected.

    If the cuckservative-liberal alliance succeeds in stopping Trump, things will get interesting.

    1. The USA, contrary to some statements here is a Republic.

      Trump is risking a lot to defend her, up to and including his life.
      He is spending his own money so donors and their lobbyists will not feel that they “own” any part of his success, and they won’t be able to hold donations as a bargaining chip for any special favors.

      All other candidates in the race will owe to somebody else, a corporation, Wall Street, another country even. That’s how elections are done.

      Someone recently said “People are hungry for truth, and Donald Trump is bringing it in in bucket loads.” Paraphrased slightly, as I did not go back and listen to the whole video again. Pat Condell I think. A British man.

      But then he completed that with something interesting; he said “But truth is all he’s got.”

      Really, I wondered. What more is needed?
      Isn’t it the Spirit of Truth that is the double edged sword of Christ?

      If he brings Truth into the DC government at the presidential level, it will be the greatest thing he could bring. And whether he brings it in a bucket or a cup it will be an enormous change for a city of lies.

      But for those of you not informed except by leftist news and tv media, which is the only kind there is these days, he does have position papers and also videotapes of the rally speeches many thousands attend on his website if you can access that. He wrote a book also which gives a broad outline of his ideas. So the meme that he has no substance is just that. His supporters know, and read, and watch the substantive policies he proposes.

      He does have the masculinity to take the media critics and the political machine on and the will to do it. But he’s not all brawn. He’s smart.

      It is no cult following. (I was never a fan of his tv show.) It’s that he is putting into position papers and into spoken words exactly what the people want, and as such they are voting their consciences finally, instead of holding their noses and hoping they’ve made the least rotten of two rotten choices.

      Trump is going to be a great President.

  4. I do not buy Trump at all, not because I am non white, but because I am very suspicious of him. The way he turns everything into a comedy show makes me cringe. Why does he have to be so dramatic in carrying out his message? Why does he act so pompous? I have a feeling that there is something deeper going on here. This article says it all about what I feel about Trump. I believe if he is truly the right person, i.e. not a secret Democratic Party set-up, then he would have cloaked his agenda in more soothing language (the execution can wait later).

    1. By the way, I found your blog very inspirational for some reason. I am non white, but I sympathise deeply with you guy’s current malaise (and future one), and I hope that the white race will somehow survive the coming darkness. Keep up the good work, brother. Mongol.

      1. Mongol, you can be Non-White and not be Anti-White. As a White man, myself, I look at it this way: I’d rather be a 2nd class ctizen in say Romania then a fully equal citizen in South Africa.

        You can a Pro-White non-White and be for all the benefits provided by the tetering dominant Culture or you can be an anti-white Non-White and throw your support in with the current crop of anarchist nilists who cheer for the destruction of the evil white edifice that’s keeping everyone down – and fed, and safe, and protected – in another time I would have added free and employed.

        Imagine living the lot of those Muslims “freed” by ISIS rule VS those living under Assad’s cruel regime (Sarcasm ON) – even though I’m not a Muzzie, I’d throw my lot in with Assad.

    2. Shock value sells. Trump is sailing to the bank with everything and anything. Even the most negative instances is money and free advertising. Ben Carson realized this and tried his hand at it a few months ago to increase his poll numbers. He failed. This Trumps arena.

    3. Trump is the way he is because he knows how to market. He’s a little bit P.T.Barnum, a little bit Andrew Breitbart, and a little bit Sun Tzu. Right now, he’s clearing the field and setting the stage by controlling the narrative and the battle space to his advantage. Loud/crazy sells and creates recognition, which translates into votes. Anyone who exposes the Emperor’s naked ass is cheered as a hero and goes home with the prom queen, or the election in this case. His experience getting exactly what he wants from politicians of all stripes will stand him and us in good stead going forward. Quality entertainment and a prosperous economy as well…what’s not to like?

  5. We (as in, “…we the people”) know the system is rigged. I have no ‘representative’ who watches out for me. Not one of ‘them’ knows my name or cares one whit about me or mine. I (and that would be the collective ‘you’ out there) are on our own – period. Trumps current popularity (such that it is), is based on the fact that he is saying what most everyone knows already but the other politicians will never mention. Refreshing if at least temporary.

  6. You say that European man has ultimately lost faith in his God, but of course (as you know) it’s the other way around. He lost faith in God, and everything else followed from that.

  7. As a first time visitor to this site, I want to thank the gifted thinkers and writers who allowed me to enjoy for once, the pleasure of sitting back and listening to what intelligent people have to say. Usually, I feel compelled to make a comment myself, not so in this situation. Thank you, one and all. I shall return!