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We Do Not Debate With The Left

Thucydides: Warrior Poet from the Heroic Age

In Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War the powerful Greek city-state of Athens made an ultimatum to the tiny island of Melos: surrender or be destroyed. It was part of a larger war between Athens and Sparta, and the island of Melos had hoped to remain neutral and avoid the conflict, relying on Sparta to protect them.

Attempting to remain neutral was no defense against the hostile Athenians. The Melians, outnumbered and outgunned, attempted diplomacy, debate and appealing to reason and emotion. None of them worked. The Athenians were insistent that only two outcomes were possible for the Melians: surrender or destruction. The left the Melians with the telling message: ‘The strong do as they can and the weak suffer what they must.’

The Melians refused to submit. The Athenians set siege to the city and eventually overran the Melians and executed every man and enslaved every woman and child. The population was replaced by Athenian colonists. They chose fighting and an honourable death over submission, but ultimately they were destroyed. The Melian culture was gone. The few survivors only returned to their home many years later after Sparta finally defeated the Athenians. On the day the Athenians came for them the only thing that could have saved them was strength.

Why We Do Not Debate With The Left

Remaining neutral, like our political moderates, does not work. Debate and reason do not work. The only thing that can save us is strength. The strong do as they can.

We do not debate with the left. They want to entangle us in circular arguments. We do not do what they want. We will not debate them out of existence. We will physically remove them from our society.

Debating, pleading, bargaining and protesting are inherently feminine, leftist and come from a position of weakness. We are not the weak, they are. We are the strong. We do what we want and they will bend to our will or be destroyed.

The strong have no need for debate. The strong do not seek approval for their actions, they just act.

Merely by engaging in debate one lowers oneself to the leftist position of weakness. By debating you project the image that you are not strong enough to enforce your will upon your enemies. We are the strong. The only conversation we will have with the left will be ultimatums.

The time you spend arguing with leftists is wasted. Leftists are weak and ugly people who need the crutch of big, progressive government. They love arguing, and the attention and feeling of moral superiority it grants them. We shall no longer give them what they want. Withdrawing from pointless arguments with leftists serves two purposes. Firstly, it frees up time we can use to focus on improving ourselves. Secondly, the leftists’ need for debate, attention and moral superiority will cause them to bicker amongst themselves.

Imagine if suddenly, overnight, the left had nobody to talk to. Complete radio silence. Imagine that they were left screaming into the void, and how soon it would be before the Muslims turn on the gays and the blacks turned on the feminists. And us, without their whining and distractions, we are out there growing stronger.

Without us to concentrate on, the left will eat itself and then we will physically remove whatever is left of them from our society.

The left have suppressed and criminalised dissent and honest debate. They have perverted the use of language with political correctness and the law to make reasoning with them impossible. They use the law to penalise objectionable but free speech and those who question them and their agenda. They claim to be peaceful, but demand the government use violence to injure, imprison and destroy the livelihoods of those who oppose them. Their idea of conversation is a one way re-education. By making debate pointless and protest impossible they have dug their own graves. When violence comes to them it will be entirely their fault.

Rule One of the Iron Legion: We do not debate with the left.


14 thoughts on “We Do Not Debate With The Left”

  1. The radio silence rule makes sense, and at this point, I can basically agree to an idea like that, but, the thing is, at this point, nothing can really destroy the left. I wouldn’t expect them to eat themselves.

    I am starting to subscribe to the idea that we live in Spengler’s “cultural winter,” and that basically, there is nothing you can really do to stop the left at this point. The only thing you can do is just watch the states the rule sink into gradual further incompetence until one day national governments only exist on paper.

    1. Alfred, I agree. It is fanciful to think that the left will wholly consume itself merely by our neglecting it. However I think a few factors will come into play in the future. Increasingly confrontational minority activists are beginning to antagonise the well-intentioned proles on whom they rely upon for support and disparate and incompatible groups that make up the left are eventually going to come into conflict with one another. The left are quite capable of precipitating the decline by themselves.

      Stopping the left and preserving civilisation is another matter entirely. There have been times in history where it has been removed. Indonesia’s purge of communists in ’65-’66, Spain’s White Terror and Argentina’s Dirty War were cases where the left was destroyed as a political entity, at least for a while. Unfortunately it has always taken violence and bloodshed to do it. The modern left does seem invincible but I think that if we show people ‘If it bleeds, we can kill it.’

