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What The Media Won’t Say About The African Invasion

Something that is never explicitly mentioned in the media when they are discussing this tidal wave of refugees coming from Africa is that they are all men.

The figures huddled together on the boats crossing the Mediterranean are all men.

The figures climbing the fences into Melilla and Ceuta are all men.

The crowds whooping and hollering as they stream into European refugee centres are all men.

There is the obvious demographic effects of massive African migration into Europe but there is also the unspoken demographic effects of allowing an endless stream of single men into Europe, regardless of their race and ethnicity.

These men are not bringing their women with them, but they will damn sure want a woman when they get here. There will be a ballooning population of men competing for a shrinking pool of young, available European women. This skewing of the sex ratio will increase competition between males for the shrinking pool of available women and the more skewed the ratio becomes, the more violent the conflict.

Men competing for a mate isn’t of itself a bad thing, and even in a purely homogenous, European society this has always existed. However the men of Western civilisation have been largely pacified and domesticated and modern mate competition is a largely benign ritual. European society produced traditional Christian marriages, stable families and children that grow up with the positive influence of both a mother and a father. Marriage and monogamy was a deliberate movement away from a more tribal system where every woman got to reproduce but only the very elite men had that opportunity. Marriage, monogamy and the traditional nuclear family was a fairer, more equitable system where almost everybody got to reproduce and have an investment in the future. It motivated men to cooperate and contribute to the society that their children would grow up in and was a necessary step in the transition of human society from tribes to civilisation.

Africans did not go through this system. Africans remained locked in an aggressive competition for alpha male status and the concomitant access to women and genetic immortality.  They had no time or incentive to devote to intellectualism, creativity or building a civilisation. European men had the chance to marry and have children and be reasonably assured of a place in posterity, so it was in their interests to cooperate with one another and ensure the future of the world in which their descendants would live. Most African men would die without having fathered children. Most African men had no stake in the future of their society and had no incentive to contribute towards its upkeep.

Medieval Europeans were marrying, having children, building cities and nations and making huge technological advances. While Europeans were developing science, studying the stars, and sailing across the world, Africans were trapped in a violent tribal whirlpool from which they could not escape. When Europeans first travelled to sub-Saharan Africa they found a people who had not invented the wheel or developed a written language, and they would not have these things even today had it not been for European intervention. With no investment in the future, a tribal African would have seen little point in inventing the telescope, or producing beautiful artwork which would be enjoyed by future generations.

Modern Africans wear the trappings of modernity but it is all window dressing. They did not invent the technology they use, they have merely acquired them by virtue of sharing the world with Europeans. Beneath the facade they still exist in a deeply African, tribal way.

We still see this tribal life even in apparently Westernised Africans. They scrabble for wealth and possessions, but material wealth alone is not enough. It must be constantly and ostentatiously displayed without regard for taste or decency. An African is never content to be quietly wealthy – they must signal their wealth through extravagant, gaudy and profligate consumerism. It is at its worst with the scions of modern African society, black rappers and sportsmen, and their behaviour is sadly often imitated by naive, young Europeans.

Africans can drape modernity upon themselves like a cloak but they are still deeply tribal, and now they are coming here in huge numbers, propelled by war, exploding birth rates, and a lack of basic necessities in their own countries.

A massive African invasion will bring with it a tribalism which will self-destruct our nations from the inside. The family is already under attack, and its disappearance threatens civilisation itself. Now our governments seek to import a never-ending wave of people who have never experienced civilisation and do not believe in either Christianity or marriage and are hard-wired to breed fast and loose as a survival mechanism against a lack of paternal involvement.

As European men become increasingly disenfranchised by their shrivelling options for marriage and children they will have less motivation to contribute to society. Instead of cooperation, community and scientific innovation we will see more male conflict, and more nihilistic dropping out from those who cannot compete.

In 1969 we put men on the moon, and more importantly, brought them back again. Ever since then however, the West has been exhausting itself making sacrifices to the cult of equality with the result that we are being overtaken by the rest of the world that doesn’t pander to homosexuals or worry about its white privilege.

Russia is the only nation capable of putting astronauts into orbit. China is embarking on a high-IQ eugenics programs. India are racing ahead with their mission to Mars. While other nations are reaching out into space and pushing the boundaries of science, we are watching blacks and Muslims burn down our cities while fretting about how we are still not doing enough for them. Adopting Africans into Western civilisation will be our Great Filter and ultimate extinction event.

European civilisation only works when it is European men operating the controls. An African invasion means that Europe will not only begin to look more African, it will also begin to act more African. Unless we reverse this, the universe will belong to the Chinese and Indians, while Europe will sink into a stone age battleground.

11 thoughts on “What The Media Won’t Say About The African Invasion”

  1. The questions that Europeans should be asking themselves are

    Who is bringing all these foreigners into our country?
    By what authority are they bringing them in?
    Where are they going to live – and where are they going to work?
    Who is paying for it all?
    What are these people bring to the table? – meaning – how are they contributing to the betterment of our society… to our culture… to the strength of our nations…?

    I’ll tell you one thing – Mexico is a lot nicer, and safer and the economy is improving greatly since the unproductive and free loaders… and the criminals are being given amnesty and subsidized housing, food-stamps and an education in the States…

    I say we go the countries they abandoned – the countries they would not fight for and lift a finger to improve and make better… and we carve out a corner for ourselves to build that home of our own…with our talents and ingenuity… and our will… and if they come back we’ll throw them out… or cut ‘em down at the gates…


    I hate Africa… it is a continent I prefer to avoid at all costs… no… Africa is not worth the trouble… so just through them out of Europe… with the men that brought them…

    1. Absolutely, and we will get to this in time. If criminals are coming to your neighbourhood and causing trouble, but then you find out they are not just coming there but somebody deliberately sent them to your neighbourhood, knowing that they would cause trouble, how long does it take for your attention to turn from the troublemakers to the ringleaders?

      I wouldn’t recommend ever going to Africa. Europe is the battleground. Europe is our Holy Land, gifted to us by God and He has charged us with protecting it. Our ancestors rose to the challenge, now it is our turn.

    2. The European political class instituted a policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism without ever notifying the people.

      Then, when the people began to notice and questioned the presence of hostile foreigners in their communities, they were labeled “racists” and some were even charged with “hate speech”.

      And I do not think we should go for the countries the immigrants abandoned, I think we should create conditions within our own nations that will incentivize the foreigners to voluntarily depart (cut off welfare benefits, ban halal meat, ban mosques and minarets, etc.).

      We must never surrender what our forefathers sacrificed so much to pass down to us. Our lands are our birthright, regardless of what our political elite claims.

      1. I agree. The political ruling classes have lost their legitimacy to govern in my eyes, and their stock is plunging still further.

        They’re gambling on us continuing to put up with this. I don’t like their chances.

  2. If the future doesn’t belong to us, there will be no worthwhile future at all.

    Materialism, progressivism, liberalism, egalitarianism, hedonism, individualism, along with Jewish induced Cultural Marxism, white guilt and other illnesses have uprooted us from our historical and anthropological Indo-European roots. That’s why we’re withering, fading, dying out within our own corrupt and degenerate modern culture. Unless we return to those roots sooner than later, we’re doomed.

    I encourage you, Simon, to write about our estrangement from our Indo-European roots, the foundations of many cultures and civilizations. I think it’s a revealing approach.

    1. I will eventually. It is such an important topic and huge in scale and depth that it would be best served by a series of posts. It is something I will cover when I feel I can do it justice.

    2. My ydna is I1 indigenous european,cro-magnon ,does this not count as much as indo -european?after all we were the first homo-sapiens in Europe,I1 ,the viking gene is not indo-european, but the first Europeans.

  3. This is the best blog on the internet. How can we make sure that Trump and his people read it?

    No, fuck his people. Trump himself. Trump, are you here and at Heartiste?

    Fucking start talking real realtalk, while you have a megaphone.

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