      My philosophy is partly one of separation: physically, mentally and morally. If we are living in the West’s cultural winter and we cannot stop the decline, then we must insulate ourselves from it, take advantage of it and preserve our culture and we may at least sow the seeds for the next spring.

      1. Well, put like that, that sounds like a pretty realistic expectation. I agree, a degree of separation is needed from modern society.

        At the expense of sounding like shameless self promotion, the recent post on my blog “Back to the future” basically is my view on how the west will develop. I imagine we may be able to being picking up pieces of our ruined societies sometime around mid century.

        As for halting leftist singularity, some research into leaders like Franco, Napoleon, Pinochet, and even Stalin (this would be a whole post on itself, and a highly controversial one at that, but believe me, Stalin scrapped a lot of the most radical ideas Leninist’s had, like free love) would be a worthwhile project.

        1. There’s no shame in it, we’re all in this fight together.

          They’re all well worth studying and putting together something. And yes, the communists of the USSR would neither believe nor tolerate the degeneracy that is being promoted in the West today.

          1. “The degeneracy that is being promoted in the West today … ” was instilled, fostered, and nurtured by the Soviets in order to weaken the West. Putin (KGB agent, remember) supports the Church, family, and clamps down on Homosexuals and “degenerates”. Not because he is a Christian, but because “conservative” values strengthen a nation. And he is nothing if not a Russian patriot.

          2. Yes. The USSR handlers may have gone but the movement has a momentum all of its own now. The Cold War has been renewed, but this time we are the communists.

            I like Putin as a leader. He is clearly conservative and interested in preserving Russia. I think he may also be Christian too. He grew up during the Soviet times which were hostile to the Orthodox church and sought to destroy it, but it survived. He’s a very private man so it’s hard to tell, but I think much of his traditional views stem from his faith.

      2. Indeed, Simon, indeed. We must also make sure the next generations understand this and if their natural nobility of preservation of our race culture and history, does not flower, we must seed and water it until it does.

  2. This post makes me laugh – I don’t debate with these people – life’s too short for bullshit

    when I am with some one and they start talking or promoting their socialist or homo agenda, I raise my hand up to my chest, palm out and say – “stop. I don’t want to hear.” if they insist – I get up and walk away… I do not excuse myself… I am not polite… I gather my things, get up and walk away…

    If I am with a group of people and someone starts with their silly babble – I just walk away – I don’t want to participate in their conversation – I do not excuse myself and I am not polite about it – I just walk away… we have the right not to participate… we have the right not to listen… we have the right to not be part of their bullshit… sometimes I just start laughing – I think of something funny and just start laughing… I once got a room of people laughing just because I was laughing so hard… some lady was praising the president and I started laughing and just could not stop… she began talking louder and I just kept laughing… the man next to me began to laugh because the scene was just ridiculous… and then the couple behind us started laughing and it spread to the whole room… people started laughing because others were laughing and no one really knew why… the woman was red in the face and looked like she was going to have a breakdown… which… made me laugh more…

    People call me a racist – keep in mind that I am from Mexico and have a German last name –
    I say “yes… I am a racist…” people in the room shut up and turn around – “so what… how does it effect your life…” most people that call me a racist are white Americans.

    People ask me to give to charities I say… I don’t give a fuck – I do give to the charities of my choosing – when and how I please… but not when they ask me for it… because I have the right to say no… and no is a powerful word… the legion needs to use the word no as often as they can…

  3. I just linked this great post (again) on my blog. I have linked to it several times on my blog and on other blogs such as CH, and I have it as a “sticky” “blogroll” item, which I label “ideas to consider” (along with about 7 of your other posts).

    I am doing my best to cause as many people as possible to get to your blog.

    Just FYI.

  4. Ol’ Remus linked back to this article just the other day.

    I reckon this is worth reading once a month as a reminder not to fall back into bad habits.

  5. Not participating disallows the left to control the narrative as they do throughout the media. Fox claims to be right-leaning but they report on the same bs as all the other left-leaning media outlets. Ignoring them and focusing on the things that really matter, making the government smaller, the economy, etc. will give us a chance to get back to the American principles that the Authors intended. Racism and other such hate will become smaller as well when the left doesn’t have the opportunity to keep it alive.

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